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[Gossip] UPDATEDx2: Kat Von D Storms Out Of Good Day LA

July 27, 2011 | Posted by AJ Grey

UPDATE 2: The producer of Good Day L.A. has commented further about Kat Von D walking away. She said Kat was booked two weeks ago and they prepared beforehand. The only request was no bringing up Sandra Bullock. They said they were planning on asking about Jesse and showing a clip of her getting a tattoo on her face.

The producer stated: “She was incorrect and wrong and we did nothing wrong in my opinion. I think it was unprofessional on her part. I don’t know what she expected.”

Check out the video:

UPDATE: Kat Von D has commented on why she stormed off Good day L.A., and it was because she made only one request and producers blew her off.

She agreed to address her breakup with Jesse James if they agreed that the anchor would not mention the breakup in their introduction. But that was ignored and Jeff Michael read out an introduction that advertised the breakup.

Kat said she saw it in the teleprompter before it was read, and asked a producer to change it, but they did not. She said she asked politely, but no one did anything, so she left. During the show, the executive producer went on the air and said Kat’s only request was to now mention Sandra Bullock or Michelle McGee, which they agreed to.

Kat concluded: “I have no interest in going back on, but I wish them all the best.”

ORIGINAL: Kat Von D was set to give an interview to Good Day LA this morning, but storm out of the studio when the anchor mentioned her breakup with Jesse James. Kat was all set to go, but became upset when she heard how she was introduced on the show and walked out of the building before the interview even started. The anchor mentioned the breakup when showing a clip from LA INK, where Kat got a tattoo of Jesse before their breakup. Kat was upset that the breakup was brought up, and stormed out of the show. Sources say that she approved the clip, and was also informed that the breakup would be discussed. Kat then later tweeted the following…

“Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning. Lack of compassion n respect for eachother never fails to dissapoint me.”


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