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Kim Kardashian Was Previously Worried She Couldn’t Get Pregnant

January 22, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Radar Online reports that during the premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami last night, Kim Kardashian revealed that she was worried she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant.

She said: “When I went to the doctor a couple months ago, he took tests to check my hormones and my levels, and everything was really suppressed and really low because I’ve been on birth control for so many years. I want to have kids one day, so he really suggested that I get off birth control.

She was optimistic about the test results until she received a phone call from her doctor. She added: “I get a call from my fertility doctor that Khloe and I went to. I’m 31, and my egg levels came back as a woman that’s in my 50s. I’m concerned just hearing all this information of how every woman is born with a certain amount of eggs, and that number to never be increased. Maybe this just isn’t in the cards for me, and I’m freaking out a little bit. It’s so overwhelming it’s even made me second guess even wanting to have kids. Whatever’s meant to be will be. If I’m not supposed to have kids then maybe I don’t want kids.

She also began to make rude comments to her sister about the way she was dressing and the fact she wants to spend all of her time with her kids. Kourtney said: “I’m just trying to live my life, and it’s so frustrating when she throws these insults at me. Kim is insulting my life choices of having a family and wanting to be a mom as if I’m doing something wrong.

Eventually, Kim calmed down. She said: “It’s really comforting to know that I have two sisters who have gone through two completely different experiences. Am I going to take after Kourtney who can just sneeze and get pregnant, or am I going to take after Khloe and have a really hard time?

Kim Kardashian is now pregnant and is fifteen weeks along, so she doesn’t have anything else to worry about.

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