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Ghost Hunters Recap Episode 4.24: Ghost Hunters All Access

November 13, 2008 | Posted by Ron Martin

One more episode and I can get away from it all until January. One more episode…one more episode…aw, shit – it’s the all access episode.

Here we are at the end of Season 4. In case you are wondering, Ghost Hunters was picked up for a fifth season a long time ago. The interesting thing is whether or not they will be picked up for a 6th. The live show really turned a lot of people off – even the most hardcore of hardcore fans. Several have moved on to Ghost Adventures. I’ve looked at this thing objectively as much as I can, but it doesn’t look good for TAPS.

You’ve probably already seen this, but if you haven’t check out this video sent to me by several readers. Thanks to all the readers who e-mailed me to let me know about things they found on the internet. Links and videos and the like are always helpful! If you haven’t seen this one, check it out.

Obviously the poster of this video has an agenda. However, the poster only worked with what TAPS, Sci-fi and Pilgrim Films gave them to work with. This was all aired on the live feed – it’s not like this person has special access to footage we did not.

The most disappointing thing (and what I believe to be the most incriminating) is the fact that when they were off camera they were not ghost hunting. I can’t say that happened all night, but when you’re standing waiting for your cue so you can start mid-sentence you’re not ghost hunting. Why is this the most disappointing? Because if they weren’t ghost hunting, then they weren’t trying to catch anything legitimate. If they weren’t trying to catch something legitimate, then they had to have known they were going to catch something regardless. Once again, I’m not here to accuse, but I would like to say this. There had been a surge in interest in all things paranormal in the last five years or so. There are a lot of reasons why, but TAPS is given credit as one of the big reasons. If they aren’t legitimate, then they’ve caused a huge setback for the entire ghost hunting and paranormal community.

Just for the record, on the last 20 hunts that I have on record for TAPS (excluding two episodes I missed, both Halloween episodes but counting the episode where the guy had all the fake stuff rigged up) they’ve found 15 of 20 places haunted. A far cry from where they started. Ratings is a bitch.

I have a feeling that Ghost Hunters International is going to take a hit from this as well, even though Robb and Dustin came out pretty unscathed. It’ll be interesting to see how the ratings are for their new episodes due to their relationship with TAPS.

CASE #1: Salem, Massachusetts

I finally went over my evidence I collected during my time spent in the very haunted city of Salem, Massachusetts early in October. For note, I did not ghost hunt at the Lyceum (well, not inside it) as I can’t afford to spend that kind of money on food. I did not ghost hunt at the Hawthorne Hotel because I can’t afford to stay there. My “team” consisted of me and my girlfriend (whom I used mostly as bait). My “equipment” was pretty much a digital audio recorder, a digital camera and my bones as in “I feel it in my bones.” It should be noted that there is a ton of tourism in Salem during the month of October so a lot of evidence could be tainted, though an experienced Salem veteran like me knows how to get around that. During the week after about 9 PM, the place clears out completely. We ghost hunted at several cemeteries, the spookiest abandoned jail you have ever seen, the witch trials memorial as well as several places that I know to be active from years of traveling there.



Nothing like what I got last year, but some interesting pictures.

This picture was taken at the aforementioned abandoned jail. It’s not the dust particles that grab my attention, it’s the orb that is creating its own light and is not translucent.

This is at the Joshua Ward house where even George Washington claimed he saw ghosts. If you want the whole story (it is very long) send me an e-mail and I will be glad to tell it, though it may take me a couple of days to do so. The light anomaly at the top interests me because I took about 15 pictures of this thing and that only showed up in one.

This is at the Witch Trials Memorial. A friend of mine told me stories of psychics seeing a boy spirit hanging out in the trees here (it’s right next to a graveyard as well). We went looking for him. As you can see, my girlfriend is looking right at him. We get an orb in the tree producing its own light and is not translucent.

I have about a four or five more that have unexplained anomalies, but these are the best ones. I know orbs aren’t so exciting, but it was all I got. Hey, I wanted to get a full body apparition as much as you wanted me to.


We did get a pretty good EVP – two actually. It was in the witch trials memorial again. We are at the far corner overlooking the graveyard. It’s night and just the two of us. (How romantic?) We are talking in normal tones and then just stop for about 20 seconds. A voice whispers something that sounds like “I’m going to get the witches.” It should be noted that neither of us whispered the entire time and we were the only ones present. Also, we were about fifteen feet from the grave of John Hathorne, the notorious hanging judge that signed the executions of those condemned in the witch trials. I have only heard this on my recorder and not on a computer, so I can say for sure that’s what is being said, but it kind of sounds like it.

A couple of days later, we are in the same spot. My lady friends is talking and the same voice whispers something I can’t make out over the end of her sentence.

Personal Experiences

We had two personal experiences that were the same. Both were at the memorial. Both times I had my audio recorder (and just my audio recorder) in my coat pocket. Twice it was turned on and started playing already recorded segments without me touching it.

That’s the evidence I have for my week of on-again-off-again ghost hunting. I tried a couple of different things. First off, with a few exceptions, I didn’t ask the ghost questions directly as I was trying a theory of mine that ghosts respond more when they think you are not hunting them. Also, as I mentioned before, I used my girlfriend as bait a lot without her knowing it.

Status: Haunted.

Don’t expect any sort of admission of guilt here or anything. It will be plain and simple as can be. Basically, it will be all filler so they can step back afterwards and regroup. Oh, and if Kris is on this episode, I will eat a bug.

Here some things you may need to know about Kris. She is a Pisces and if Jason and Grant have known her for nine years then they met her when she was 18 – how convenient.

Josh Gates is our host. This is going to be painful. I can tell this is going to be hardcore. That was sarcasm. By the way, they are making a big deal of unveiling “the newest member of TAPS.” It’s Amy. They already showed her on the commercial. She is taking Kris’s spot. I wonder how she can be a “new member” when she is already a member. Is she going to relocate to the east coast?

Josh looks a little rough. This was recorded at Fort Delaware. I have no idea when. He introduces the 4 members of TAPS. My, how the group has shrank since the first episode. C’lest vie Brian, Andy, Donna, Lisa, Karl, Heather, Kristyn, Dustin, Kris, Joe Chin and a host of others (though I think Joe Chin and Kristyn will still show up from time to time).

Josh asks them what happens to a property after TAPS declares them haunted. Wow, I didn’t actually expect that. They admit that if they call a place haunted, the places make money. They’re proud of it. Hmmm…I don’t know if I would be proud of the fact that businesses could be using me to make money. I know it’s a side effect, but that does allow for some to question if there’s a not a little extra being made on the side to declare a place haunted.

We get a video clip of the Cashtown Inn’s owners saying how much money they made off TAPS. What is this? TAPS – this is your life?

Grant brags about a shirt he saw that someone has purchased from the Cashtown Inn where a picture frame on the shirt slides. He is proud of it. Wow. That is about as tacky as they come. I am the king of tacky and I want none of that action. They’re still bragging about all the places that are making tons of money off ghost tours based on TAPS investigations.

Video of TAPS at a paranormal conference. They ask a bunch of people they’re favorite ghost hunter – I notice none of them said Kris even though she is there. They say they get asked whether or not they are plumbers a lot. They said they are but while they are filming the show they are on a leave of absence. Grant does not drive a Bentley – yet. I’ll take this opportunity to say that even though they just said they are not rich, that Jason and Grant have purchased an Inn in New Hampshire. All regular guys have the money to do that.

They ask Steve something, but I’ve learned to block him out so I have no idea what he said.

They play a video of evidence TAPS has captured. Hmm…I don’t think I’ve ever seen that shadow person. Clips of good Jason before Evil Jason killed him!!

Amy Bruni is the new investigator for TAPS. We get a little bit of info on her which is more than we got on any of the new investigators on GHI combined. Grant says we’ll see a lot more of Amy. I think he is disappointed that Kris is gone.

TAPS doesn’t believe in psychics because they are trying to find out what is really going on. A little machine that randomly lights up red lights every single time you use it is so much better! Jason hates orbs, but he hates everything. He says every orb is dust because he is trying to disprove me. Hey, at least I didn’t create my orbs, I got them legit man! Grant makes it a point to say that they don’t run. Never run. Is that a shot at someone or what? Jason won’t go to a graveyard because he doesn’t want it to be a hangout for high school kids though he just bragged about all the people that go to these places because TAPS was there. I am sure some of them are high school kids and I am sure some of them hang out. This segment is coming off really bad. They are sounding like paranormal snobs. Josh calls them out for using their team members as bait. Grant says they got a lot of e-mails once when Steve went into the woods alone. Grant defends this by saying if you can see Steve on TV, then the cameraman is with them. Oh, I didn’t know the camera guys were members of TAPS now. Are we checking all their cameras and audio in the analysis as well?

Josh Gates pimps the thermal imager. I wish I had a thermal imager. I would sell all of Steve’s dignity for a thermal imager. Steve brings up one of the best thermal imager’s images is when Jason was getting a psychic reading from a psychic. If TAPS doesn’t believe in psychics, then why does this matter? There’s a bunch of clips of stuff they’ve caught on the thermal imager. Yay?

They show Steve’s cats and I am wondering why I am wasting my valuable time watching this. Just for the record, if I wasn’t recapping these shows for 411, I probably wouldn’t make it a point to watch next season. It would be one of those if I’m home, flipping through channels and it happens to be on deals.

They actually take the time to talk about all the things Steve touches. I am not kidding. I will not being taking such time. Steve has gone from one of the most solid investigators in the first couple of seasons to a complete buffoon.

Time to pimp the crew. I’m all for that. It’s not the crew’s fault this thing is horribly edited and produced – which it is again poorly edited tonight. Josh actually talks about how the ghosts bother the crew people as well. Grant says when they do, they turn the camera on them. In four seasons, I have seen this happen three times. We get a clip of the Ghost Hunters crew and their experiences. Okay, I forgot about the “Dude, run!” guy that isn’t Brian. They showed 6 – all of which I have seen, so I guess I forgot about some. Of course they end thinks with the infamous Frank incident.

TAPS is sooooooo cool that the Air Force called them. They got to investigate the Wright-Patterson air force base. How cool is that? TAPS is so cool. TAPS is cooler than the Air Force. They recap that episode. I’d provide you with a link to my recap of the episode, but eh, it’s just not worth it really. Grant says that Air Force people were behind them at all times.

Grant says in an investigator they are looking for people who are stable, trustworthy and have real world knowledge. They don’t care if they even like paranormal investigating. It’s like Roto Rooter hiring people who know nothing about plumbing, don’t care about plumbing, but they’re trustworthy. I’m sure that’s a smart business plan.

Josh brings up the K-2 meter. Grant admits that they “supposedly” teach an entity to blink the lights. His word, not mine. What’s the difference going on faith that it’s a ghost lighting up these lights on this machine (that goes off every single time they use it) or going on faith that a psychic can see a spirit? I really don’t see a difference at all. I hate the K-2 meter. Josh is trying to save this, but it’s a mess. Grant just admits that the K-2 can give you false readings. That’s a smart idea, Grant. He does claim that they wouldn’t base a case on something that the K-2 meter produced. I disagree.

Video clip of the K-2. I’m fast forwarding.

Video clip of some Steve/Tango buffoonery. They’re actually highlighting all the of the times that Steve and Tango ruined evidence with their antics. Steve calls Tango one of the best investigators ever. I bet this team has produced less than five pieces of evidence in the last two years. Best ever, though – who can argue.

Ugh. Video clips of them ruining everything,

Let’s here about the TAPS office because there can’t possibly be anything else that we could possibly talk about. Instead, let’s show a clip of all the cool stuff fans send TAPS. You guys really owe me big for recapping this show. Jason is so into the fans. It’s an honor to get mail from the fans. They would never try to dupe their fans. That last part was mine, not his.

What’s the future of TAPS? Cancellation? I mean, uh….new technology involving phantom smells and EVPs. Jason is willing to look at any piece of equipment that might further the field. Pre-recorded EVPs optional.

What? They have a new episode next week?

We get to look at the pilot episode that TAPS used to sell the show to Sci-fi. Yay?

Lots of typed white letters on a black screen. Brian takes the call instead of Donna. Damn – Jason is so dark in the interview he looks like he is in the witness protection program. Oh, they show all these faces of all these people who are not around anymore. Interesting. They got lots of EVPs. This has to be edited. It’s all Jason, Grant and Steve with a little Brian sprinkled in.

Jason says it’s a good thing to see how far this thing has come. Ghost Hunters got picked up the day his twins were born. Josh says that the show doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Let’s not be too sure about that, Josh.

Josh says there are new Ghost Hunters episodes until Christmas, then Ghost Hunters International in January. Oy. I thought I was going to get a break.

Overall: This show was a complete and total waste of time. It was all filler and fluff. If you like seeing Steve’s cats and no mention of why Kris disappeared without ever being acknowledged at all, then this is for you. If you have a brain, this is not for you. This show left a really bad taste in my mouth. It’s obvious they are going to ignore everything and keep going along like nothing happened. We’ll have to see what happens.


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