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Ed Sheeran Thinks The Westboro Baptist Church Should Keep Their Homophobic Views To Themselves

August 6, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Pink News reports that Ed Sheeran recently told the Westboro Baptist Church to keep their homophobic thoughts to themselves. Sheeran has been supporting Taylor Swift on her US tour and the Church picketed one of their events in Kansas City.

Sheeran tweeted: “Keep your homophobic views to yourself, it’s 2013.

Before the concert, the church called Swift “the whorish face of doomed America”.

They’ve also recently attacked the Queen on Twitter, saying her signature for the equal marriage bill in England and Wales (giving it Royal Assent to become law) made her the “Queen of fags”. They also said a 5-year-old who ran a pink lemonade stand in the name of an anti-bullying campaign would “burn in hell”. They’ve also tweeted other hateful remarks. They’ve said that God sent the killers in a terror killing in Woolwich, London because the equal marriage bill passed its third reading in the House of Commons. They also thanked God for the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma (killing 24 people) because of gay basketball player Jason Collins.

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