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The Big Screen Bulletin: Part 7- Year End Results

January 1, 2006 | Posted by Chad Webb


Since this is 2006, I will take this opportunity to share my top 10 films of 2005 with everyone. This edition will focus on some of the best and worst films that I have seen this past year.

Top 10 Movies of 2005

1. MunichReview
2. Lord of War
3. The Squid and the WhaleReview
4. Cinderella Man
5. Junebug
6. Brokeback MountainReview
7. Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit
8. CapoteReview
9. The Constant Gardener
10. SyrianaReview

Honorable Mention
Good Night, and Good LuckReview
A History of ViolenceReview
The 40 Year Old Virgin

Movies That Might Be Good, But I Did Not Get A Chance To See Them
The New World
Match Point
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

Most Under Appreciated Movie Of The Year
The Island

Most Over Appreciated Movie Of The Year
Batman Begins -For the record I loved this, but people get carried away with how great it is.

My Top 3 Worst Films Of The Year
No, these probably aren’t the very worst, but there are some movies I avoid at all costs.
1. StayReview
2. Chicken LittleReview
3. Sahara

Everyone Will Watch This Movie At Parties
The 40 Year Old Virgin

This Is A Fabulous Movie To Rent
Nine LivesReview

The Best Family Film Of The Year
The Prize Winner of Defiance, OhioReview

The Best Documentary Of The Year
Grizzly Man– This was quite remarkable and astonishing in every way

This Is A Film That Would Not Cause You To Fall Asleep If It Were Shown In Class
It’s a tie!
Good Night, and Good Luck

Bring Out The Child In You With This Movie
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit

This Is A Film That Should Definitely Be Experienced In The Theater
King Kong

It Looks Weird, But It’s Fantastic

We All Need Our Dose Of Science Fiction and/or Fantasy
Just saw this yesterday. Serenity
Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireReview

Just Go Buy This Blind
Lord of War

For The Guys
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

For The Ladies
North CountryReview

I probably could have thought of more categories, but oh well. I hope you enjoyed my picks.

The News Bulletin Dissection

Blonde beauty Naomi Watts has been tipped to follow in Halle Berry, Honor Blackman and Britt Ekland’s footsteps as the next Bond girl. The Australian actress reportedly wowed 007 bosses in her role as Ann Darrow in giant ape movie “King Kong”, and has already received a phone call pleading for her to lend her talents to “Casino Royale.” If she accepts the offer, Watts could play Russian vixen Vesper Lynd opposite new superspy Daniel Craig. But friends of the star warn she may yet turn down the role, amid fears the typecasting could ruin her burgeoning career. Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron have already rejected offers to star in the film.

Well this makes me feel a little better. When I heard Jessica Simpson’s name being associated with this film, I almost went bonkers. Naomi Watts could easily play this role, and have enough chemistry with Craig. They will be running out of good choices before long. I don’t like how this movie is shaping up, but I know I will go see it, to see how it turns out.

Movie star Mark Wahlberg has signed on to play revered sports fan Vince Papale, who famously won the chance to play briefly for American football team the Philadelphia Eagles. The “Planet Of The Apes” star admits he was drawn to the real-life story, “Invincible”, because he’s an avid sports fan himself and he understood what it must be like to join the heroes on the football field. Papale, a teacher and part-time bartender, became an unlikely sporting hero in the mid-1970s when he earned a walk-on spot on his NFL hometown team. He became the oldest NFL rookie to play without any prior college football experience. He ended up playing on the team for three seasons. Wahlberg tells MTV News, “He’s what every person who ever aspired to play in the NFL or professional sports wants to be. The guy became the heart and soul of the team and uplifted the whole city. He’s the real Rocky Balboa of Philadelphia, and he’s an amazing guy, an amazing father and an amazing son. He has all the heart in the world.” Greg Kinnear will play legendary Eagles coach Dick Vermeil in the Disney family film.

Well this is the second sports story that I have read about in the past month that actually looks good. We need some stories that don’t end with the last basket at the last minute, or the last play of the last second. Those clichés have been done long enough. This proves that many sports stories that are inspiring still exist. Mark Wahlberg is a solid actor also, and I believe he can make this a good film.

French President Jacques Chirac is facing a political backlash after reports he tried to alter the casting of “The Da Vinci Code”, promoting family friends for the lead roles. “The World Is Not Enough” star Sophie Marceau, 39, was allegedly touted by the French head of state to star as young cryptologist Sophie Neveu – the role ultimately won by “Amelie” actress Audrey Tautou, according to British newspaper The Times. Marceau, who is a close friend of Chirac’s daughter Claude, was a staunch supporter of Chirac during his 2002 presidential campaign. The casting scandal was leaked by the film’s director Ron Howard, who also revealed Chirac demanded higher pay for actor Jean Reno, who plays detective Bezu Fache in the adaptation of Dan Brown’s bestselling novel. In return, the veteran politician offered to facilitate filming in Paris’ historic Louvre museum. Howard says of the President’s request, “That was hilarious. Fortunately, the deal was already closed.” A spokesman for Chirac denied the allegations, but admitted that a meeting between Howard and the film’s producer Brian Grazer had taken place.

Who the hell does this guy think he is?! I have nothing against Sophie Marceau, but the right actress should get the role. I have no doubts that Howard will make a quality film, and I didn’t think he was the type of person to succumb to demands like this. Trust me folks, the right actress is playing the part.

The top 15 films of 2005 performed as well at the box office as the top 15 films of 2004; however, every film below the top 15 performed worse, Daily Variety reported today (Friday) in a year-end analysis of the top 100 films at the box office. The trade publication pegged the total for the year at around $8.75 billion, down 5 percent from $9.2 billion a year ago, while admissions dropped 11 percent to 1.32 billion from 1.48 billion. (It marked the third consecutive year of declining attendance.) Variety observed that only two studios, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox, posted higher box-office earnings this year than last. It pointed out that Fox had received a big boost from “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith”, which earned $380 million, making it the year’s top grosser. It failed to point out, however, that Lucasfilm, which fully funds its productions, also takes all of the profits, paying the studio only a flat distribution fee.

Well it’s no secret that box office totals are on an unfortunate decline. This was actually a great year for movies, with many stellar films coming out. It just wasn’t a great year at the box office. Since DVD’s come out so much sooner than they once did, it is so easy to say “I’ll wait for that on DVD.” Plus a lot of the better films are only on limited release in New York and Los Angeles, which is endlessly frustrating. I must urge everyone to keep going to the movies because in my opinion there is nothing like getting away from the routine of daily life, and seeing a film on the big screen. Many films are meant to be seen in the theater to fully appreciate everything that goes into them. I understand that ticket prices are a pain in the butt too. All I can say is try to go to matinees instead of the last showings when everyone is trying to get a ticket. It’s cheaper, and there are a less number of annoying people.

Once again, animated films dominated the list of top DVD sellers in 2005, with the Disney/Pixar feature “The Incredibles”, distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, selling 17.38 million copies, making it the top-selling DVD of the year, according to Home Media Research. DreamWorks Animation’s “Madagascar” and “Shark Tale” tied for third place with 10 million copies sold, while Warner’s “The Polar Express” placed fifth with 8.13 units sold. All of those films were computer-animated, but Disney’s reissue of the 55-year-old, hand-drawn “Cinderella” came in at No. 8 with 6.56 million copies sold. Also making the top-ten list was “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith”, which came in second with 10.36 million units; Universal’s “Meet the Fockers”, ranked sixth, with 7.21 million units; Disney’s “National Treasure” placed seventh with 7.2 million units; Universal’s “Ray” took the ninth position with 6.53 million; and “Batman Begins” placed tenth with 6.15 million.

Well I can’t say I’m surprised by the top choice. It was definitely a DVD worth picking up. I don’t know why people bought Madagascar and Shark Tale. This was a great year for DVD’s. So many great editions of our favorite movies came out, and were re-released. For instance, Gladiator, Titanic, and so on were all great DVD’s.

In a reported production move that seems on its face as implausible as flying with the aid of an umbrella, Steven Spielberg is planning to bring back “Mary Poppins” to the screen, using the cast from the current stage hit in London, the London Daily Mail reported today (Friday), citing Richard Eyre, who directed the show and is bringing it to Broadway in the fall. The West End Poppins uses much of the same script and virtually all of the music as the movie and was co-produced by Thomas Schumacher, president of Disney Theatrical Productions and British stage impresario Cameron Macintosh. “I would hope to use as much of the West End cast as possible and keep Mary English rather than have the role go to a big American star name,” Eyre told the newspaper. Laura-Michelle Kelly performed the title role on stage that was originally played by Julie Andrews in the 1964 Disney movie. She received lavish praise from theater critics — as well as from Andrews herself, when she attended the theatrical production last March.

I think this is a bad idea. That is all.

What’s Coming to DVD: Buy it or Avoid it?

Wedding Crashers-Uncorked– This was a funny movie, but I don’t think it will last as long as The 40 Year Old Virgin. People will buy this regardless of what I say though.

Broken Flowers– This was such a great movie, and the performance by Bill Murray was wonderful. This is definitely worth checking out tat the video store. I will be buying it.

The Cave– I’ll admit that I thought the tagline of “Beneath Heaven is Hell, Beneath hell is the Cave” made the movie sound interesting. I was obviously dead wrong.

Dumb and Dumber-Unrated– I don’t have to say much here. It’s a classic and it’s finally getting a decent DVD release. Throw away your old copy and get this one.

Yep, there is not much coming to DVD this week, but there are still some good releases. Put those gift cards from Christmas to good use.

Well that’s about it for me this week. I hope everyone has a good New Year. Tune in next week for my top 10 Pet Peeves and maybe my top 10 DVD’s. Also, I will share my opinion of renting movies online.

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