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Yves Edwards Says UFC 131 Loss to Sam Stout Changed Him For The Better

February 2, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Yves Edwards recently spoke about changes in MMA. Here are the highlights…

On The Sam Stout Fight Changing Him: “Getting hit by Sam Stout didn’t really help to keep me in that mind frame. t was something I think was a good thing to happen. It’s something I was always afraid of – maybe not afraid of, but not looking forward to. It was something I didn’t want to happen. But having it happen wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I feel like it made me stronger in that it showed me that I’m a regular guy when it comes down to it. Anyone can be knocked out. If you get hit on the button, you’ll go down. So you have to keep a security guard on that button.”

On The UFC Changing: “It wasn’t what it is today,” he said of the UFC. “We didn’t have freaking thousands of people at the weigh-ins. At the same time, it was a much smaller, more elite group back then just because of the fact it was so small. There weren’t 20 shows a year. There were like five. It’s a completely different monster now,” he said. “There are some beasts now. There are a lot of sharks in a small pond.”

On How He Feels: “I still feel the same,” he said. “I don’t’ feel any different than I did 10 years ago. I really don’t know. I haven’t gotten bigger or smaller. … I feel strong. I feel healthy. I can still do everything now that I could do then, but with a lot more knowledge and a lot more technique. I have whole lot of weapons in the cage right now.”

On Fighting Vallie-Flagg Tonight: “The game plan is to go out there and be better than him everywhere,” he said. “I watched his tapes and see where he’s strong, but I feel really good about it. This is the UFC, so there aren’t any easy fights. I’m not looking for it to be easy, but I’m looking to have a good night.”



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