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Piers Morgan Demands an Apology from Madonna

March 29, 2012 | Posted by George H. Sirois

Piers Morgan refuses to say what is behind the feud between him and Madonna, but he wants her to “get down on bended knee” and apologize to him on TMZ.

Morgan publicly banned Madonna from his CNN show on Tuesday, via Twitter: “Welcome to Twitter. You’re still banned from my show. Love Piers X.”

Madonna’s manager tweeted back that she had already been invited to Morgan’s UK show, so he extended the ban worldwide.

When asked to elaborate on the feud outside an L.A. supermarket today, Morgan said, “It’s a private spat… Madonna can come on [my] show, but she has to get on bended knee and apologize to me … on TMZ.”

A source close to Madonna’s management says, “Piers is delusional for feuding with Madonna. He isn’t even on Madonna’s radar. The UK invitation speaks for itself.”


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George H. Sirois
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