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Ke$ha Was Quoted Saying She’s Proud of ‘Die Young’s’ Lyrics

December 19, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Despite her protestations that she was “forced” to record “Die Young,” Ke$ha is now quoted as having said weeks ago that she was proud of the song. Ke$ha told 95.5 WPLJ back in November that she was responsible for the lyrics and was proud of them.

“I definitely make sure that every word rings true to me because I would never want to misrepresent myself to millions of people around the world,” he said. “I wrote and rewrote and rewrote that song ten times.”

Of course, now she is embroiled in controversy because of her Tweet yesterday where she said she had “no option” but to sing the lyrics. The song was pulled off radio in order to be sensitive in the wake of the Newtown shooting.

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