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Vitor Belfort Makes His Case For Getting a Rematch with Jon Jones

January 20, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Vitor Belfort spoke last night about his post-fight call for a shot at Jon Jones ahead of Chael Sonnen and more. Check out the highlights:

On the potential rematch: “I just told you what I want: I want to fight Jon Jones. That’s something that I want to do. There are many other strong guys in this division and many other divisions, and I don’t get to decide this alone. The decision to fight Jon Jones isn’t mine or my camp’s. … I’ve already told you what challenge I want, and it’s up to the UFC now. Right now, I’m at a very, very good stage, and I’m feeling so well to be able to fight Jon Jones.”

Marshall Zelaznik on the likelihood of the rematch: “The thinking is, now that Vitor is at middleweight again, and the way he lost to Anderson, he needs to win another couple fights to get back in contention. But you know how things shake out in the UFC, so he’s done himself justice tonight.”

Belfort on Sonnen: “I’m not the one cutting in front. Chael Sonnen is the one who cut the line, in reality. But it doesn’t even need to be for the title. It’s just a challenge I have. I want to win a fight I nearly won. That’s just my wish. We don’t see it as cutting the line. I just wanted to say something that was in my heart. Not all of our dreams come true, but you always have to have dreams. If a man doesn’t dream something, there’s no reason to live.”

Belfort on Sonnen’s title shot against Jones: “We can’t be WWF wrestlers. We can’t just speak out to get a title shot. There are different histories here. I want to fight against champions. I want to be able to develop challenges. I don’t like people who just talk (to get ahead). I think it’s very important for us to not fear challenges. I think we need to see this rematch (with Jones), and this is a rematch I would love to do.”

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