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Ask 411 Music 09.19.12: We’re Back – But We Need Your Questions!

September 19, 2012 | Posted by David Hayter


Ask 411 is back in the Music Zone, but we’re changing tact. Rather than making this a one-stop-shop for answering those of you who simply refuse to Google, we want this column to be a home for debate.

We’re after passionate arguments, challenging questions, and angry rebuttals in the comment section, because 411music wants to answer the questions that actually get music fans excited and agitated in equal measure.

So let’s save each other a lot of time:

If you really want to know who played fiddle on an prog rock album from 1978. Go to Search for the artist. Click jump to discography. Find the album you’re after, and click on credits. All those annoying little facts will be there, and if not, there’s always Wikipedia.

411mania isn’t an encyclopedia, but it is an opinionated and informed music site that wants to discuss the bands and the tracks you love in detail.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know:

-Why Band X so popular, and yet Band Y never made the charts? Ask 411.

-If want to know why people don’t give contemporary rap the same credit they do early 90s rap? Ask 411.

-If the music industry is doomed? Ask 411.

-If genres really matter? Ask 411

-What really makes a record indie? Ask 411.

-Why one genre isn’t taken seriously by the press? Ask 411.

-Hell if you simply want to ask who is better Band X or Band Y? Ask 411.

-What’s Band Z’s best record? Ask 411.

-Why does nobody like my favourite record and yet the world loves this album by the same band that I hate? Ask 411.

-Or just what was the best album from Year XXXX? Ask 411.

We want to have fun. We want to discuss the big topics as they happen. If there’s a new album’s coming out next week and you want to know our opinion don’t be afraid to ask.

Hell if you disagree with everything we said, or think you have something to add, drop us an email or hit the comment section and we’ll publish the best responses and keep the topics going.

As of next week, David Hayter (that’s me), takes over Ask 411, and I really want to have some fun. I work for a load of different publications, and might get some of my fellow writers on board if you ask a really tough question that needs multiple perspectives.

So go for it, no question is too silly or too debatable, just send them in and let mayhem ensue!

Drop your questions in the comment section.

Tweet me questions on twitter @Daveportivo.

Or email me at [email protected] but please put “Ask 411” in the subject line.

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