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Rihanna and Chris Brown Reportedly Spent Four Hours Together In Grammy Dressing Room

February 13, 2012 | Posted by AJ Grey

Rihanna and Chris Brown reportedly spent four hours together alone in a dressing room during rehearsals at the Grammy Awards last night. At the actual award show, the two stayed apart.

This fuels the rumors that the two are back together, in addition to reports that the two were together at the Greystone Manor club in Hollywood. A representative later added that Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran was present and he kept his distance from Rihanna.

A friend of Rihanna said: “The times they have been in the same building at the clubs the last couple weeks were never a coincidence. They always know where each other will be and would hang out more but they don’t want to be photographed together. Rihanna’s people have said on a constant basis to her and she seems to understand that any type of video or picture of them together and happy would be very bad for her image.

The two arrived separately at the Grammy Awards, although some say that it was just to avoid the media asking too many questions if they came together.

It should be noted that Rihanna and Brown have posted tweets that may be innocent, but seem to hint they are with each other.

On the night the two were spotted at the club, Brown tweeted: “Love U more than u know.” Rihanna replied one minute later: “I’ll always love u #1LOVE.” It wasn’t clear who they were talking to.

A few days later, when Brown was photographed with Tran, Rihanna tweeted: “How can you lie to her, while u lay with me???…..If you don’t have an answer, you don’t have to answer.

Brown is still on probation after assaulting her three years ago.


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