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Kid Rock To Play NFL Halftime Show On Thanksgiivng

November 9, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Billboard reports that Kid Rock will play the Thanksgiving Day halftime show during the the Detroit Lions’ game, their 73rd Thanksgiving Day Classic. The performance of his new song “Detroit, Michigan”,. along with his Twisted Brown Trucker Band, will take place during the United Way Halftime Show. The Lions will play the Houston Texas in Detroit, which is Rock’s home town. This is the second time in three years he performed at the event. In 2010, he performed the title track from his album Born Free.

He said: “It’s great because I’m home for Thanksgiving, number one, and it’s a huge television audience. I get to be in front of the hometown fans and it’s great to have my family down there and then go eat some turkey and watch the next football game. It’s such a tradition. I used to go these games with my dad and my brother every year since I was a kid, so to be part of it now, musically, is just great — especially when you’ve got a record coming out. It’s a win-win; you get to promote the record, play some new stuff for the hometown fans and be home with the family.

Nickelback performed last year, which caused many Detroit fans to be upset. One fan started a petition to get a more appropriate act and the band were the targets of hatred on social media.

Rock’s song “Detroit, Michigan” name drops several local icons including Henry Ford, Rosa Parks and Marvin Gaye. He said he’s invited others mentioned in the song (including Aretha Franklin, George Clinton, Bob Seger and Eminem) to attend the game as guests.

The performance will be at the end of over a week of promotion for his new album Rebel Soul, which include appearances on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, CBS This Morning, ABC’s Good Morning America and Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show. He will also perform at the November 18 NASCAR race in Miami.

Rock is currently rehearsing for December 30 and 31 shows in Hollywood, Florida and a tour in February.

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