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Did Selena Gomez Cheat on Justin Bieber With Gucci Mane?

February 23, 2013 | Posted by AJ Grey

Justin Bieber may not have been the first person to cheat in his relationship with Selena Gomez. Hollywood Life reports that Selena got down with Gucci Mane on the set of their new movie Spring Breakers.

According to a source, Selena got Gucci in her trailer while filming the movie and they would spend hours in there. A production assistant says that the two were often alone in there, adding, “We thought it was [odd] that she was in there with [Gucci]. One time [producers] sent security to make sure she was OK. It almost became a joke, [another employee] said [to Gucci] ‘Watch out or I’m telling Justin [Bieber].’ [Gucci] was like ‘F*ck that lil n***a.”

Gucci, if you’ve forgotten who he is, is the guy who tattooed an ice cream cone on his face. Yeah, that guy.


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