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Yoshiyuki Yoshida Says His Goal Is to Fight in the UFC Again

December 25, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Former UFC fighter Yoshiyuki Yoshida recently spoke with MMAjunkie about his goal to return to the octagon and more. Check out the highlights:

On heading back to America: “The primary reason for moving to America is that I want to try to get back into UFC. In order for me to achieve this goal, I feel I have a better chance living in America and fighting in America. I guess many think its a huge decision to move to foreign country, but for me it’s different. I am enjoying everything, and I am constantly challenging something new.”

On whether he considered retirement after his UFC release: “After I was released from the UFC, it was soon after I had surgery on my knee, so I was not in a good condition and therefore I couldn’t perform well. But I felt that when I was fully recovered, I would be able to perform better.”

On having support for his career decisions at home: “I feel so much appreciation and gratitude toward my girlfriend. She always respects my decisions, and she is my biggest supporter. Sure, sometime it’s lonely to be apart, but I believe our bond is very strong.”

On staying focused despite setbacks: “I believed training day-in and day-out would open some doors. I want to have one more chance to fight in the UFC.”

On moving to lightweight: “When I was fighting in the welterweight division, cutting weight was not that hard. It only took me two weeks. But at lightweight, I had to go on diet for six weeks and cut a total of 30 pounds. In my last fight, I was still not familiar with fighting at 155 pounds, so I couldn’t really perform well, but in my next fight, I can adjust this and I should do well. After moving down to this weight class, I am faster yet maintaining my strength, so I don’t think I would have a physical disadvantage.”

On his skills and condition: “I feel it’s not fair to make boundaries based solely on just an age. I feel I am still developing. I am peaking now, and I am getting stronger everyday in both technique and physical strength.”

On his ultimate goal: “It’s been a while, but my goal is to again stand inside the octagon. I just want to have one chance. Right now, I know I can perform better than before.”

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