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New Details Revealed For Britney Spears’ Next Album

January 17, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Paparazzi Daily has some more details about Britney Spears’ eighth studio album, which will be released this year.

Producer Jeff Dandurand (Jey Jey Star) said: “Right now her peeps are preparing for Britney’s upcoming album, which will be released in Fall 2013. Some other things too, but the main focus is the album. She has a process she goes through when these initial stages for a new album begin. I’ve seen cats (producers) craft something brand new or take in beats from two years ago and Britney creates Gold with it.

Dandurand has provided music for Spears before. He worked with the late “Christopher” Notes” Nolen for the unreleased song “Rebellion”, which was recorded for Blackout but ultimately cut.

He added: “[Britney]‘always has her fans in mind first and wants only her best represented. I will say that people’s speculation behind the unreleased songs meaning is not far off. Notes (referring the late producer) was a genius. He heard some basic arrangement i was messing with and literally splashed magic on it. Britney came up with the lyrics based on a personal poem she had been working on for a couple weeks leading up to our recording session. The original demo is still in my archives but because of Notes passing and my loyalty for Spears, I will not leak it until both camps feel its ready for public consumption.

When asked about the album over the holidays, Spears wrote that she was “really focused on my music right now. … Collaborating with some new inspiring producers. … Working hard.”

Meanwhile, The Independent reports that Karl Broderick (“Eurovision”) has been contacted by Spears’ songwriting team who were impressed with his writing abilities after hearing one of his songs.

He sent the acoustic ballad to music insider William “Junebug” Lee and received a positive email back. He said: “I hadn’t checked my emails this week and I was going through them and I had one from William saying that he liked it. I had been successful in my submission, meaning he was going to send it through to Britney and her team to let them listen to it.


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