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M.I.A. Disses Lady Gaga & Oprah

July 22, 2010 | Posted by Mitch Michaels

M.I.A. is STILL pissed off. Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview with Time Out magazine.

M.I.A. …Oprah seemed like she was giving me the cold shoulder.

Time Out: What do you mean?

M.I.A.: She was with Iman [Bowie]. Iman was always dancing with me, hugging and kissing me, but Oprah seemed really pissed off with me. Also she made this huge speech at the ball praising Lady Gaga and about how she is helping Americans to be the best of themselves. There’s millions of other Americans who represent that for me. Is [it] about numbers? About how much you’re selling? Is it truly about the journey? Because [Lady Gaga’s] journey isn’t that difficult: to go from the fucking Upper East Side to a fucking performing arts school and on to a stage at the museum of fucking wherever. That journey’s about four miles.


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