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Doors Drummer Says He Hopes New Book Will Mend Fences With His Ex-Bandmates

February 22, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Doors drummer John Densmore recently spoke with Billboard about his new book The Doors: Unhinged (Jim Morrison’s Legacy Goes on Trial) and more. The book releases on April 17 and covers the lawsuit that he and Jim Morrison’s family filed against keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robbie Krieger over their formation of Doors of the 21st Century. Check out the highlights:

On his relationship with Manzarek and Krieger: “My relationship with Ray and Robbie has been rather strained, of course. But at the end (of the book) I write about how I can’t not love them for what we created together. It’s bigger than all of us, so hopefully (the book) is a bit of an olive branch and we can head towards healing. They weren’t there (in court). They were on tour. When we started out, my litigator said, ‘This’ll be a week’ or whatever; it was three months, and they were there once or twice and I was there every day and a lot went on, and (the book) might illuminate them about what folks were saying on their behalf, ridiculous things, and I don’t know whether they were aware of that. So I’m sending them the book and hoping to start a dialogue.”

On getting to know Morrison’s family during the lawsuit: “That was such a gift. First of all, [Morrison] said they were dead in his [press] bio — the ultimate cutting of the 60s umbilical cord with the parents, right? But they stepped up to the plate with me, which really pleased me because they were rather estranged from their son… and here comes the admiral and he’s going to support his son’s legacy, and it was really sweet. We were standing together and it was touching, and I was thrilled to hear his testimony that he really got that we were four equal parts. Jim was the one who said we should all have an equal say and an equal split, and Steve talked about that and how special that was and how, ‘Well, wait a minute, two of them are going to call themselves the Doors? No, that’s not right,’ and I was very pleased about that.”

On a potential reunion: “They’ve been asking me for years, ‘Please come out and play…’ It can’t be the Doors; that’s like the Police without Sting, the Stones without Mick, so come on! I wouldn’t go on tour with them and a Jimitator, but if there was some benefit, some Live Aid or whatever, like Pink Floyd came together a few years ago (for Live 8) or something like that and we got some great singer like Eddie Vedder or whoever, that would be kind of cool. So I’m open to it.”

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