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Your MMA News, My Views 9.28.07

September 28, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome once again to another edition of Your MMA News, My Views! I have a fine slate of topics for you children to read today as always. Nothing fancy this week, we have a lot of news to discuss, so we’ll just get to that and fun. I SAID HAVE FUN!


We are BACK once again, and this time we are here to break down the Ring of Honor DRIVEN PPV! Christi and I are joined by the “Column of Honor’s” ARI (~!) for a huge discussion of an EXCELLENT top to bottom show. We will discuss great matches, clean finishes, and NO BULLSHIT! We touch on the two out of the ring segments, that for the second straight PPV were great and answer the question, “Is Nigel vs. Danielson a MOTY Contender?” 80-Minutes of ROH Discussion!


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ZUFFA (UFC/WEC/PRIDE) stories, scuttlebutt and rumors:

Your News: -The UFC Fight Night show from last night scored a 1.6 rating with 1.9 million viewers. In comparison, Fight Night did approximately 74% more viewers than the Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds game that aired on ESPN.

-The debut episode of The Ultimate Fighter VI scored a 1.5 rating with 1.7 million viewers.

My Views: A strong debut last week for the shows. The fight night killed baseball, and when you consider the tight pennant race in the National League that’s a great accomplishment. TUF almost retained the entire lead in audience, which is also a very good sign. The bad news is that Wednesday night’s episode of Ultimate Fighter fell to a 1.0 rating, a huge drop from the 1.5 of last week. I would suspect that it “could” be to confusion, because I totally forgot it was on Wednesday’s now and missed the first 5-minutes myself.

Your News: In speaking with a representative with American Top Team, 411mania has learned the latest on Din Thomas and his injury situation. Din faced Kenny Florian on September 19’s UFC Fight Night on Spike TV, losing by rear-naked choke after sustaining an injury while shooting for a takedown.

After having an MRI, doctors have determined that Din tore his meniscus, bruised his femur, and stretched his ACL. Din is currently set to have surgery in two to three weeks.

My Views: So now we know the severity of the injury. All things considered, it could have been much worse. The bruise can be slightly complicated, but the meniscus is nothing much. A stretched ACL will be nagging, but much easier to recover from than a tear. I speak from experience. Hopefully Din has a great recovery and is back before we know it.

Your News: BJ Penn’s camp has confirmed that Penn will be fighting at UFC 79 on December 29th. His opponent however has yet to be named. UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk’s appeal to the California State Athletic Commission is set for October 31. If his suspension is overturned it’s likely he will be Penn’s opponent.

However, if his suspension is not overturned and he is stripped of the title it is very likely Joe Stevenson could step in and face Penn for the title. Here is an excerpt of an interview that Stevenson recently had with

“I was told I was definitely fighting in December or January,” said Stevenson. “I think there’s a strong possibility I’ll face B.J. Penn.”

My Views: Unless a miracle happens, I can’t see Sherk getting out of this. He tested too high I think for it to be something accidental. As far as Penn vs. Stevenson, I am good with that as a title fight, although I would much rather see a four-man tournament or something similar to that to crown a new champion. I don’t like taking the two best, well thought of as the best by the company, and crowning a champion that way.

Your News: In a recent interview on his personal website, Wanderlei Silva had the following to say about the Shogun/Forrest Griffin fight:

“As to Shogun, I didn’t manage to see him; I only watched the fight. I was very sad, both as a Brazilian and as a personal friend; I was cheering a lot for him. I was very frustrated with the defeat, it was unexpected. I thought it would be an easy fight for him. I hope he comes back, training hard and next time show his potential. MMA has greatly evolved and we should be tuned to such innovations, realizing that this sport is more and more specific and scientific. It does not take only a heart to win a fight any longer. Shogun has the talent and it all depends exclusively upon him. He will figure out what went wrong and will not make the same mistakes next time. Yesterday he was not the Shogun who I know. I hope he continues bringing joy to this fans including myself, for I am also his fan.”

“I’d like, in view of the last event and also as a vengeance for my friend, to fight with this Forrest Griffin. I guess it could be a good name for me.”

My Views: Well I think that Forrest vs. Rampage should be next, but hey, if Wanderlei Silva wants Forrest make it happen. Hopefully he will under train/get injured/not be prepared/suck with out enhancement drugs and Forrest will take him out for him thinking he was an easy fight.

Your News: “El Matador” Roger Huerta will take on “The Carpenter” Clay Guida as the main event of The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale on December 8th. Huerta is coming off a win over Alberto Crane at UFC 74 while Guida is coming off a split decision victory over Marcus Aurelio on the same card

My Views: That’s a damn good main event for fight night, and a good test for Huerta. He will have to bring his A-Game because Guida is no joke.

Your News: Few matches in the UFC have resulted in the controversy surrounding a questionable decision-based win for Michael Bisping over Matt Hamill at UFC 75. A rematch between the two was discussed as immediately as the post-event press conference. While it first appeared as though Hamill would be out more than two months after having his knee scoped, it seems that time frame has changed and “The Hammer” is salivating for his rematch.

My Views: In his recent interview, Hamill stated the following: “I am happy to say that on 9/20/07, I underwent successful arthroscopic surgery to remove the torn piece of the meniscus. I am feeling better already and began my 2 to 3 weeks of rehab before going back to full time training. The UFC did offer the rematch in November, which I would love to take, however it’s just too close and I don’t want to rush it. I did tell the UFC that I would be ready by late December and would love to do it in Vegas on 12/29.” I want this rematch and the rematch will draw fans because of the motional reaction people had to the first fight. Bisping better bring everything he has because even though he got the win the first time, he greatly underestimated Hamill and almost paid for it.

Your News: In a recent interview with a Brazilian newspaper Shogun Rua announced that he tore a ligament during his training for the Forrest Griffin fight at UFC 76. He is set to have surgery on the knee on September 28. He will miss up to 3 months of training, but mentioned he hopes to fight again in January or February.

My Views: I am sure he did suffer an injury, but you know, you always have to wonder, when guys lose, after the fight they always have some mystery injury from training. Maybe that is why he blew up in the fight, because with the bum leg he couldn’t do cardio. That would make more sense than him being lazy; hopefully he recovers soon and is back so we see the real SHOGUN.

Your News: The following is a quote from an interview that Diego Sanchez recently had with after his loss to Jon Fitch at UFC 79:

“I feel that he beat me fair and square. I was close, but close isn’t close enough. All fighters go through losses, I’m just going to have to come back stronger. I’m contemplating in my mind if I’m going to drop to (1)55 or not, because I’m a smaller welterweight. I could do more power lifting and put some more weight on or I could lose some weight.”

My Views: It would be easier to drop at this rate if he is smaller at the higher weight. As long as he isn’t cutting 25+ pounds like Sherk, which is bullshit I feel. Either way Sanchez is on a slide, and he needs to do something different and quick before he loses another fight.

Your News: The California State Athletic commission released the following information relating to drug testing for UFC 76:

Kazuhiro Nakamura, who last competed for UFC on September 22, 2007 in Anaheim, has been suspended for testing positive for Marijuana. He has been fined $500. His suspension period runs from the conclusion of the bout on September 22, 2007 through December 21, 2007.

All 17 other tests for drugs of abuse were negative.

My Views: Dear Kazuhiro Nakamura,

You are a complete idiot.


COME ON. You assholes KNOW you will be tested, you know what is tested for, what is illegal and what isn’t. If you fail, you are an idiot.

Your News: The following is an excerpt from an interview that Chuck Liddell’s trainer John Hackleman had with

“[Chuck has] already said he’ll be back in the gym next Monday,” said Hackleman, who has coached Liddell for 16 years. “He’s going to fight again, hopefully as soon as possible, maybe in December. We’re looking at ‘Shogun.'”

My Views: Good, I don’t think he should retire. I think he has to change his training. When he lost to Rampage, he went back to training and admittedly did NOT change one thing. That was a mistake. He has been dominating ground guy, not guys who just wanted to bang, but once he got away from those guys he lost. He needs to go back to the drawing board and get some new strategy. I think he has mileage in him, but he has to want to change and improve.

Your News: UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture will be featured on an upcoming installment of A&E’s “Biography,” the Emmy-award winning series that has profiled some of the world’s most influential people, from statesmen and Supreme Court justices to activists and pop-culture icons. Soon, Couture’s name will placed alongside those of Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey and Christopher Columbus.

My Views: Filming on Couture’s episode will begin next week and will include interviews with Couture’s two oldest children, his mother, referee “Big” John McCarthy and a bunch of others closest to the only five-time champion in UFC history. The list includes The Fight Network’s Loretta Hunt, the collaborator on Couture’s pending memoirs, which will be released through Simon and Schuster Inc. in June. That will be a must read, that man is my hero.

Your News: Dana White appeared on the Scott Ferrall Show on SIRIUS recently, here are some key notes from his interview, my thoughts in bold:

– Says Chuck Liddell will fight Wanderlei Silva in December barring injury; if Liddell beats Jardine tonight.


– Says Fedor has a Sambo match in November/December. He hopes to have him signed by December.

That would be the deal to make. Fedor vs. Couture needs to happen before Fedor slips, falls and loses to a sparring partner.

– He doesn’t know what’s up with Mirko Cro Cop. But thinks he might retire soon.

It may be time. I think Mirko has one fight left on his deal and I hope he honors that, but it may in fact be his time to hang them up.

– He says Ultimate Fighter 5 runner-up Manny Gamburyan is set to have major shoulder surgery soon.

I hope that Manny Gamburyan has a successful surgery and comes back better than ever. I really think he was going to beat Diaz, he was dominating him in the fight until the freak injury happened. Gamburyan may in fact fail, but I think that he was the TUF V winner and he and Diaz, built properly should do good business down the line.

– A caller asks about Mark Hunt. Says Mark Hunt is still under a PRIDE deal, but they are trying to work something out.

I have no problem with Hunt coming in. Stack up the divisions all you can and keep delivering the good fights.

– A caller asks about different fight combinations including Silva/Liddell/Quinton Jackson/Dan Henderson. He say’s Liddell/Silva will happen first if it can, then the winner will go on to face Jackson for the title.

Whoops. Honestly, I would go with the momentum and do Forrest vs. Rampage now.

– HBO deal is still getting worked on.

This is like waiting for TNA’s 2-hour TV Deal. It is almost a figment of our imagination.

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    Other MMA News…

    Your News: Kurt Angle was at the IFL Championship event in Hollywood, FL Thursday night and claimed that he was in negotiations with the group to fight.

    “God willing, the IFL and myself can make a deal,” Angle told Alex Marvez at tonight. “the best fit for me right now as a pro wrestler who (wrestles) 120 times a year is the IFL.”

    Angle again said that he would need a year to train for his first fight.

    Angle has been claming that he is close to reaching an MMA deal for about a year now. He talked to Dana White who has stated that he doesn’t think Angle takes MMA seriously enough to join UFC.

    My Views: I don’t believe a word of it. It is just more drug induced talk from Kurt Angle. The man is bordering on insane and that is not a good thing.

    Your News: Ken Shamrock has announced that he will be holding open tryouts for all elite MMA hopefuls for his IFL team, the Nevada Lions. Tryouts will be taking place Thursday, October 25th at The Stadium Sports and Fitness Club in Reno Nevada

    My Views: I am discussing this because this is probably the best thing for Shamrock right now. He can give some knowledge and lend his name to a small promotion, which they are, and hopefully give back to MMA in this way.

    Your News: Kevin Iole, Yahoo Sports’ MMA guru, confirmed today that Yahoo will be broadcasting Saturday night’s Strikeforce event live starting at 9:00 PT / 12:00 ET. The event features highly ranked Lightweight, and Gracie Jiujitsu fighter, Gilbert Melendez as well as names like Josh Thompson, WWE Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder, and UFC veterans Bobby Southworth, Joe Riggs, and Bill Mahood

    My Views: Rock on baby! FREE MMA! We all love free stuff, check it out of you have nothing to do on Friday.

    Your News: Nick Diaz has been hospitalized with a severe staph infection that he contacted a few days prior to his EliteXC fight. He was admitted to the hospital when he arrived in Las Vegas to watch his brother’s fight. He has been on an antibiotic IV since Tuesday and will probably remain so through the weekend.

    “I felt pretty crappy in my match in Hawaii but I figured it was jet lag or maybe something I had eaten the night before. When I left Hawaii the next day I was getting chills and had to be covered with several blankets on the plane but I just kept having cold sweats. By the time I got to Vegas the infection had ballooned up and so I went to the hospital to have it checked out. They admitted me and I’ve been here ever since”.

    My Views: That sucks for Diaz and I hope he has a quick recovery. I also want to say that I am glad to see that he didn’t say anything like, “I had a poor performance due to this” or anything along those lines. I really hate when guys do that, but he just said he was sick, is getting treated and that was the end of the story. Good for him.

    Your News: Bodog Fight will join forces with promoters of HOOKnSHOOT to sponsor their upcoming event in Evansville, Indiana.

    Bodog Fight Presents: HOOKnSHOOT will take place September 29 at the Evansville Coliseum.

    “Bodog Fight is pleased to be sponsoring this exciting event,” said Bodog Fight creator and billionaire entertainment mogul, Calvin Ayre. “HOOKnSHOOT is a top notch organization and we look forward to working together on this event as well as on future projects.”

  • What happens when two of the undisputed heavy-hitters in mixed martial arts join forces? Fans of the world’s fastest growing sport are about to find out!

    MMA powerhouse Bodog Fight has signed on to become a Presenting Sponsor of three upcoming Strikeforce promotions, including the first-ever mixed martial arts event to be held at the world-famous Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday, September 29.

    “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Strikeforce,” said Bodog Fight creator, billionaire entertainment mogul Calvin Ayre. “This exciting joint venture will allow us to bring MMA fans premium entertainment featuring some of the finest fighters in the sport today.”

    My Views: It looks like Bodog is taking the advice I had months ago for Strikeforce and Pro Elite and trying to partner up to make an impact in the world of MMA. Pro Elite decided to take it a step further and buy some promotions, keeping their names and running as “Pro Elite Presents,” as well as using them for the SHOWXC project, and in reality the last show in Hawaii. I really have no clue what Bodog is trying. Possibly forming relationships to put on big shows and possibly PPV, which isn’t the worst idea. Maybe they want to talk to Art of War before Mark Cuban gets the idea to buy them out to ass to HD Fights. We’ll follow up on this to see where it goes.

    SHIMMER VOLUME 9 Podcast~!

    Christi and I are back once again for another podcast adventure! We return this week to look at the SHIMMER VOL. 9 DVD! A great DVD with good wrestling, including the double main event featuring the awesome AMAZING KONG battling MsChif, while elsewhere Cheerleader Melissa battles Sara Del Ray! From there we move onto Dear Christi, with wedding advice and Survivor talk, including thoughts on WWE’s Ashley. Finally, we discuss the greatness of Irish Cuisine! 50-Minutes of fun just for you!


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