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All You Cannot Live Without 07.12.2010: NIN, Evanescence, Borgir, Disturbed, Korn, Linkin Park, More

July 12, 2010 | Posted by Ben Czajkowski

Rock News For All You Newbs

Well, in my absence, the Internet blew up with rumors that Breaking Benjamin had broken up. Well, turns out that those rumors are allegedly false. The following is a statement from Benjamin Burnley on what is really going on:

Hey everyone, Benjamin here. I am officially letting everyone know that Breaking Benjamin has NOT broken up! This is just a false rumor that, through the miracle of modern technology, has unfortunately spread.

I am currently taking some time off from touring to further address some health issues that I have been dealing with for some years now which has been posted previously on the shallow bay website and expressed in many recent interviews. I am performing two solo acoustic shows in July but this in no way means that I have left, or am ever going to leave, Breaking Benjamin.

In closing I’d like to thank our incredible fans for their concern. The only thing that I ask is for everyone to not believe any rumors you hear on the Internet especially when it does not come directly from the band. We hope that our fans know that we love them and are forever grateful of their continuing support.


Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd released a solo album on July 6 entitled The Wild Trapeze. It is available as a digital download exclusively from iTunes or as a physical disc that will be made available for order on the band’s official site.  A video for the first single “Runaway Train” can be viewed below.



Ill Nino is putting the final touches on their Victory Records debut, which has been titled Dead New World. The record is due out this fall. Below is a studio update from drummer Dave Chavarri:

We wanted to inform you, on our progress recording the new CD!! Ill Niño has been working around the clock writing and jamming every day, and the new songs are coming out fuckin nuts!! After much thought, we have decided to title our new CD ‘Dead New World’. Our new CD is everything you expect from Ill Niño’s original Latin Metal sounds; it’s heavy as fuck, full of Cristian growling vocals, melodic choruses, Tribal Latin rhythms, sick guitars, as well as also being the most progressive record we’ve ever recorded!!!

We have never put out the same CD twice, and our Victory Records release ‘Dead New World’ will prove that once again. We will be touring throughout 2010 and 2011, so joins us in our ‘Dead New World.’-Dave Chavarri



Disturbed‘s new record, Asylum, was pushed back one week and is now due in stores on August 31. Track listing for Asylum is as follows:

1. “Remnants”2. “Asylum”3. “The Infection”4. “Warrior”5. “Another Way To Die”6. “Never Again”7. “The Animal”8. “Crucified”9. “Serpentine”10. “My Child”11. “Sacrifice”12. “Innocence”

The band will share the main stage of the Rockstar Uproar Festival this summer with Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Halestorm.



Revis delayed their new album Fire & Ice, which was set to be released on July 27. The band will be adding two additional tracks to the album which is now due out in mid to late August.


The Smashing Pumpkins made their new single “Freak” available as a free download on their website. The track will be included on their upcoming Teargarden By Kaleidyscope Volume 2: The Solstice Bare EP, which is due out later in the year.



Sepultura signed on with Nuclear Blast Records for the release of their next album. The release is due out in 2011.


Staind plans to begin work on a new album in November. Front-man Aaron Lewis is set to release his first solo album later this year. And it has a country vibe to it. “It’s acoustic guitar based and I recorded it in Nashville with a bunch of country session musicians,” he says. “So it’s kind of somewhere between country and James Taylor and ‘It’s Been A While.'” No release date is set, but the first single is “Country Boy”, featuring country legends Hank Williams Jr., George Jones and Charlie Daniels. “I’ve got to say that ‘Country Boy’ is definitely in the stylings of [Hank Jr.’s] ‘Country Boy Can Survive’,” he says. “I’m not going to try and deny that correlation.”


Trapt will release No Apologies on September 14. The first single from the album, “Sound Off”, can be heard here.


All That Remains titled their new album For We Are Many. A September release is expected.


Mutiny Within announced the addition of drummer Chad Anthony to their line-up. Anthony replaces Bill Fore who recently split with the group.


TRUSTcompany announced the addition of new bassist Chris Harvey.  The band is currently working on their new album which is due out in October.


Pantera‘s 1990 release, Cowboys From Hell, is set to be reissued on September 14. The 20th Anniversary edition will be available in both a two and three CD expanded edition as well as a three disc deluxe box set. All three versions will include a previously unreleased demo titled “The Will to Survive”. Additional details will be confirmed shortly.


Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee provided an update that the band is taking an unscheduled break from the studio citing potential issues with the label, Wind-Up.  Below is the statement from Amy:

Hey guys, I wanted to fill you in on what’s been going on. We’ve taken some time out of the studio to get our heads into the right creative space, work on the songs and even write some more music. Terry and I spent a little time together this month working in Jacksonville, kinda like we did before we recorded The Open Door, and the whole band is getting together to jam this week. My record label has been going through some very uncertain times, as are many record labels, and that’s made things a little unclear….we really want to make sure the whole machine is working together when it’s time to put out the album. We are focusing on what we do best: making music. We’ll be back in the studio recording the album soon enough. I think that it can only be stronger for this extra time we’re putting into it, and we will all be better for the hurdles in the end. Thank you, again and always, for being such patient and loyal fans- I believe in this music and I can’t wait to share it with you.




Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster is planning a digital deluxe version of their latest album III for a future release. The new version of the effort will feature the two new bonus tracks “Where The Saints Roam” and “Cheap Thrills Cost The Most” along with the video for the bands track, “Step Up (I’m On It)”.


Funeral For A Friend set The Young And Defenseless as the title to their forthcoming new EP, which is due out later this year. The effort will feature the following track listing:

01 – “Serpents In Solitude”02 – “Sixteen”03 – “Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t”04 – “Vultures”

The band offered the following on the effort:

“The name of the EP is The Young And Defenceless and it pretty much sums up the way the world is going: blind ignorance and a lot of too little too late. These songs are a call to arms, a ‘fuck you’ in the face of those who dare sit on their asses and watch everything around them turn to shit.

There’s a lot of attitude and a lot of anger and it shows, not just in the amazing artwork by our friend Rianne Rowlands who has pulled out all the stops with her incredible art, but in these 4 ass kicking songs. If you like aggression then you’ve got it, if you like heart on your sleeve emotional power then you’ve got that too. This is just the start, there’s more to come just over that horizon.”


The Sword set the track listing to their new album Warp Riders:

01 – “Acheron/Unearthing The Orb”02 – “Tres Brujas”03 – “Arrows In The Dark”04 – “The Chronomancer I: Hubris”05 – “Lawless Lands”06 – “Astraea’s Dream”07 – “The Warp Riders”08 – “Night City”09 – “The Chronomancer II: Nemesis”10 – “(The Night The Sky Cried) Tears Of Fire”

The album will see an August 24 release. The group is preparing a hexagon shaped 12″ single for their track “(The Night Sky Cried) Tears Of Fire” and will also be releasing an official live bootleg of their July 3 performance at the “iTunes Roundhouse Festival” in London, England later next month.


Filter is eyeing a tentative August 17 release for their new album The Trouble With Angels.


Dimmu Borgir set Abrahadabra as the title to their new album, which is slated to receive an October 12 North American release. According to a new press release for the effort, the title roughly translates into “I will create as I speak” and first publicly appeared in Chapter III of Liber AL vel Legis (commonly referred to as The Book of the Law) written by Aleister Crowley in Cairo, Egypt in 1904. Elaborating on the new album a bit more, band frontman Shagrath offered the following:

“After eleven months of total focus, dedication and professional team work, Darkness has been reborn. Some people have expressed their concern about the future of the band since the departure of some members of the clan. Let me assure you that things happen for a reason. The black flame burns brighter than ever before. With the mixture of our different musical preferences and the personalities involved, I will dare to say we have created a BEAST, the most detailed work to date out of our 17 years of existence. I know it’s too much of a cliché to brag when you have a done a new album, but to put it short and simple, it’s a fist in the face to all the doubters out there. Forward – Onward – March… ENTER THE SUPREME UNKNOWN.”

For now, the cover art for the effort has been unveiled and can be seen over at the bands Myspace.


August Burns Red is planning a September 28 release for their new live CD/DVD outing that carries the tentative title of Home. The group recently filmed the footage for the effort at a June 4, 2010, show in Manheim, PA.



Death Angel set Relentless Retribution as the title to their new album which will see a September 14 North American release. The group recorded the outing earlier this year with producer Jason Suecof (Trivium, Chimaira). For now, the cover art for the release can be previewed over at the group’s Myspace.


Linkin Park will release their new Rick Rubin (Metallica, Audioslave) produced album, A Thousand Suns, on September 14.

“Our albums are the foundation of who we are as a band, and reserving a spot for a fan to play on one of our songs felt like a way to show our dedication to them,” Mike Shinoda said. “Our fans continually energize us with their creativity and dedication, so I think they’re going to come up with something great.”

The first single “The Catalyst” is set to impact radio on August 2.


Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine commented on his experiences touring with the “big four” (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) overseas:

“So now that the Big Four dates have come and gone, I feel it is time to check-in, say, “Hello” and tell you what has been going on in my world.

First off, when we left San Marcos and Mustaine Music Studios aka ‘Vic’s Garage,’ we had no idea what to expect, other than the fact that we wanted to make a point; we wanted to make the other bands feel comfortable, we wanted the fans to all leave this momentous occasion feeling completely satiated, we wanted the guys in Metallica to know that we could be depended on to pull our share…

I don’t know if we delivered for everyone, but for the tens of thousands of people each night, and ultimately hundreds of thousands of fans over the entire run of the Big Four festivals (affectionately dubbed “Sonisphere”), it seemed to me that the fans were finally able to put aside the silly stuff that the press has kept on life support for so many, many years. We did several round-table interviews with a member from each camp of the Big Four, and one thing that was a constant and that we all agreed on was that the press was the responsible parties for keeping the feuds alive.

You heard it straight from our mouths; we are all at peace with one another, and we all are friends. End of story – or in other words, several shit magazines will now have to learn how to write real interviews, reviews, and features, instead of causing so much turmoil with us four, all in the spirit of selling their publications.”




Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels) and frequent collaborator Atticus Ross are finishing up work on a score for the film, “The Social Network“. Reznor offered the following on his work for the film:

“I was planning on taking some time off after the continual waves of touring that ended last fall and spend this year experimenting around with what would become How To Destroy Angels and some new NIN. Well, that plan didn’t work out so well. David Fincher started inquiring about my interest in scoring his upcoming film, The Social Network. Yeah, the movie about the founding of Facebook.

I’ve always loved David‘s work but quite honestly I wondered what would draw him to tell that story. When I actually read the script and realized what he was up to, I said goodbye to that free time I had planned. Atticus Ross and I have been on a creative roll so I asked him if he wanted to work on this with me and we signed on.

Months later, I’m happy to tell you we’re nearing the completion of this and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out. The level of excellence that David operates on is inspiring and the entire process has been challenging and truly enjoyable.

As Atticus and I near the end of the scoring process, we’re looking forward to the next phase – distilling the large amount of music we’ve written for this down to a satisfying record (or two). The film opens Oct 1 in the US with the record likely available a couple of weeks ahead of that.Speaking of the film… it’s really fucking good. And dark!”



Band/Artist Album Title Notes
Out Now
3 Inches Of Blood Here Waits Thy Doom CD/DVD Deluxe Edition
Alex Band We’ve All Been There
Haste the Day Attack Of The Wolf King
Intervurt Union
Mastodon Leviathan Re-release
Papa Roach …To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach Greatest Hits
A Plea For Purging The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Brandon Boyd The Wild Trapeze  
Daughtry  Leave this Town: The B-Sides B-Sides
Ed Kowalczyk Alive
How to Destroy Angels How to Destroy Angels EP
Out This Week
12 Stones The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
Hellyeah Stampede
In This Moment A Star Crossed Wasteland
Korn KoRn III: Remember Who You Are
Norma Jean Meridional
Soilwork The Panic Broadcast
July 20
12 Stones Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
The Acacia Strain  Wormwood
Ill Nino TBA
July 27
36 Crazyfists Collisions and Castaways
Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare
Disciple Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Evans Blue Evans Blue
Street Sweeper Social Club  Ghetto Blaster EP
August 3
Buckcherry All Night Long
Queens of the Stone Age Rated R Re-release
Ryan Star 11:59
August 8
Wretched  Beyond The Gate
August 10
Black Label Society Order of the Black
August 16
Iron Maiden The Final Frontier
August 17
Filter The Trouble with Angels
One Less Reason Faces and Four Letter Words
August 23
Apocalyptica 7th Symphony
August 24
Shadows Fall Madness in Manila: Shadows Fall Live in The Philippines 2009 DVD
The Sword Warp Riders
August 31
10 Years Feeding the Wolves
The Autumn Offering  The Autumn Offering 
Disturbed Asylum
Goo Goo Dolls  Something for the Rest of Us
Murderdolls Women And Children Last
September 7
Helmet Seeing Eye Dog
Kid Rock Born Free
Megadeth Rest In Peace Live live Blu-ray, CD and DVD
Serj Tankian Imperfect Harmonies
Stone Sour Audio Secrecy
September 14
Death Angel  Relentless Retribution
DragonForce  Twilight Dementia 2xCD live album
Linkin Park A Thousand Suns  
Pantera Cowboys From Hell Reissue
Trapt No Apologies  
September 21
Anberlin Dark is the Way, Light is a Place
Maroon 5 Hands All Over
September 28
August Burns Red Home live CD/DVD
October 10
Keith Caputo  A Fondness For Hometown Scars
October 12
Crossfade We All Bleed
Dimmu Borgir Abrahadabra
Listeners’ Lounge Media Player
Soilwork “Deliverance is Mine” From The Panic Broadcast
10 Years “Shoot it Out” From Feeding the Wolves
In This Moment “Just Drive” From “Just Drive”
Anberlin “Impossible” From Dark is the Way, Light is the Place
Hellyeah Stampede Entire Album
Norma Jean Meridional Entire Album
The Devil Wears Prada “Outnumbered” From Zombie EP
The Sword “Tres Brujas” From Warp Riders
Ed Kowalczyk Alive Entire Album
Earshot “Hard to Say”  
Revis “A Better Day (Relief)” Free Download; from Fire & Ice
Korn Korn III: Remember Who You Are Entire Album
Release Dates for Rock and Modern Rock Radio

For June 28:

Apocalyptica f/Gavin Rossdale – “End Of Me”Black Label Society – “Parade Of The Dead”Ludo – “Whipped Cream”Ray West – “Novacaine”

For July 12:

Chevelle – “Shameful Metaphors” Godsmack – ” Love-Hate-Sex-Pain”Serj Tankian – “Left Of Center”Slash f/Myles Kennedy – “Back From Cali”The Temper Trap – “Fader” Tokyo Police Club – “Wait Up (Boots Of Danger)”

For July 19:

Anberlin – “Impossible”Sick Puppies – “Maybe”Signs Of Betrayal – “Catatonic”Stone Sour – “Say You’ll Haunt Me”

For July 26:

Beta Plus – TBA

Warning: Touring Updates May Lead To Spontaneous Moshing


Stone Sour and Avenged Sevenfold will be teaming up for an October UK tour. Details for the trek are currently pending. Both bands have new albums awaiting release with Avenged Sevenfold‘s Nightmare set to arrive on July 27; Stone Sour‘s Audio Secrecy will hit stores on September 7.


WKLS 96.1 in Atlanta announced the lineup for this year’s “Family Reunion,” and it will feature Stone Temple Pilots, Shinedown, Sevendust, Bullet For My Valentine, and Taddy Porter.  The show will take place Sunday, October 3 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.


Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland is working on music for the upcoming film, “Resident Evil: Afterlife“. More word on his involvement with the film is expected in the coming weeks. In other news, Limp Bizkit is planning a South American tour for October with a full U.S. tour to follow in November/December. Dates for both treks are currently pending.



The Deftones added dates to their upcoming U.S. tour:

August 6th in Ventura, CA @ Ventura TheatreAugust 7th in Fresno, CA @ Woodward ParkAugust 8th in Sacramento, CA @ Memorial AuditoriumAugust 10th in Reno, NV @ Knitting FactoryAugust 12th in Spokane, WA @ Knitting FactoryAugust 13th in Medford, OR @ Medford ArmoryAugust 14th in Salt Lake City, UT @ Rail Event CenterAugust 18th in Lubbock, TX @ Lonestar PavilionAugust 19th in Tulsa, OK @ Brady TheatreAugust 20th in Little Rock, AR @ Robinson Center Music HallAugust 21st in San Antonio, TX @ AT&T CenterAugust 22nd in New Orleans, LA @ House of BluesAugust 25th in Miami Beach, FL @ Fillmore Miami BeachAugust 27th in Orlando, FL @ House of BluesAugust 29th in Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of BluesAugust 30th in Fayetteville, NC @ Rock Shop Music HallAugust 31st in Richmond, VA @ NationalSeptember 2nd in Norfolk, VA @ NorvaSeptember 3rd in Charlotte, NC @ FillmoreSeptember 5th in Goose Creek, SC @ USN Dive PavilionSeptember 7th in Knoxville, TN @ ValariumSeptember 8th in Cincinnati, OH @ BogartsSeptember 10th in Columbus, OH @ Newport Music HallSeptember 11th in Niagara Falls, NY @ Rapids TheaterSeptember 13th in Pittsburgh, PA @ Club ZooSeptember 14th in Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues


The Black Crowes will release Croweology, an acoustic double album, on August 3. On August 13th their “Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys…” tour will get underway with most dates featuring the band performing a ninety minute acoustic set followed by a ninety minute electric set. Upon the tour’s completion in December the band will go on an indefinite hiatus:

August 13th in Milwaukee, WI @ Riverside TheatreAugust 14th in Walker, MN @ Northern Lights Casino *August 15th in Apple Valley, MN @ Zoo Amphitheatre *August 17th in Des Moines, IA @ Simon Estes Amphitheatre *August 18th in Kansas City, MO @ Harrah’s *August 20th in Detroit, MI @ The FillmoreAugust 21st in Chicago, IL @ Chicago TheatreAugust 22nd in Columbus, OH @ Promowest PavilionAugust 24th in Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues *August 25th in Indianapolis, IN @ Murat TheatreAugust 27th in St. Louis, MO @ The PageantAugust 28th in Council Bluffs, IA @ Stir Cove *August 29th in Denver, CO @ FillmoreAugust 31st in Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot *September 1st in Missoula, MT @ Ryan Creek MeadowsSeptember 2nd in Eagle, ID @ Eagle River Pavilion *September 5th in Aspen, CO @ Jazz Aspen Snowmass FestivalSeptember 6th in Mescalero, NM @ Mt. Gods ResortSeptember 8th in Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom *September 10th in Charleston, SC @ Family Circle Magazine StadiumSeptember 12th in Nashville, TN @ Ryman AuditoriumSeptember 14th in Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues *September 15th in Knoxville, TN @ Tennessee TheatreSeptember 17th in Raleigh, NC @ Raleigh AmphitheatreSeptember 18th in Charlotte, NC @ Uptown AmphitheatreSeptember 19th in Asheville, NC @ Thomas Wolfe AuditoriumSeptember 21st in Jacksonville, FL @ Florida TheatreSeptember 22nd in Orlando, FL @ House of BluesSeptember 24th in Houston, TX @ Verizon TehatreSeptember 25th in Austin, TX @ Stubb’s *September 26th in Dallas, TX @ House of Blues *September 28th in Salinas, KS @ Stiefel TheatreSeptember 30th in Memphis, TN @ Mud Island AmphitheatreOctober 1st in Biloxi, MS @ Beau Rivage Casino *October 2nd in Fayetteville, AR @ Arkansas Music PavilionOctober 15th in Albany, NY @ The PalaceOctober 16th in Salamanca, NY @ Seneca Allegany CasinoOctober 17th in Red Bank, NJ @ Count Basie TheatreOctober 19th, 20th in Burlington, VT @ Higher GroundOctober 22nd, 23rd in Boston, MA @ House of BluesOctober 24th in Hampton Beach, NH @ Hampton Beach Casino *October 26th in Waterbury, CT @ Palace TheatreOctober 27th in Toronto, ON @ Massey HallOctober 29th in Philadelphia, PA @ Tower TheatreOctober 30th in Atlantic City, NJ @ Music Box *October 31st in New York, NY @ Nokia TheatreNovember 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th in New York, NY @ Nokia TheatreNovember 9th in Scranton, PA @ Weinberg Theatre *November 10th in Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head *November 12th in Pittsburgh, PA @ North Shore Entertainment ComplexNovember 13th, 14th in Washington, DC @ 9:30 ClubNovember 16th in Richmond, VA @ The NationalNovember 17th in Norfolk, VA @ The NorVaNovember 19th, 20th in Atlanta, GA @ The TabernacleDecember 3rd in Portland, OR @ Arlene Schnitzer AuditoriumDecember 4th in Tacoma, WA @ Emerald Queen Casino *December 5th in Reno, NV @ Knitting FactoryDecember 7th in Santa Barbara, CA @ Arlington TheatreDecember 8th in Coachella, CA @ Spotlight 29 Casino *December 10th in Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint *December 11th in Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood PalladiumDecember 12th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 19th in San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore


Civil Twilight is currently on tour with Neon Trees and Paper Tongues:

July 12th in Washington, DC @ 9:30 ClubJuly 13th in New York, NY @ Bowery BallroomJuly 15th in Lansing, MI @ Common Ground Music FestivalJuly 16th in Detroit, MI @ The FillmoreJuly 17th in Indianapolis, IN @ Radio RadioJuly 19th in Kansas City, MO @ The Record BarJuly 21st in Denver, CO @ Bluebird TheatreJuly 23rd in Provo, UT @ VelourJuly 24th in Reno, NV @ Knitting FactoryJuly 25th in Chula VIsta, CA @ Cricket Wireless AmphitheatreJuly 27th in San Francisco, CA @ Slim’sJuly 28th in Pomona, Ca @ Glass HouseJuly 29th in Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel CafeJuly 30th in Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock CafeJuly 31st in Scottsdale, AZ @ Martini RanchAug 1st in Tucson, AZ @ Club CongressAug 2nd in Albuquerque, NM @ LaunchpadAug 4th in Des Moines, IA @ People’s CourtAug 5th in St. Louis, MO @ The Old Rock HouseAug 15th in Atlanta, GA @ Park TavernAug 20th in Chattanooga, TN @ Miller PlazaSep 4th in Seattle, WA @ Bumbershoot


Nickelback announced the dates for their fall run of the “Dark Horse” tour with Buckcherry and Three Days Grace. The full listing can be seen below:

Sep 14th in Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone ArenaSep 15th in Ft. Wayne, IN @ Allen County War Memorial ColiseumSep 17th in Pittsburgh, PA @ Consol Energy CenterSep 18th in Detroit, MI @ Joe Louis ArenaSep 21st in Buffalo, NY @ HSBC ArenaSep 22nd in Albany, NY @ Times Union CenterSep 24th in Mansfield, MA @ Comcast Center for the Performing ArtsSep 25th in Hershey, PA @ Hersheypark StadiumSep 28th in Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun StadiumSep 29th in Newark, NJ @ Prudential CenterOct 1st in Columbus, OH @ Nationwide ArenaOct 2nd in Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans ArenaOct 8th in Lexington, KY @ Rupp ArenaOct 10th in Little Rock, AR @ Verizon ArenaOct 12th in New Orleans, LA @ New Orleans ArenaOct 15th in Spring, TX @ Cyntha W. Mitchell PavilionOct 16th in Oklahoma City, OK @ Ford CenterOct 18th in Denver, CO @ Pepsi CenterOct 20th in Salt Lake City, UT @ Energy Solution ArenaOct 22nd in Anaheim, CA @ Honda CenterOct 23rd in Sacramento, CA @ Arco ArenaOct 26th in Concord, CA @ Sleep Train PavilionOct 27th in Fresno, CA @ Save Mart CenterOct 29th in Phoenix, AZ @ Cricket Wireless PavilionOct 30th in Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena


The Counting Crows is on the “The Saturday Night Rebel Rockers Traveling Circus & Medicine Show” tour with Augustana:

July 12th in Baltimore, MD @ Pier Six PavilionJuly 14th in Charlotte, NC @ Uptown AmphitheatreJuly 15th in Cary, NC @ Koka Booth Amphitheatre at Regency ParkJuly 17th in Orlando, FL @ Universal Studios Florida- Music Plaza StageJuly 18th in Atlanta, GA @ Chastain ParkJuly 20th in Sayreville, NJ @ Starland BallroomJuly 21st in Holyoke, MA @ Mountain ParkJuly 30th in Cohasset, MA @ South Shore Music CircusJuly 31st in Atlantic City, NJ @ BorgataAugust 2nd in Saratoga Springs, NY @ Saratoga Performing Arts CenterAugust 4th in Westbury, NY @ Capital One Bank Theatre at WestburyAugust 6th in Bethlehem, PA @ Musikfest at Sands RiverplaceAugust 7th in Portsmouth, VA @ Ntelos PavilionAugust 9th in Vienna, VA @ WolftrapAugust 11th in Hampton Beach, NH @ Hampton Beach Casino BallroomAugust 13th in Mashantucket, CT @ MGM Grand Theater @ FoxwoodsAugust 14th in Hyannis, MA @ Cape Cod Melody TentAugust 17th in Montclair, NJ @ Wellmont TheatreAugust 18th in Montclair, NJ @ Wellmont TheatreAugust 21st in Highland Park, IL @ Ravinia FestivalAugust 23rd in Council Bluffs, IA @ Mid-America CenterAugust 24th in Highland Park, IL @ Ravinia Festival


Living Sacrifice added a string of new tour dates:

July 11th in Dallas, TX @ The DoorAugust 4th in Chattanooga, TN @ The WarehouseAugust 5th in Linthicum, MD @ LHUMCAugust 6th in Hartford, CT @ Transmission FestAugust 7th in Gilford, NH @ SoulfestAugust 8th in Lynchburg, VA @ Crosspoint VenueAugust 9th in Johnson City, TN @ The HideawayAugust 10th in Lexington, KY @ Cosmic CharliesAugust 14th in Pomona, CA @ The Exit 2010 (Chi Cheng benefit show)


The first round of dates for DevilDriver‘s upcoming tour with Kittie is as follows:

August 25th in Jerymn, PA @ Elenor Rigby’sAugust 26th in London, ON @ London Music HallAugust 27th in Columbus, OH @ Al Rosa VillaSeptember 3rd in Corpus Christie, TX @ Pavillion at Concrete StreetSeptember 4th in Odessa, TX @ Dos AmigosSeptember 7th in Des Moines, IA @ People’s CourtSeptember 13th in Seattle, WA @ Studio SevenSeptember 15th in Orangevale, CA @ Boardwalk


3 Pill Morning will support Framing Hanley on several dates later this month:

July 20th in Buffalo, NY @ The Tralf Music HallJuly 21st in Syracuse, NY @ Lost HorizonJuly 23rd in Jermyn, PA @ Eleanor Rigby’sJuly 24th in Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon ClubJuly 26th in Virgina Beach, VA @ DieselJuly 27th in Washington, DC @ The Rock and Roll Hotel


Lacuna Coil will begin their “Survive Tour 2010″ European tour in September:

September 17th in Madrid, Spain @ La RivieraSeptember 18th in Bilbao, Spain @ Rockstar LiveSeptember 19th in Barcelona, Spain @ RazzmatazzSeptember 26th in Oxford, UK @ O2 AcademySeptember 27th in Liverpool, UK @ 02 AcademySeptember 28th in Sheffield, UK @ CorporationSeptember 30th in Glasgow, UK @ King Tut’sOctober 1st in Stoke, UK @ The SugarmillOctober 2nd in Leeds, UK @ The CockpitOctober 4th in Nottingham, UK @ Rescue RoomsOctober 5th in Exeter, UK @ Lemon GroveOctober 6th in Portsmouth, UK @ Wedgewood RoomsOctober 8th in London, UK @ GarageOctober 10th in Colchester, UK @ Arts CentreOctober 11th in Norwich, UK @ Waterfront


Hatebreed and Straight Line Stitch will team up for an eastern Canadian tour together:

September 06th Windsor, ON – The Blind DogSeptember 07th London, ON – The Music HallSeptember 08th Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert TheatreSeptember 09th Montreal, QC – Club SodaSeptember 10th Ottawa, ON – The New Capital Music HallSeptember 11th Quebec City, QC – Illot Fleurie ParkSeptember 13th Moncton, NB – Oxygen NightclubSeptember 14th Halifax, NS – The Cunard Centre


Becoming The Archetype revealed the bulk of dates for their upcoming “Bring Your Own Bowl Cut Tour” with Onward To Olympas and on select dates, To Speak Of Wolves:

July 29th Greenville, SC – The Channel VenueJuly 30th Virginia Beach, VA – Club RelevantJuly 31st Lynchburg, VA – Crosspoint VenueAugust 01st Linthicum Heights, MD – LHUMCAugust 02nd New Castle, DE – The Crossroads ChurchAugust 03rd Fredericksburg, VA – TBAAugust 04th Clinton, NJ – The AquiferAugust 05th Lemoyne, PA – The Champion ShipAugust 06th TBA – TBAAugust 07th Gilford, NH – Soulfest (Becoming The Archetype only)August 08th Gilford, NH – Soulfest (Becoming The Archetype only)August 09th TBA – TBAAugust 10th Toledo, OH – TBAAugust 11th Westland, MI – Token LoungeAugust 12th Richmond, IN – The Outlet InAugust 13th Owensboro, KY – TBAAugust 14th Columbia, SC – Westminster Presbyterian ChurchAugust 15th Trinity, AL – Lifepointe Church


Anew Revolution booked the following August shows with Volbeat:

August 22nd Denver, CO – Marquis TheaterAugust 23rd Salt Lake City, UT – The ComplexAugust 24th Boise, ID – Knitting FactoryAugust 26th San Francisco, CA – The IndependentAugust 27th Anaheim, CA – House Of Blues



30 Seconds to Mars added new U.S. dates to their “Into the Wild” tour:

August 30th in Syracuse, NY @ New York State FairSeptember 1st in Baltimore, MD @ SonarSeptember 2nd in Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of BluesSeptember 3rd in Norfolk, VA @ The NorvaSeptember 4th in Atlantic City, NJ @ House of BluesSeptember 5th in Hampton, NH @ HB CasinoSeptember 8th in Providence, RI @ Lupo’sSeptember 9th in Hartford, CT @ The WebsterSeptember 10th in Worcester, MA @ PalladiumSeptember 11th in Clifton Park, NY @ Northern LightsSeptember 13th in Niagara, NY @ Rapids TheaterSeptember 14th in Pittsburgh, PA @ Club ZooSeptember 16th in Minneapolis, MN @ First AvenueSeptember 17th in Fargo, ND @ The VenueSeptember 26th in Los Angeles, CA @ EpicenterOctober 16th in Pensacola, FL @ DeLuna Festival


The Dillinger Escape Plan tapped Cancer Bats to support them on their October mainland European tour:

October 04th Frankfurt, GER – BatschkappOctober 05th Leipzig, GER – Conne IslandOctober 06th Hamburg, GER – MarkthalleOctober 07th Bochum, GER – ZecheOctober 08th Berlin, GER – Columbia ClubOctober 09th Warsaw, POL – ProgresjaOctober 10th Prague, CZE – AbatonOctober 12th Vienna, AUT – SzeneOctober 13th Budapest, HUN – Dürer-kertOctober 14th Bratislava, SLO – RandalOctober 15th Roncade, ITA – New AgeOctober 16th Cesena, ITA – Vidia ClubOctober 17th Marseille, FRA – Escape JulienOctober 19th Bilbao, SPA – Kafé AnzokiaOctober 20th Madrid, SPA – Sala HeinekenOctober 21st Barcelona, SPA – Razzmatazz 2October 22nd Bordeaux, FRA – Rock School BarbeyOctober 23rd Nantes, FRA – L’OlympicOctober 24th Poitiers, FRA – Confort ModerneOctober 26th Lille, FRA – Aeronef

As previously reported, The Dillinger Escape Plan will be joined by Rolo Tomassi for the UK leg of the trek:

October 28th Birmingham, UK – O2 Academy 2October 29th Glasgow, UK – The GarageOctober 30th Manchester, UK – Club AcademyNovember 01st Nottingham, UK – Rescue RoomsNovember 02nd Bristol, UK – O2 AcademyNovember 04th Brighton, UK – Concorde 2November 05th London, UK – Electric BallroomNovember 06th Leeds, UK – Leeds University (“Damnation Festival 2010“)


Soilwork will be embarking on the “Panic Over Australia Tour” in October:

October 20th Sydney, AUS – Manning BarOctober 21st Brisbane, AUS – HiFiOctober 23rd Melbourne, AUS – HiFiOctober 27th Adelaide, AUS – Fowlers LiveOctober 28th Perth, AUS – Rosemount


Korn lined up a number of European/UK dates for September and October, some of which include Dimmu Borgir:

September 18th London, UK – O2 Arena (“Ozzfest“)September 19th Amsterdam, NET – HMHSeptember 20th Paris, FRA – Bercy (feat. Ozzy Osbourne)September 22nd Milan, ITA – Palasharp (feat. Ozzy Osbourne)September 23rd Winterthur, SWi – Eisehalle DeutwegSeptember 24th Munich, GER – ZenithSeptember 26th Vienna, AUT – GasometerOctober 01st Brussels, BEL – Ancienne BelgiqueOctober 02nd Manheim, GER – RosengartenOctober 03rd Cologne, GER – PalladiumOctober 05th Leipzig, GER – Haus-AuenseeOctober 06th Berlin, GER – C-HalleOctober 08th Southampton, UK – GuildhallOctober 09th Wolverhampton, UK – Wolves Civic HallOctober 10th Manchester, UK – Apollo


Linkin Park booked the following South American/European/UK shows for the fall:

October 09th Santiago, CHLE – Maquinaria FestivalOctober 11th Sao Paulo, BRA – SWU Music And Arts FestivalOctober 20th Berlin, GER – O2 WorldOctober 22nd Stuttgart, GER – Schleyer-halleOctober 23rd Linz, AUT – Tips ArenaOctober 25th Paris, FRA – BercyOctober 27th Koln, GER – Lanxess ArenaOctober 29th Hamburg, GER – O2 WorldOctober 30th Herning, DEN – MCH ArenaNovember 01st Zurich, SWI – HallenstadionNovember 02nd Frankfurt, GER – FesthalleNovember 04th Manchester, UK – MEN ArenaNovember 09th Birmingham, UK – LG ArenaNovember 10th London, UK – O2 ArenaNovember 11th London, UK – O2 Arena


Metallica tapped Lamb Of God and Baroness to support them on their Australian/New Zealand dates:

October 13th Auckland, NZ – Vector ArenaOctober 14th Auckland, NZ – Vector ArenaOctober 16th Bisbane, AUS – Brisbane Entertainment CenterOctober 18th Brisbane, AUS – Brisbane Entertainment CenterOctober 19th Brisbane, AUS – Brisbane Entertainment CenterOctober 22nd Perth, AUS – Burswood DomeOctober 23rd Perth, AUS – Burswood DomeNovember 10th Sydney, AUS – Acer ArenaNovember 11th Sydney, AUS – Acer ArenaNovember 13th Sydney, AUS – Acer ArenaNovember 15th Adelaide, AUS – Entertainment CentreNovember 16th Adelaide, AUS – Entertainment CentreNovember 18th Melbourne, AUS – Rod Laver ArenaNovember 20th Melbourne, AUS – Rod Laver ArenaNovember 21st Melbourne, AUS – Rod Laver Arena


Avenged Sevenfold is  offering a bonus demo version of their track “Nightmare” to those who pre-order the limited edition “Book Of Nightmares” version of their new album Nightmare through the band’s website. The drumming on the song was done by late drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.

Band guitarist Zacky Vengeance offered the following on the track:

“A very special gift awaits those who have ordered the limited “Book of Nightmares“. Our gift to you is a moment of time that can never be repeated. The demo version of the song Nightmare* as it was before the Nightmare became real. This is the finished demo featuring Jimmy on drums.

He was so proud of this and it is only fair that we let you hear it the way he played it. I also understand that not everyone can afford these and since they are nearly sold out as we speak not everyone will have a chance to order one. So I ask that those who were fortunate to get these please share this song with your friends and fellow fans because it is magical and I believe everyone of our fans is entitled to this.

*this is the rough demo featuring Jimmy on an electronic drumkit. Left as it was before he was able to solidify his drumming in the studio.”

Nightmare will see a release on July 27.


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