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Are Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart On The Verge Of Breaking Up?

October 14, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Radar Online reports that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart could be on the verge of splitting up. Jennifer Lopez was spotted alone when she was honored at the Human Rights Campaign on October 5 in Washington, DC. Casper Smart wasn’t at that event, and the two haven’t been photographed together in over three weeks. The news of a possible split comes after the two almost split up over the summer.

A source said: “Jennifer is pretty private about the relationship, but she’s been hinting that the spark is gone. She’s having a hard time ignoring the fact that her head has been telling her for a while that this thing with Casper isn’t forever. And now her heart’s saying the same thing. They’re obviously in very different places in their lives, and Jennifer wants to take responsibility for her life and not repeat the same mistakes she has made in the past. She enjoyed the relationship for what it is, but now that giddiness has turned to sadness.

Lopez tried to end the relationship several times, with her most recent attempt on June 14 during a shoot for Viva Movil in New York City.

Another source added: “Everyone on set was whispering about the news that J.Lo and Casper broke up. She seemed down and looked tired, like she hadn’t slept well. She holed up in her trailer for hours when she wasn’t needed for her scenes, and asked for vanilla Haagen Dazs ice cream and white flowers. It was obvious she was a million miles away. Jennifer’s team started scheduling all her major appearances solo.

Smart had posted photos on Instagram from a camping trip he had by himself during the time of the shoot. Eventually she took him back.

The last time they were seen together was in Los Angeles on September 21. One of the reasons Lopez is having a hard time breaking it off is his relationship with her twins Max and Emme.

The source said: “It’s hard for her to think of how to it explain it to the twins. They love Casper. Jennifer’s probably going to at least stay friends with him so hopefully it won’t be as dramatic as it’s been talking to them about her split from their dad [Marc Anthony].

Meanwhile, Lopez previously hinted at a split in the October issue of Cosmopolitan. She said: “I have my own high standards for what I want in a partner and how I want to be treated. I bring a lot to the table.

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