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Your MMA News, My Views 8.31.07

August 31, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome once again to another edition of Your MMA News, My Views! I have a fine slate of topics for you children to read today, and as always a special little piece of commentary for you, which have become quite popular it seems. We shall hit that first, then onto the news of the week and some hype for the big Art of War III show Saturday night! Enjoy all.

Charles Bennett: Everything MMA Shouldn’t Be

Everything MMA Shouldn't Be November 23rd 1979 is when Charles Bennett as born into this world. As far as I know that is one of the kindest things I may say about him. For those of you that are unaware of the man I am discussing, Charles Bennett, known as the “Krazy Horse” is an MMA fighter versed in the arts of street fighting. His appearance is that of a fresh from jail thug. Nappy dread hair do, unshaven and the infamous gold grill. In essence this appearance means nothing to me. Appearance means nothing to me personally, if you’re a good person and you respect the men you compete against and the sport in which you compete. Unfortunately Bennett does not have this respect for the sport or his fellow grapplers.

Bennett seems to go out of his way to disrespect his fellow competitors with criticisms of ground fighters saying that it, “is like making love, it’s not real fighting.” Bennett would rather gout and throw wild shots like a retarded gorilla than battle honorably. But I guess we can’t totally knock him, he does have 18 wins. As well as 14 losses. The fact is that he is not with out skill. You can see in the Noons fight he took shots, avoided contact and then knocked him out quickly. The beginning of the Boxer bout on Showtime he came out and dropped him almost immediately. That requires skills, which I have never said he lacked. But while he has skills, he has problems.

As mentioned Bennett is your average street thug. He missed his last bout due to missing his flight from Florida, having just been released from jail. That’s right, leading up to a big fight when most fighters are sequestored with their camps, away from their families and fully preparing for their fight Bennett was out thuggin and buggin and got himself arrested. Not exactly the actionsof a man that is serious and or respectful of the sport. XC’s Gary Shaw reportedly bailed out Bennett in hopes of getting him to the show on time. Bennett made the show but missed weigh ins, which is why the match with Boxer was moved to the 2nd ShowXC event. And that is where the actions continued, and Bennet contiued to show that he is only out for himself and that he didn’t care about MMA, respecting other fighters ot anything of that matter. He came out and right away was disrespectful as he laid down during introductions and they ignored the referee during the instructions. After he got knocked out he laid there as the doctor came to check on him, and then he jumped up and ran to the back, another sign of disrespect, he doesn’t care about the sport.

I said in my ShowXC wrap up that, “While Randy Couture shows us everything that is right in MMA, Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett shows us everything wrong with it.” I truly meant that. Gary Shaw, Showtime and the XC organization should be ashamed of themselves. MMA is still fighting an uphill battle in the mainstream media, and while there are great stories like Randy Couture, and it is great and does a lot for the sport, thugs, and yes he IS a thug, thugs like Bennett really devalue the sport. Please sever all ties and never use this loser again. Charles Bennett is a piece of shit and everything MMA should NOT be. That is the end of the story as far as I am concerned.

ZUFFA (UFC/WEC/PRIDE) stories, scuttlebutt and rumors:

Your News: Randy Couture sustained a broken arm Saturday blocking a Gabriel Gonzaga right high kick with his left forearm. The break cleanly separating the ulna bone with what is described as a “nightstick fracture,” this is a break common in law enforcement.

My Views: Dear lord, do we need any more evidence that Randy Couture is NOT in fact human? Granted it happened in the last round, just before he would put Gonzaga away, but I had no clue that he was injured. He didn’t show it during the fight and didn’t show it during the post fight interview. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. According to the doctors the injury has placed the UFC heavyweight champion’s arm in a splint for up to six weeks with the good news being that the appendage will not need a cast. The man continues to amaze me and the feel good story of the year continues.

Your News: Brock Lesnar WAS in attendance at the UFC 74 show on Saturday night but did not appear on camera because he has yet to sign his deal. Dana White is expecting a deal to be reached though and doesn’t see any potential roadblocks. Lesnar congratulated Randy Couture backstage following Couture’s victory.

My Views: This makes total sense. No need to have him on PPV if he hasn’t been signed. Also, when they do sign him they can take the time to debut him on the UFC 75 on free SPIKE, or the Ultimate Fight Night, on free SPIKE. There will be many more people seeing those shows and the people watching those shows are already your PPV buyers and or potential PPV buyers. I hope that they lock him up because watching Brock stir the shit last week and infuriating MMA fans with his pro wrestling bravado was awesome.

Your News: White is also back on the trail of Fedor Emelianenko, as he has a meeting with Emelianenko’s management on Thursday. He wasn’t as confident about his chances here because of their demands, but would love to put together Couture vs. Fedor early next year.

My Views: And I am all for this as well. Fedor is highly regarded among MMA fans, and with the proper build Couture vs. Fedor could be huge. Captain America vs. the devastating Russian challenger. Couture already has that “Rocky” vibe happening and this would only add to that in the “Rocky IV” way. They have tons of Fedor footage via Pride and if they want to can make him out to be an unstoppable beast.

Your News: Josh Barnett had some harsh words for Randy Couture this week: Let’s get straight to it and say that Randy did a phenomenal job at UFC 74 in defending his title. As a fan and a fellow Washingtonian I was happy to see him win. But as for the title itself — it still sits in my house. No one in UFC ever beat me for it, and as far as I am concerned, no one in the UFC can be the heavyweight champion until they take that belt off of me in the cage.

At the post fight press conference, Dana White said “there isn’t anyone in the world that can beat this guy” in reference to Randy. All this because Randy beat a guy that had less than ten fights and only one noteworthy win? That’s not even a world championship level fight, let alone reason to proclaim the winner as “unbeatable”. This comment was made even more ridiculous by the fact that I was standing right there, living proof that Randy Couture is definitely beatable.

“Unbeatable”, Dana says. If he actually believes that, I’m more than willing to step into the cage and prove him wrong. It wouldn’t even have to be for the belt. I already got the real belt. They can keep their pile of brass they purport as the UFC Heavyweight Title and put it on their next paper champ.

My Views: Let’s call this what it is, bravado. Josh Barnett knows he beat Randy Couture back in 2002 and he wants a fight in the UFC against Couture. Josh Barnett does still have a UFC title, one he lost due to failing a steroids test. So the fact that he thinks he is still the man is ridiculous. But he is right that Randy is not unbeatable. Marketing a fight with these two men isn’t the worst decision in the world, I just hope that Barnett realized that even at 44, Randy Couture is a MUCH different fighter than he was in 2002 and he may be in for a shock if and when he steps back into the octagon with him.

Your News: Mirko Crocop had a cage installed in his training center in Croatia and has been training with Gilbert Yvel, Remy Bonjansky and Dean Lister. Apparently he’d been training everything but his stand-up for years, and the feeling was that he was getting rusty. So he’s doubling up on that in preparation for a stand-up battle with Cheick Kongo. He’s trained 80 percent standing and 20 percent on the ground for this fight.

My Views: I said before the loss to Gonzaga that I thought that him training with out a cage was a huge mistake. I don’t care how skilled a fighter you are, a ring is MUCH different from a cage and you have to train for the environment that you will be battling in. I think that this was a big cause for his lackluster first fight and loss to Gonzaga. Also take into account that the standup has been admitted as rusty and it all makes sense now. Hopefully we see a re-energized and focused MIRKO battling Cheick Kongo.

Your News: Dan Henderson has been quoted as saying that after he beats Quinton Jackson he wanted to do a unification match with Anderson Silva as well.

My Views: Or maybe he meant when he loses to Rampage, he could jump down to 185 to unify the UFC & PRIDE titles there. If he wins I just don’t see it happening because Dana has been harsh in his stance of him staying in one weight class, BUT if he smells money and Silva is still rocking the world when he beats Franklin, I would do it. I see Rampage taking the fight, but him dropping down after that is a good thing I feel.

Your News: Quinton Jackson’s management is pitching a reality show. It is said that Spike, BET and MTV are all interested.

My Views: Please Jesus, God, Creator, Alpha and Omega make this so! I would watch this show religiously if it were to happen. Rampage on TV weekly would do my heart good.

Your News: As mentioned before, Dana is not paying anyone their fight bonuses for UFC 74 until all the drug testing results come back.

My Views: I am glad that he is going forward with this plan. He stated before, but we all know that Dana says a lot of stuff and you have to choose what to believe. White’s quotes are the greatest, as he said: “If they fail, they’re fucked.” as well as “If you take steroids and you know you’re going to lose your income for a year, you’re a fucking idiot.” This man is great. Anyway, I am totally on board with this. If you’re stupid enough to take roids, you are indeed a fucking idiot.

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    Other MMA News…

    Your News: With a growing legion of loyal fight fans in Canada, Bodog Fight and Score Media Inc. (TSX: SCR) are pleased to announce that the hardest hitting mixed martial arts show on television will now be available in Canada on The Score Television Network.

    The Score is a national specialty television service providing sports, news, information, highlights and live event programming, and is available across Canada in over 6.2 million homes.

    “We are thrilled to be partnering up with The Score,” said Calvin Ayre, the billionaire founder of Bodog Entertainment.

    “As a Canadian myself, I know first hand how passionate the country’s fight fans are, so I am especially pleased to be able to bring them Bodog Fight from coast to coast.”

    “This is exciting news for our viewers,” said Anthony Cicione, VP Programming at The Score.

    “We believe Bodog Fight is helping to take the burgeoning sport of MMA to the next level, and we are proud to help spearhead this effort in Canada.”

    The Score will begin airing Bodog Fight: Costa Rica Combat on September 4, 2007, with new shows each Tuesday at 9 p.m. / 8 p.m. Central, repeating on Thursdays.

    All episodes of the Bodog Fight series are also available worldwide through streaming video at, with behind-the-scenes exclusives, fighter bios and additional footage only available online.

    My Views: Arye needs some good news these days considering that Bodog was hit with a $48 million judgment in a patent infringement case by First Technology LLC of Las Vegas. They had to drop its much-publicized web site and opened up the site. From all reports Bodog never responded to allegations in a lawsuit filed that the downloaded software Bodog used infringed upon First Technology’s patents, they just kept quiet and never answered the claim. A story in today’s Vancouver Sun noted that Bodog was run out of Costa Rica and is now based in Antigua. To say things are not going well for Ayre and Bodog are an understatement.

    Actually, in an email I just received, all the web domains have been changed:
    Bodog Entertainment –
    Bodog Music – www.newbodogmusic.comm
    BodogTV –
    Bodog Battle –
    Bodog Fight –
    Calvin Ayre Foundation –

    Your News: Yamamoto (15-1-0) is scheduled to participate at Sept. 17’s “OLYMPIA HERO’S 2007″ in a “Superfight” main event bout against Bibiano Fernandes (1-1-0).

    My Views: Yamamoto has made a bid with Japan’s Olympic wrestling team, but was pulled due to an elbow injury sustained in its Trials. He has since recovered and set his sights back on MMA. Fernandes, he opponent is considered a top-level player in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu world, but he has only two MMA fights on record. His last bout a loss to WEC Featherweight (145-pound) champion Urijah Faber. Faber is considered to be a top-five fighter in the 65kg division worldwide. Despite the lack of experience, Fernandes’ ground skills are being highly praised and he is being touted as a serious opponent for Yamamoto.

    ART of WAR III Anticipation Station~!

    The Art of War III USA vs. Brazil show will be on tomorrow night on PPV. I will be here starting at 10pm EST with 411’s LIVE COVERAGE of the event! For now I will leave you with some picks of the bouts:

    Jeff Monson vs. Pedro Rizzo
    Winner: Monson

    Jeremy Horn vs. Jorge Santiago
    Winner: Horn

    Ron Waterman vs. Mario Rinaldi
    Winner: Rinaldi

    Keith Wisniewski vs. Carlo Prater
    Winner: Prater

    Alex Andrade vs. Fabiano Capoani
    Winner: Andrade

    James Damien Stelly vs. Luis Arthur Cane
    Winner: Crane

    Hector Munoz vs. Christiano Marcello
    Winner: Marcello

    Lana Stefanac vs. Franita Gathings
    Winner: Stefanac

    Anthony Njokuani vs. Keyon Mike Jackson
    Winner: Njokuani

    Jason Maxwell vs. Thomas Schulte
    Winner: Schulte


    From Idris –

    Hi ‘Larold’ Csonka (sorry that’s just what I think King Booker would call you!! Hahaha!!)

    I just wanted to make a quick point on one of the non-televised matches from UFC 74, involving Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral and David Heath. (I think that’s what he was called).

    I was wondering what your opinions were on Babalu’s antics at the end of this fight. I know how much you value and respect the ‘sport’ aspect of MMA and how the behaviour of the athletes is paramount to the sport being taken seriously.

    I didn’t actually watch this fight (as it wasn’t televised, here in the UK!), but I have read about it (on the Yahoo site, and not the 411 site) and the reporter was not very complimentary towards Renato Sobral and inferred that he should henceforth be known as ‘Babaloser’. This was because Babalu got Heath into a choke towards then of the fight causing Heath to tap out. However Babalu refused to let the hold go, and held on to it choking his opponent out, even after the referee had tapped him on the shoulder to indicate his opponent had tapped.
    I was wondering what your opinions on Babalu’s actions were, and what if any sanctions Dana White should place on him (bearing in mind the Nevada State Athletic Commission have fined him half his fight fee, and are launching an investigation into his conduct.

    I was also a little shocked to see the lack of coverage on this incident on the 411 MMA site, however I do understand that the staff might not be able to attend the events live so cant see the preliminary fights and also have to rely on the television footage for their reviews, so I’m not holding that against you guys.

    Just an opinion or thought on this would be appreciated on ‘your news, my views’ reader feedback would be nice.

    I think it should be pointed out, because it did seem like a cowardly, thuggish thing to do, however I haven’t seen it on tape, so can only go off what I have read. It was a Kevin Iole column on Yahoo Sports, so I assume the reporter is a reputable source.

    This is the case, and the only reason I hadn’t addressed it as if yet is because I didn’t see the fight. Now I have seen it and I discussed it in the latest edition of MMA Fact or Fiction. I said that I think that what Babalu did was a very bad thing. I don’t care how much crap the guy talked to him or what shirt he wore and such, holding onto a submission after the match has been called; there is no excuse for. I strongly feel that the world of MMA is still fighting an uphill battle in terms of the mainstream perception. We still have the uneducated sports “analysts” calling it organized cock fighting and a world full of thugs. While true MMA fans understand this not to be the case, situations like this with Babalu and inexcusable performances like the one Charles Bennett gave at the recent ShowXC show are exactly what the sport does not need and these men should be punished and in the right circumstances, suspended for a long time. While this is combat, real fighting, these guys do not go out there to literally kill each other. I totally agree that he at least deserves a suspension. He did get fined I believe half of his purse and rightfully so, the win bonus, so that is a good step. Some will feel that I am over reacting, but the fact is that holding onto a choke for too long could have caused severe damage or death, and there is no room for Mr. Babalu in this fine sport if he wants to act like this. This will sound odd since it is FIGHTING, but the Octagon is not the place to settle a personal vendetta. What Babalu did was un-sportsmanlike, totally uncalled for and I hope he is punished and punished severely.

    LATE NOTE: On Thursday Dana White announced that babalu had been fired from the UFC. Good.

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    We are back for the latest Tremendous Tirades Podcast Adventure! We run down WWE Summerslam, a bad show riddled with mediocrity, delivering nothing interesting and burying (BERRIED) talent along the way. From there we move onto DEAR CHRISTI, where we discuss status of THE SHIRT, JD Dunn’s special proposal, Christi’s Favorite Female Wrestlers, Shoot Interviews and who exactly listens to our show. About an hour of fun just for you!


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