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DJ Ashba Says Axl Rose Is Misunderstood

January 24, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Yahoo Australia, Guns N’ Roses’ DJ Ashba says that Axl Rose is just misunderstood.

On the world’s opinion of Axl Rose: “I think a lot of people and the press try to blow it up and say he’s an asshole but everyone can be an asshole if you get them on the wrong day. One thing people don’t seem to get is that he’s genuinely funny and he’s always joking around and telling stories to make people laugh. I always say that if he wasn’t a musician he’d be a great comedian. I wish the world could see that side of him because it’s the opposite of what people have branded in their brains.”

On how he treats the band: “Axl is in a position where he doesn’t have to be cool with the band but he treats us like gold. He lets us write our own solos and gives everybody their time to shine on stage and I think that says a lot about who he is. He has no problem sharing the spotlight, in fact he quite likes it – otherwise he’d be doing this interview and not me.”

On why their shows start late: “We have a huge rig and pyrotechnics so often it’s the case of fitting all that into the venue. Our number one priority is to make the shows safe.”

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