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Animal Rights Activists Threaten To Throw Feces And Paint On Laga Gaga

September 20, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Lady Gaga is being targeted by two different extremist groups for wearing a fur outfit recently.

One of those groups is an animal activist organization. A source said: “I’m hearing they are going to try and personally attack Gaga — spraying her with paint or even throwing feces at her.

Another source added: “She just loves sticking it to those PETA people.

Meanwhile, Islamic organizations are upset that Gaga wore a burqa to designer Philip Tracey’s show during London Fashion Week. They’re upset by the clutch she carried, which had the word c**t on it.

A representative of several Muslim groups said: “That comes across as a clear insult to Muslims and Islam.

The anger has led to an increase in Gaga’s security. This comes as a surprise due to Gaga’s support of all religions. She was recently upset by the release of the 14-minute trailer for the anti-Muslim film that may have contributed to the murder of US ambassador Chris Stevens and his three colleagues in Benghazi, Libya, last week.


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