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[Gossip] Is Michelle McGee a Husband-Beater?

March 21, 2010 | Posted by AJ Grey

According to court documents filed by her ex-husband Ronald Modica, Michelle McGee has some issues. And according to her, he’s not much better.

The docs say “My daughter saw Michelle grab me by the throat and hit me while she was holding Avery. She had gone to school and told her teacher,” and that “Michelle asked me on Dec. 13, 2006 if I knew anyone she could get pills from, that her and her friend from the club had been taking volumes of Zanex [sic].”

For her part, McGee claims “He was yelling at me calling me nasty names in front of Avery. Threatening me that he was “done” and I’m (bleeping ) dead. Meanwhile our son Avery was yelling “daddy stop, your hurting mommy…get out of mommy’s car.” He continued yelling an inch from my face that I’m dead.”


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