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Ghost Hunters LIVE Halloween Special Recap 10.31.08 Part 3: Hours 6 and 7

November 3, 2008 | Posted by Ron Martin

Here we are – the moment you have all been waiting for; the exciting conclusion of the Ghost Hunters LIVE Halloween ghost hunt of Fort Delaware. Or if you wondering about any of the shows that have ever aired, will air or is currently airing on Sci-Fi station, this is the place to be.

A quick recap: disembodied voice, no Kris Williams, lots of talk about the Miz, thumps and footsteps, Joe Chin ruling you, tugging on Grant’s jacket, crew member interrupting ghost hunt, pimping Sanctuary, pimping Ghost Hunters, pimping Estate of Panic, pimping Chase, pimping ECW, pimping RAW, Kristyn getting audible verbal direction off camera, waiting for cues, picture going out, echoes from the depths, residual hauntings, dungeon segment 3X but somehow nothing of note.

Hope that summed it up for you because I am full of Halloween candy and jacked up for the last two hours! Whoooo!

Here we go the last two hours of the third annual…


We join the ghost hunt where we left off with Tango, Steve and Amanda in the POW Dungeon. Steve wants to help the ghosts get off the island. Steve is seeing something break the light in the window, but all we see is green. Literally, the entire screen went green for about 20 seconds followed by the Ghost Hunters LIVE logo, then back to the show where I’ll give you one guess as to what Steve is doing. He is knocking. If you said running from a spider, I don’t blame you. It was kind of a trick question. Now Steve wants the ghost to communicate by knocking. I think this is the only way TAPS knows how to communicate. Steve says he doesn’t believe in psychics, but he gets a sense of sadness. Steve only believes in seeing swirling in shadows and feeling random cold spots to declare a house to be haunted. Steve sets up the EMF gauges as ghost traps to see if anything is approaching. He name drop the Wright Patterson air force base. That’s the third time it’s been mentioned in this episode. Halloween 2009 maybe?

Josh looks very, very cold. So cold that we must see a promo for Sanctuary. It’s odd how Josh can go to the deepest, darkest nooks of the Earth, but looks the most uncomfortable in Delaware. I’ve been in Delaware once, but never peed in the state. In fact, I never got out of the car. I was in Delaware for like 20 minutes. Don’t think I’ll be watching Sanctuary, but then again I never watched Stargate either.

Josh tells us to vote as he throws it to a segment highlighting the hauntings of the Officer’s Quarters. Uhm, it’s 6 hours into the investigation. There have been two different teams in the room at this point. A little late for us to be learning the various hauntings of the Officer’s Quarters. Oooh, Josh uses the term paranormal politics. I think I will use that term every day for the next week.

Robb and Dustin are coincidentally in the Officer’s Quarters. Robb threatens the ghost that if it doesn’t break anything, he’s not going anywhere. He likes the room. It’s beautiful. His words, not mine. If the ghost wants, it has to take it. Good thing Joe Chin isn’t in there, because no one can move Joe Chin if Joe Chin doesn’t want to be moved. Robb is confused as to why the ghost doesn’t want the space anymore. I thought maybe he was trying to figure out why Dustin wasn’t wearing an upside down visor. They notice the room is much colder than the other rooms. Dustin has been carrying around a camera the entire investigation. Probably to show his kids for when they start ghost hunting. Robb has decided to keep the room. I am thinking maybe Robb got evicted while out and about the Earth. Did you forget to mail in the rent check, buddy? He puts a flashlight on the table and tells the ghost if its knocks it off, he can have the room back. That’s how I play king of the bedroom with the spirits in my home as well. They cut Robb off midsentence.

Damnit! Josh steals my joke about Robb being homeless. Josh if you don’t watch it, I’ll start recapping Destination Truth and you don’t want that. He uses the opportunity to tell us that Ghost Hunters International will air 9 new episodes starting in January. They’ll be in high def so you can see every single hair standing up on Dustin’s head. They’ll be adding South America and Southeast Asia to the roster of places they ghost hunt. Welcome to the promo. Brandy is still around, Robb gets a man hug, there’s some new chick that I have never seen before, Robb says something is the most impressive thing they have ever captured, there’s some new guy in the shot but he may have been a one off, this new chick is getting a lot of camera time – no sign of Andy whatsoever. So the group that pushed the new show (Andy, Brian and Donna) are now completely gone? Is that what irony is?

Kristyn, Joe M’F*cking Chin and The Miz are in the kitchen. The Miz is bitching about nothing happening. Kind of like watching one of his matches. Joe Chin ball smashes The Miz saying it’s his fault they aren’t getting anything because the Miz is acting too much like an ass. The Miz is no CM Punk – in the ring or ghost hunting. Joe Chin just pretty much verbally bitch smacked The Miz by telling him he is worthless in code. The Miz tries evoking by telling the ghost that he is nothing and is not impressed. If I was in a room with The Miz, it would take all of about ten minutes for me to find something sharp to stab in his eye. Kristyn hears something outside the door that sounds like walking on metal stairs that are no longer there. They leave the evoking to Miz to try and piss off the spirits. Dude! I just heard Joe Chin say the word “wicked.” Something scraped down Kristyn’s back. The Miz then yells what I am sure he has yelled to many an underage Philipino boy – “TOUCH ME!” The Miz wants to be attacked – probably by many men at once with various types of soothing gels.

They kick us to Steve, Tango and Amanda in the POW barracks because of someone who saw something and hit the panic button. Josh says this but the ghost hunters don’t acknowledge it at all. Tango just happens “to find” a game setup. It’s the game that all the college kids play now where you try and throw bean bags into little holes across a lawn. In Indiana, it’s called Cornhole. The ghost hunters have no idea what it’s called. The only thing missing is the “wacky ghost hunter” music. Is this how we are really spending the last two hours of the investigation. Steve says he’d give Tango $400 if he makes it from really far away. Here’s something interesting – I DON’T GIVE A CRAP! FIND SOME F*CKING GHOSTS! I don’t want to spend my Halloween watching Steve and Tango play Cornhole. We don’t even get the exciting conclusion as they cut to commercial. Josh seems unamused.

Back from commercial we get the exciting conclusion of the Tango and Steve’s bet. Someone told them the name of the game was Cornhole. Huh, I guess that’s not just an Indiana thing. The throw is up and Tango doesn’t even get close. Steve says now Tango owes him $400, Amanda $400 and the fort $400. This is absolutely terrible. Before this, I had Kristyn and Joe Chin as doing a worse job then these two, but now it’s really close. Mostly I blame Joe Chin’s performance on the Miz, who is a black hole of suck.

Josh Gates calls the show “Cornhole Live” as he kicks us to an Amanda Tapping segment, which is basically just another promo for Sanctuary making it the second one this half hour. Terrible.

Jason, Grant and Valentino are somewhere in the fort. I’d tell you where but I don’t know where and the picture keeps freezing up before they can tell me. Bastards! I am so excited by this episode, that I totally would rather pause this and go get my laundry. I think I will. I’m back and everything is still so screwed up that I can’t tell what’s going on. I guess their on the roof as that’s what they’re talking about. What no promotional video about the roof? I’m a little disappointed. Grant is scared because he is afraid something is going to grab his coat and knock him off the roof. Valentino says he is a ghost caddy because they are making him carry all the equipment. As they go down the stairs the K-2 meter goes off – BECAUSE IT ALWAYS GOES OFF!

Josh Gates is finished promoting every other show on Sci-Fi so he says screw it, here’s a promo for Destination Truth. They gots new episodes. For those of you who love seeing groups travel 14-22 hours around the world to investigate a mythical monster for one night, get some good but not proving evidence that it exists and then bail completely – this is the show for you.

Joe Chin and Kristyn are in the tunnels/dungeon sans The Miz. Now Joe Chin can finally get some work done. He tells the ghost that he is a Yankee and he will push them around and that the ghost are stuck with him and he will thrust kick them in the face. Okay, I made up the last part, but I think it was implied. Kristyn looks sad that she doesn’t get to look at the Miz anymore. Here stellar investigating consists of her saying “Come on!” Man, I wish she was in my ghost hunting group with groundbreaking ghost hunting like that. Joe Chin tells the ghost straight up he is going to laugh at them. Then he does because that’s what Joe Chin does. He laughs in your face just before he kicks it in. Uhm, there was a random flashlight beam that just crossed both of them. There’s another 100,000 hits on the panic button. Joe Chin tells the ghost he will find them. If I were the ghost that would only make me hide more. Maybe Joe Chine roundhouse kicked the Miz and that’s why he is no longer here. Kristyn is getting impatient because the ghost probably doesn’t have six pack abs. I wonder how Amy is doing back in the control center or whatever the hell they are calling it.

The 3-D fort image takes us to Robb and Dustin in the soldier’s barracks. Robb forgoes the obvious “Come on!” strategy by telling the ghosts he and Dustin have respect for those who served in the military and they’d like to help them out. Dustin pines about the US and how it’s great to be here and thinking about the Civil War and how it shaped our country. What?!! No Cornhole? Cornhole = ratings! Robb tells the ghosts they are listening. Dustin appeals that the ghosts could communicate to a loved on through them. Robb tries to explain to the ghost about all the people walking around. The ghosts shouldn’t be confused by it. Robb asks if anyone is captured or imprisoned here. I raise my hand. The camera freezes up. I am going to assume in that minute that a full bodied apparition appeared, did the river dance and then flipped the cameras off. I wouldn’t know because the technical difficulties caused the show to go to commercial.


Josh sends us to Steve, Tango and Amanda Tapping who are investigating the staircase that someone died falling down. I feel like I can take this segment off and fold clothes. Steve again points out how he doesn’t believe in psychics being able to see spirits because as everyone knows that running from spiders and playing Cornhole is the only way to see spirits. Tango offers to fight Steve at one point. I look up from my laundry and no go, so I go back to laundry. Steve says he is not here to make a mockery of the situation though he has pretty much been doing the entire time. Steve brings up the movie Poltergeist. Is it just me or does a psychic play a prominent role in the movie Poltergeist? Amanda says it feels weird at the top of the steps. Steve and Tango are trying to figure out what this area was used for. They go through their own theories, but Amanda just reads the plaque on the wall. There have been over 300,000 hits that have been ignored on the Panic Button. Steve tries to parlay their relationship with Amanda into guest spots on Sanctuary. Take them – please! Now they are in some huge room that I have never seen. Apparently Tango doesn’t either. Steve tries to get the ghost to communicate by telling them that they can help it pass along a message. If I were a ghost, I would be all like “Can you send one of the other ghost hunters in, please?” Steve tries to break down a door for no apparent reason as Tango looks for cherries. I’m not trying to be funny – that actually happened. For those of you wondering, I have finished folding my laundry successfully.

We abruptly cut to Kristyn yelling “Come on! Tug my jacket again!” The 3-d fort takes us to the kitchen with Joe Chin and Kristyn. I am assuming that something tugged on Kristyn’s jacket. She tries to get the ghost to move her flashlight. Hmmm….they get rid of the Miz and stuff happens. Imagine that. This is the Kristyn I like, but I am afraid it’s too little too late this night. Kristyn asks the ghost if he didn’t like the wrestler. Kristyn here’s a heads up – nobody likes that guy. Not even his mother. Only you. Kristyn retaliates by virtually punching me in the gut by knocking. Damnit! The knocking!!! They hear something in the hallway and chase after it. I am surprised Kristyn didn’t have to get approval off camera to do so. They read something and start yelling out names from the paper.

Josh is back, but I knew he was coming back because I heard him get a cue while Joe Chin and Kristyn were ghost hunting.

Josh has to tell us where we are at with a half hour to go. If we don’t know by now, we’re not going to know. I’m guessing we get only Jason and Grant from here on out. They’re in the dungeon.

We get a shot of Josh looking into the camera. Someone off-screen says “Alrighty,” then we get the first two seconds of Jason trying to explain what a thermal imaging camera is. That’s cut off for the 3-D fort to take us to the dungeons. I’m assuming that, but the way they have been screwing up lately who knows that the hell is playing? They’re back where all the action has been this night. Grant declares it a great night. I think he has low expectations. They find the stools. As much as I want Grant to step on the stool and practice the crane maneuver, he doesn’t. They show slow mo of Grant getting his jacket pulled on the thermal. It looks pretty good. Jason asks the ghost to blow out the candle in the lantern they’ve set up on the floor. Jason stares intently at the lantern. They also have an audio recorder and K-2 meter set up. They hear something behind them, which turns their attention away from the lantern so Jason gets up to investigate. My guess is that at some point when they’re not looking, the candle goes out. There’s a lot of scuffling. What do you know, the candle went out and neither of them were looking at it. Grant is sitting right where we were at, but there was a lot of scuffling we could hear while he was off camera like a jacket moving. Once again, not making accusation, just observations. Grant tries to see if the camera would go out naturally and comes to the conclusion after half a minute that it could not. Grant asks the ghosts if he (Grant) is supposed to be a prisoner. No, that is me Grant. Why don’t they have a camera on just the candle? Grant says he’s tired and needs to go to bed. They want to move to the first floor. With less than a half hour left, do you think Sci-fi could get about 4 more promos in? They go downstairs, hear footsteps and see a piece of something on the ground. I wanted it to be a bloody hand, but it’s just a piece of something and apparently it’s not important because they just leave it. Jason comments on how creepy candlelight is. I would say candlelight ups your attractiveness by at least a point on the ten point scale. Grant finally half asses his way through whistling Dixie. We are promised Steve and Tango in the next segment, let’s see if they live up to the promise.

Twenty minutes left and Josh wants to talk statistics. 20,000 people have joined the Join the Hunt club. 50,000 votes for the Great American Ghost Hunt. 350,000 hits on the panic button that have been ignored despite what Josh tells us.

We do get Steve, Tango and Amanda in the Issue Room, which I am guessing is a supply room. Tango says “guns” over and over. I sure am glad we got to see these two one more time. Letting Steve and Tango play with guns is NOT a good idea. Steve theorizes if these are legitimate artifacts that they could have some spirits attached to them. Steve correctly states that if they were fighting zombies, the supply room would be the place to be. I am barely typing anything when these guys are on the screen because they are not doing anything even closely resembling ghost hunting. Something is wrong with Steve’s microphone as you can’t hear him very well – oh, they got it fixed. They talk about cases of old to try and impress Amanda – it’s not working. Steve eventually tries to use candy as bait. Even Valentino realizes how silly this is so he pulls away from them and wants to try to get people to call them “Stango.” Valentino says the production was amazing and everyone did a fantastic job. Obviously, he has not been watching.

Ten minutes left and Josh sends us to Jason and Grant in the tunnels. They saw lights at the end of the tunnel again and talk about it in a staged way. Kind of like summer camp skit night acting. They are trying hard to convince us that this was a wild night. Jason says they investigated ghosts hundreds of years ago with a candle lit lantern. I am shocked there have been no promos in the last half hour. They are trying hard to fill the last ten minutes with something other than silence. Jason and Grant also give props to the production crew and tell us that they worked harder than the cast members did. Hey, I’m sure they worked hard – but the results don’t really show it. Jason and Grant say they will still be ghost hunting after we leave, but I have a hard time believing that. As soon as we’re off the air their done. I am betting everyone else is waiting in the control room already.

We end things with Josh in front of the fort. He recaps the night’s events. I think it’s telling that he recapped all the ghostly evidence that the team collected, but when he got to Tango and Steve he just said they played music in the kitchen and played Cornhole. Josh gets one last promo in for every show and calls this even unprecedented even though this is the third one. We end things with a promo for the next episode of Ghost Hunters where they will do the reveal for this investigation, name the Great American Ghost Hunt winner and show a new (surely already recorded) investigation. Clips of the night’s action end it all.

I went over to the Ghost Hunter forums on to see if even the most ardent Ghost Hunters fanboys and apologists would be defending this thing. This is what I found out.

In polls on the site I got the following information. Remember, these are the biggest fans of the show. Fans who get on the forums and rave about the show and yell at people who dare question the legitimacy of any piece of evidence. 80% of the people who answered the poll hated what they saw. 40% lost enthusiasm for the show and 65% didn’t think they found anything of note during the investigation.

Recapping the show over the course of the weekend has allowed time for Jason and Grant to post their thoughts on the show. So let’s take a look at some things they have to say.

About all the promos — Both were displeased with all the commercials and wish the show wasn’t so commercialized, but say enough of the right stuff as to not piss off the Sci-Fi channel.

About the Miz — Both say he is a nice guy. Jason says a producer told Kristyn to ask Miz all those questions, but that has been rectified (whatever that means). Grant says that the Miz was told to play his wrestling character and be annoying and that the Miz doesn’t like his character and that it sucks.

On Kris Williams — She had personal stuff to take care of. Uhm, ok. That couldn’t have been said on the show? She wasn’t mentioned once. It will be interesting to see if she shows up on the new episodes next March.

The fake sounding voice — Grant says it was legit and not digitized. Jason gives reasons as to what it could be other than a disembodied voice. He also says he had an earpiece in his ear so it was hard to tell where the voice was coming from. A lot of people are speculating maybe it was from a boat outside as security was jacked up and people were trying to sneak on the island. Jason brings this up.

The jacket tugging — The consensus around the internet is that Grant was somehow pulling a string or something that made the hood of the jacket pull down. Jason says he will believe Grant no matter what. Grant says he didn’t fake it. They both say that some people are going to think everything is fake and there’s nothing they can do about it.

I’ve watched it several times and I will say that Grant’s right hand is unnaturally at his right side the entire time, though not always in his pocket. The “thermal fluctuation” on the jacket that he claims is proof is obviously just the inner portion of the hood that is exposed when the outside portion is pulled down. It is closer to his body therefore warmer. It is the same color as the back of his jacket. Check it out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

The guy walking in the kitchen — They both say it was a sound guy coming in to fix some audio, but didn’t know that they were on the air. His name was John.

Technical Issues — They both say it is very hard to produce a show from that area and say how great the production crew is.

On Jason’s attitude — He says he had so much going on in his head while trying to perform an investigation and listening to his earpiece that he may have seemed distant.

Overall: It’s rather obvious that this is the worst of the three Halloween efforts which is saying quite a bit because last year’s show was terrible. I know the execs will look at the numbers and declare this thing a success, but they’re only fooling themselves. I bet there was less than four hours of actual ghost hunting in a seven hour show. If they’re going to make the show seven hours, why not advertise the first hour as hype and promos and then say the investigation starts at 8. The only time the show was worth watching was when Jason, Grant, Robb or Dustin was on the screen. Steve and Tango are utterly worthless at this point as investigators. It is very obvious (and somewhat insulting) that their chicanery is set up before hand and the producers of the show have no desire for them to do actual ghost hunting. Joe Chin and Kristyn were rendered useless by the Miz’s act whether or not he was playing a character. I am one of the few who have no problem with using wrestlers on the show, but let the wrestlers be real people, not characters or otherwise it’s pointless. CM Punk did a fine job on the 2006 episode acting as an actual interested person. Robb and Dustin were their usual solid stuff. Some people think they talk too much when getting EVPs, but I like their ghost hunting style. As for Jason and Grant, I really don’t know what to think. Most of everything I’ve read and listened to think both the voice and the jacket pulling is fake (as well as some knocking in the Officer’s Quarters.) While I’m not going to say they’re fake, I think the voice is very suspect. I also noticed whenever there was “big time” evidence Jason seemed to care less and distanced himself from Grant. He came off as perturbed most of the night. It could have been a number of things, this is just my observation. I could care whether or not they have a host. It worked okay tonight, it worked okay without one in 2006. As for the production crew, I’m sure it is really hard to do what they do. I’m not saying they aren’t hard workers, but let’s face it – they weren’t prepared. Pilgrim Films production is notoriously bad. I would be willing to forgive the echo sounds and the cutting out of the picture because I do realize they were on an island in the cold and these things happen when a show is live. However, there is no explanation for playing the wrong clips, all the talking heard off screen, missing cues, giving too much direction while the hunters are trying to hunt and the various other production gaffes. That’s just bad producing/directing. I’m not Jason and Grant, I don’t have to sugarcoat it. I did like the spooky shots of the fort as we cut to commercials and the absence of spooky music during most of the investigation. What ever happened to showing more than one ghost hunting team at once? I know they know how to split screen. These shows are successful because of the success of the first one, but I feel they’ve strayed to far away from that formula.

I still feel like a live ghost hunt is a viable Halloween tradition. Have it on in the background during a party or it’s something spooky to watch when you get home from Halloween activities. They’ve just gotten too cute with it. I thought it was at its best in the 11-5 AM timeslot and when it was just ghost hunting. Sci-fi has taken a good thing and ruined it. It’s unfortunate, but this show was pretty much two thumbs down, a DUD or dare I say, epic fail. Hopefully they will learn from it and better next year’s show.

I’ll see all of you on Wednesday with the results and we’ll see how they try and spin this thing.

Peace out!


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