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Muse Drummer Speaks on the Band’s Follow-up to The 2nd Law

January 30, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Billboard talked with Muse’s drummer Domic Howard about what they will do next for their follow-up to the Grammy Award-nominated The 2nd Law.

Howard on what they want to do next: “We tend to feel like we need to finish touring one album before we start anything else rather than starting an album on the road. Me and Matt (Bellamy) have just been tentatively talking about what we’re doing to do, how we’re we’re gonna do it, what we need to think about when we are going to do it — not really discussing musical ideas so much as just how we’re going to approach it and when we’re doing to do it,” Howard tells Billboard. “We’ve been kind of having those conversations, but really we’ve just literally started touring. We’re going to be on the road for another year or 14 months or whatever it is, so we’ve still got loads of touring to do. We tend to feel like we need to finish touring one album before we start anything else rather than starting an album on the road. We like to finish a chapter and start afresh, so it’ll be a couple of years, probably. But we’re definitely thinking about it.”

What Howard says Muse would like to do next: “I think we always have to feel like we’re doing something slightly better to what we did last time. As far as just trying to make the show bigger and better and have more effects and be crazier than what we did last time, that’s almost getting to the point where that’s getting hard. I think in many ways the band is getting better all the time at playing and performing. I think as far as how we are on stage and how we are to the audience, it’s getting better all the time. Somehow it’s still moving forward. That’s the main thing — it`s still moving in the right direction.”

Howard on how the band would start playing on tall hydraulic lifts during their shows: “The main thing I’ve noticed about this show, which we’re really enjoying, is it’s so much more interactive with the crowd. I’m kind of stuck in one position, although I do spin around a bit, but Matt and Chris are definitely more interactive with the crowd. Just the way the stage is designed lends itself to those guys being down front a lot more. Matt actually does sing a couple of songs without his guitar, so he can actually get right down in the crowd and walk around. There’s something that’s much more personal about this particular stage and production.”

Howard on their Grammy nomination: “Are we going to win? Probably not It’s amazing to be nominated again and certainly a surprise. But it’s stiff competition this year in our categories. It’s all great bands, great albums, great tracks. Fingers crossed, but I’ve got no idea, really.”

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