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Pete Wentz Says He Didn’t Think People Would Care About Fall Out Boy Reuniting

February 24, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Pete Wentz says he didn’t think anyone would care about Fall Out Boy’s reunion. Wentz told MTV News that he didn’t think anyone would show up at the band’s first post-reunion show in Chicago.

“When we got on stage in Chicago, it was crazy,” he said. “It was a rush, because we honestly didn’t think people would care, and that’s the truth. But it felt like we didn’t miss a beat.”

He added, “We’re having the reunion sex, so like it’s so awesome that we don’t have to bring in the whips yet.”

Wentz also noted that the band has discussed the idea of new songs beyond their upcoming album, saying, “We have other cool ideas. But we’re definitely not in that part of being in a band where you’re like ‘Oh, well, this dude likes this song, so I guess we’ll put it on the album, and we’ll probably never play it and nobody will care about it’.”

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