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Will Brooks Discusses His Family Adding to His Career Story

February 28, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Will Brooks recently spoke about his family adding to his career story. Here are the highlights…

On Losing His Adoptive Mom: “It was pretty emotional because the Friday after the fight was actually the anniversary of when Mama J passed away. So it was kind of harder for us because we knew that was coming up, so it just meant a lot. We’re all still trying to transition to understanding that she’s not here. She was just such a huge part of what we do today. She kept everyone on track, so it’s difficult adjusting to not having her around.”

On His Real Family: “My real family has been a huge part of what I’ve been doing also,” he said. “It can be difficult too, having to balance two different families. Every fight that I go into, I carry all of my family with me, but the connection I had with Mama J was something special. It comes once in a lifetime, when you find that one person that you just connect with. So after my win over Ricardo Tirloni, I just felt like she was watching over me and protecting me. Every fight I feel like she’s looking down on me and she’s got my back. I felt like it was more her coming down and taking me into her hands and guiding me along. She’s given me the tools to display the skills and talents that I’ve been blessed with, and display the champion that she helped me build. She helped me build the person I am today.”

On Being Known For His Story: “At first, I was one of those guys who didn’t want to be known for a story, and I still don’t want to be known just for my story,” he said. “But as I’ve grown up and matured, been able to see the big picture and see the whole world around me in a better light, I feel like when people hear my story, if I can motivate them to go out and work hard, to try their best and to sacrifice something – anything – to better themselves as a person or those around them, and it helps them to achieve their goals, I don’t care how people see me. As long as they see me and realize what I’ve done, and use that in their own lives to be motivated and focused, they can see me however they want to.”



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