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David Bowie’s Guitarist Wouldn’t Be Surprised If He Toured

February 6, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Spinner, David Bowie guitarist Earl Slick said he would not be surprised if Bowie decided to tour this year. Here are highlights:

On if he was surprised by the new album: “Actually I wasn’t even that surprised when I got his e-mail. I mean I’ll put it this way: I never expected to do another album with David and I never expected not to do another album with David. That’s just how it is with Bowie. You can’t expect anything. He’s a very unique artist in that has always done things his own way and I think that’s the primary thing that makes them so interesting. He’s always very true to himself and he never does the expected.”

On the odds of a tour: “It’s kind of like doing the record. I wouldn’t be surprised if he toured and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t tour.”

On how the new record feels: “It’s amazing. You know, there are a few things that kind of feel like Station to Station rockers, then there are some other things that might feel kind of like Diamond Dogs, but as usual it is extremely eclectic and it is uniquely Bowie, meaning that it’s a whole bunch of really cool things. There is just never anything like Bowie record and I think that’s why I’m so happy that at least we got to the album. As as to what happens next, will all have to wait and see. But I know I would like a tour to happen!”

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