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Chris Brown Gets New Tattoo in the Same Place as Rihanna’s

September 13, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Chris Brown, Rihanna and their tattoos are in the news again. As previously reported, Brown got a tattoo that looked suspiciously like Rihanna on his neck, while Rihanna got a tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis under her breasts to honor her grandmother.

Now, Hollywood Life reports that Brown has gotten a tattoo located on the same spot on his body that Rihanna’s new tat is on hers. The tattoo is of a fighter jet.

According to a source, Brown loved Rihanna’s new tattoo. “Chris knows Ri loved her Dolly,” said the source. “He thinks her tat is hot and when he saw it you should have seen his face! I can’t describe it but he was like ‘ooouch, that hurrrrrrrt.’ You had to see his face, though. It was like he was getting inked-up too with her and he felt it through her. They connected like that and sh*t, it’s crazy. But he like the look and know there ain’t no pain that would come between Ri and her Dolly.”


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