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The Big Screen Bulletin: Part 8-Pet Peeves

January 8, 2006 | Posted by Chad Webb

The Big Screen Bulletin


Well, its 2006, and I must say that it’s disappointing that the Oscar movie season is over because January offers a whole lot of crap usually.

I’m looking forward to WWE New Years Revolution. I think it actually has some good matches scheduled. I haven’t been caring a whole lot about Raw or Smackdown, but this PPV might have promise. In music, I must say that my favorite album of 2005 was Coldplay-X & Y. I listened to it all the time, and every single song was memorable.

Can someone explain to me why renting movies online is so popular? Personally I like to buy DVDs because the prices are so low right now, especially when they first get released. It might be cheaper and all that, and maybe a lot of you burn the DVDs, but when I want to watch something I like to have it right now. I know so many people who have received scratched DVDs and that seems like it would be such a hassle. Are people too lazy to get up and drive to the video store? I know the selection isn’t always great, but that’s a risk you take going into the rental store. If they don’t have what you want, you can take a chance on something else that you might love. Oh well, I know there are some advantages to it, but it seems like such a pain in the ass. I have no patience for waiting for a movie in the mail.

I just saw Match Point and it was excellent. Now that it is starting to get into more theaters I highly recommend it.

And now for my pet peeve list. I didn’t want to confine myself to a top 10 so I just listed the ones that really got on my nerves. Enjoy.

Chad’s Pet Peeves of 2005

7. Ashlee Simpson– You know if you go to and type her name in, you will find a stop Ashlee Simpson petition website. That says something. Even though she got caught lip syncing in 2004, she has continued to spread her idiocy throughout the world with the release of a new album to take up space in music stores. She also collapsed on stage, and you know, some one should go up to her and say “Ashlee, sweetie, maybe a music career is not for you.” Plain and simple…she’s a moron, and that runs in her family. You might see the other one later on this list.

6. Brad, Jen, Angelina, and Vince– At first I heard that Brad and Jen were breaking up and I was like “Whatever.” But then I kept hearing about them and how Jen was with Vince, and Brad was dickhead for going with Angelina Jolie over Jen, and good god shut up already! It is overkill at this point and I DON’T CARE. Let Brad Pitt screw whoever he wants. Did anyone honestly think the Hollywood couple of Brad and Jen would defy the odds and live together forever? For that matter let Jen screw whoever she wants. I still think Angelina is hot. Sorry, Vince Vaughn gets thrown in this bunch because of his drunk driving incident with Jen, which you might not have heard about. He is a funny guy who does not need to be associated with these 3. Ok I’m done with this stupid foursome.

5. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey– I’ll admit it right away. I did a dance and cheered for hours when I heard they were splitting up. I thought that I would never here about them again. However, their breakup is STILL in the news, and Jessica is STILL trying to act. Nothing changes the fact that their show was still annoying when it was on. Jessica was even in “Dukes of Hazzard” which was an enourmous hit :sarcasm: Some celebrity couples just dont go away, and these two are like a painful migraine headache.

4. Movie Remakes-I didn’t want to have a pet peeve about movies since this was a great year for movies, and since I talk about them a lot, but remakes this year grew to be annoying beyond belief.

Dear Hollywood,

Please start having some original ideas.

Chad Webb

The year wasn’t a total loss with the awesomeness of King Kong, but everyone is aware of the list of remakes of past films and shows that were just horrible this year. If you can think of a remake from this year that ticked you off, please share.

3. Paris Hilton– She made my list last year, and what a shock, she is here again in 2005. How can one woman find so many ways to stay in the news that mean absolutely nothing at all to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. She pulls it off though. She’s in a car wreck, she breaks up with a guy named Paris, she’s in a bad movie called House of Wax. Jeez girlfriend, give the public a rest from your skinny ass and phony personality. I don’t think she is attractive, and I could give two shits less about what happens in her life…..EVER.

2. The Philadelphia Eagles-Does anyone still remember that this team was in the Super Bowl? Hard to believe isn’t it? The horrible record after their previous winning year is one thing, but this team has absolutely turned into a soap opera. Every night I went into work I heard something about the Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb saga. Yes, Owens is a greedy piece of crap and all that, but I grew tired of hearing about it everywhere I went! I seriously wanted bang my head against the wall really hard for hours because it would feel better than listening to fans wine and newscasters ramble on. One day, years and years ago I was actually a fan of this team when my cousin played for them, but I had the good sense to stop liking them. I feel pretty darn good about it now. Terrell Owens is the main Pet Peeve, but the whole team annoyed the shit out of me, so they all receive a spot on my list.

Is there any doubt of what is number 1?

1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes-One of greatest actors alive has become one of the biggest tools to ever grace a television screen, and he proved that with his hijinks on Oprah. I never liked Katie Holmes as an actress before, but she is now one of my least favorite people to see in a movie or anywhere else on tv. Tom Cruise is still a great actor, and I will always love his movies, and probably his future movies, but as a person he is a dork, an idiot, and a jerk. This relationship is a joke, and unfortunately we will all continue to hear about their marriage, baby, and much more as we proceed with 2006. Please make them stop….I don’t know how much more I can take.

And now for the news…

The News Bulletin Dissection

The Directors Guild of America on Thursday gave Steven Spielberg his tenth nomination for best director for Universal’s “Munich.” (He won for three of them: “The Color Purple”, “Schindler’s List” and “Saving Private Ryan.”) The nomination may have offset some of the disappointment the director may have felt after his film was ignored by several key critics groups and all other industry guilds. Also nominated by the DGA was Ang Lee — his third nod — for Focus Features’ “Brokeback Mountain.” Three other directors received their first nominations — Paul Haggis for Lionsgate’s “Crash”, Bennett Miller for UA/Sony Classics’ “Capote”, and George Clooney for Warner Independent’s “Good Night, and Good Luck.”

It should be close, but in my opinion Speilberg should win because his direction was just brilliant in “Munich.” It is nice to see directors like Bennett Miller and George Clooney getting nominated too. Every director deserves to win because every film on this list was absolutely terrific.

Wal-Mart’s attempt to mimic Amazon, NetFlix, and Blockbuster by providing an automated system that recommends movies based on the types of DVDs its customers previously ordered came to a crashing halt Thursday after blogs spread the word that the “Planet of the Apes” DVD was linked to “Similar Items” that included DVDs about Martin Luther King, Dorothy Dandridge, Jack Johnson and Tina Turner — all notable African Americans. “We are heartsick that this happened and are currently doing everything possible to correct the problem,” Wal-Mart spokeswoman Mona Williams said in a statement. “We were horrified to discover that some hurtful and offensive combinations are being mapped together. … We are deeply sorry that this happened.” The company gave no explanation for how the software program managed to select only films about African-Americans for the recommendations.

Someone’s gonna get fired for this. Who thought this would be a fun joke, and who thought they would get away with it? It seems that we have a lot of people who work at Wal-Mart and don’t use their brains a whole lot. This is the type of thing that people remember when they go to stores. It might turn out to be nothing. But people will still remember that when they go to shop there.

Amid intense speculation on Wall Street that the Walt Disney Co. and Pixar Animation were about to announce a new deal, shares in Pixar began taking off Wednesday and continued its flight on Thursday — rising nearly 10 percent over the two days. But as the day wore on Thursday, with no news from either company — a Disney spokesperson said late in the day that there was nothing new to report — Pixar shares began retreating. The drop was accelerated after Credit Suisse First Boston analyst William Drewry said in a report to clients Thursday that Pixar’s stock looked “priced for perfection” — presumably meaning that it was based on the presumption that Pixar would continue to have an unbroken streak of hits. At midmorning today (Friday), Pixar was the only major entertainment company listed on the NYSE showing a drop in share price.

Disney desperately needs Pixar right now. Pixar seemed to provide that little extra something to the team that helped produce some of the greatest animation films ever. The storylines that Disney has come up with on their own lately have been pretty pathetic after Valiant and Chicken Little. This duo has given the world films that will live on for a very long time, and I really hope that they work something out.

John Travolta and Tim Allen are in negotiations to star in “Wild Hogs,” a comedy for Touchstone Pictures being produced by Tollin/Robbins Prods. Walt Becker is directing. The script, by Brad Copeland, revolves around a group of four frustrated middle-aged biker wannabes who hit the open road in search of adventure only to encounter a real Hell’s Angels group. Travolta and Allen will play two of the four suburban men. Kristin Burr is overseeing for the studio.

Tim Allen and Travolta together? I’m there. I sincerely hope that this happens because Tim Allen has always been one of my favorite comedians, and I think these two would have great chemistry together on screen. The plot even seems like it is interesting.

As the clock ticks ever closer to the 78th Annual Academy Awards on March 5, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has finally found a host in Jon Stewart. Sources confirmed Stewart’s selection, which was reported Wednesday evening by the Los Angeles Times’ Oscar watch site, An Academy spokesman declined comment. The assignment would represent the first Oscar-hosting spot for Stewart, who headlines Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” Stewart does have black-tie experience, though, having hosted the Grammy Awards in 2001 and 2002.

It’s a shame that it was so tough to get someone to host this show. Stewart should be ok, but Billy Crystal would have been the best choice in my opinion.

Troubled teen star Lindsay Lohan has sparked rumors she is pregnant after a friend was photographed delivering a pregnancy testing kit to her hospital bedside. The “Herbie: Fully Loaded” beauty was admitted to a Miami, Florida, hospital on Monday after suffering a massive asthma attack which broke a blood vessel in her neck. According to, the 19-year-old – who has recently been romantically linked to Scarlett Johansson’s ex Jared Leto – took delivery of a clear plastic bag from a girl pal which was seen to contain a pregnancy test in addition to playing cards, mouthwash, Coca-Cola and a box of Cocoa Puffs.

Good grief what the hell is up with her lately? Bulimia, drug use, pregnancy…when does it end? Not to long ago I was really impressed with her in “Mean Girls”, and now she has gone completely down hill with her whole life. It’s really a shame. This is what a little fame can do to you. It’s a lesson to all those kids out there.

What’s Coming to DVD…Buy or Avoid?

The Constant Gardener-It’s one of the best films of the year, and it is well worth a purchase. I’m sure this will have some decent special feature son it as well.

Transporter 2-I haven’t seen either of these, and to be honest I really don’t care to. They just did not grab my attention.

Red Eye-Well Cillian Murphy has had a big year. This was a decent flick, but after seeing the special features, it’s definitely not worth buying. It is well worth a rent though.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-Beuller Beuller Edition-This is a comedy classic in every sense of the word. It finally has some special features, and I’m sure it will be fairly cheap. Well worth buying.

Dead Poet’s Society-This is a newer version of the film with added special features. It is simply a great movie, and in case you haven’t seen, now is your chance. This is one of Robin Williams’ best films.

Hustle & Flow-This is one film I did not get a chance to see, and I regret it. Terrence Howard is said to have given a great performance. I will definitely be renting this.

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid-I know this story very well, but I haven’t see this movie for a very long time. I will have to rent a copy to see if this DVD is worth it. The history behind it is actually very interesting.

TNA Wrestling: The Best of Christopher Daniels-Heaven Sent, Hell Bound-Well TNA is growing on me with the added talent they keep acquiring. This guy presents some really good matches. However, there are probably other TNA sets that recommended higher. If you’re a die-hard TNA fan, this is probably worthwhile.

The Wild Bunch-This is one of the better westerns ever made, and the first DVD had no special features. This version is 2 discs, and it will be a nice addition to anyone’s collection, especially if you’re a western fan.

Question of the Week

What do you think about when you listen to the song “Hello” by Lionel Richie?

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Well that’s it for me this week. Tune in next week, and maybe I’ll have my top 10 DVDs ready.


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