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24 – The Recap: The Following Takes Place Between The Hours of 10:00am and 11:00am

January 23, 2007 | Posted by RSarnecky

When we last left Jack Bauer, he told Buchanan that “he was done,” and then a nuclear bomb exploded. A few minutes later, and Jack was back in the fold. The first four hours gave us a lot of action, and “Oh My God” moments. This week’s episode reminded me of old school “24.” In earlier seasons, not named Season Five, they would give us an action packed episode, followed by a slow episode that would set up the story arch for the next electrically charged show.

From the coming attractions, I knew that the baddie not named President Logan from last season was going to be on this week’s show. What I didn’t realize was that he was Jack’s brother! WOW! Where did this come from? Jack has a brother. Even more shocking is his lack of follicle production on his cranium. His son better hope that he has Jack’s hairline, and NOT dear old dad’s!

Knowing that Jack is good, and Graham is bad, I was curious to see how the two reacted towards one another. It’s nice to see when two siblings get along as well as Jack and Graham do. When Jack told Graham that if he raised his voice, Jack would “rip his tongue out,” I got all misty-eyed. And when he put the plastic bag over Graham’s head to help him conserve oxygen, well all I can say is I hope one day that my brother and I will be able to have such a close relationship as he gets older.

It looks like Assad was right. It didn’t take long for Jack to remember how to be a bad ass interrogator. When Graham told Jack “I don’t know where dad is. I’m telling you the truth, on my family’s life.” Instead of Jack taking sympathy, like during the last episode, he sternly said “Not good enough.” AWESOME! Jack’s not about to take any crap anymore.

Seriously though, what kind of dysfunctional relationship do Graham and Jack Bauer have? When Graham found out that Jack is looking for his dad, the guy says, “We should have had him killed before the Chinese got him.” WOW! Talk about brotherly love! Sorry, but if Jack was my brother, they’d be calling me Saint Ronny. I wouldn’t even jay walk, never mind become a partner with terrorists.

What’s up with the military dude in the conference room with President Buffy Principal. The Admiral just wants to kill everybody. He wants to go to war against all of the Middle Eastern countries, despite not having any proof of any of them being guilty. Sounds like a certain US President we all now and loathe. In Episode 12, will President Buffy Principal tell the US citizens that we are going to war against several Middle Eastern nations because they may or may not have weapons of mass destruction? Of course, within the first hour of the war, George Bush, I mean President Palmer, will find out there never were any such weapons. He will then go on the air and say, “Opps! My bad!”

I totally marked out when I saw Graham’s wife. That’s Rena Sofer! Louise from “General Hospital!” Forget Jack Bauer, maybe Sonny Corinthos will save the day. I’m sure he can get Jason Morgan to torture people while Jack deals with his wacky family.

Rena’s a hottie, and Graham is paranoid! He thinks that his wife has a thing for Jack! WOW! If she had a little something-something with Jack, all I have to say is where did he find the time? After all Jack was with Teri, then he had an office affair with Nina. He doesn’t even eat or go to the bathroom on “24,” when could he have had an affair with his brother’s wife?

The President’s sister is really getting on my nerves. I wish they had locked her up. I like her man though. It should be interesting to see how much information he is able to dig up until he gets whacked. Just look at him. You know he doesn’t have the looks of a character that will last long term.

The big “24” news coming out recently is that McFarlane is coming out with “24” Action Figures around August of this year. Just like the real Jack Bauer, the action toy gets tortured too. However, this figure hasn’t been abused by terrorists, but by the man who portray Jack himself. Keifer Sutherland was given action figure a year an a half ago for his approval. He had the figure on the set while filming the movie “The Sentinel.” One night, Sutherland and a pal took the action figure out for a night on the town. They proceeded to torture the figure. At the end of the night, they took it out to the restaurant parking lot and lit it on fire. When they woke up the next morning, the figure was just a pile of wax, except the clothes didn’t burn. This Keifer thought was “pretty cool.” The next day, “I got a call and they said, ‘Did you like the action figure?’ and I said, ‘Yes.’ They said, ‘Well, you need to send it back. Because it’s the only one.’ Apparently it took the gentleman in Japan who made the figure a year to do it. I told him that it was in my trailer. After a week, I had to come clean. I had to tell them that we were just having fun and, well, you know. It took him another year to make it again. I don’t think they were thrilled.”

That was just a little side bar that I thought was pretty amusing. Imagine that, Keifer doing something crazy while drunk, say it ain’t so!

Another little bit of “24” Trivia that I found out about is that there is a 24 Drinking Game. Each time Jack Bauer says the words, “Damn” or “Damn It,” everybody in the game has to take a shot of alcohol. I wonder if Keifer was playing that game when he tortured the Jack Bauer doll.

Back to the show. The biggest question to come out of this episode is “With Jack’s brother bad, is daddy dearest also a heel?” Only time will tell. That time may be between the hours of 11:00am and 12:00pm. See you next week.


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