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Rita Ora And One Direction Benefit From Social 50 Changes

November 12, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Billboard‘s Social 50 chart has had some changes, and acts like Rita Ora and One Direction have benefited.

The chart was launched in December 2010 and focuses on fans/followers, plays and page views data from YouTube, VEVO, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. This week those numbers include followers on Soundcloud and Instagram, along with page view data from Wikipedia. There is also a new element called “Reaction”, which includes Facebook’s “People Talking About This,” a measurement of conversation about an artist taking place on the Facebook platform, and YouTube thumbs (liking a YouTube video).

Because of this, Rita Ora debuts on the chart at #37, as several people have looked her up on Wikipedia. She has over 154,000 Wikipedia views and an 85% increase of VEVO plays for her song “Shine Ya Light”, whihc debuted two weeks ago. It has 2.9 million views so far. Ed Sheeran debuts at #44 with over 115,000 Wikipedia views and a 31% increase in fans on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. His single “The A Team” is at #6 on the Rock Songs chart and his collaboration with Taylor Swift (“Everything Has Changed”) is on the album Red, which is at #1 on the Billboard 200.

Meanwhile, One Direction get #1 thanks to their November 2 video release of “Little Things” and the teaser views which sparked a 138% increase in VEVO plays, causing them to climb up from #10. They previewed the song with lyric video (18 million views to date) and five preview videos that came out each day of the week until the Friday that the video debuted. Each video has about 775,000 views. There has also been a 159% increase in Facebook reaction.

Suicide Silence takes #5 after their lead singer Mitch Lucker died on November 1 after a motorcycle accident. Their Wikipedia page views increased 7,200% from 100,000 to 731,000 views. Conversation on Facebook had a 2,250% increase with fans giving their condolences. The band has the highest Facebook reaction count of anyone, except for Michael Jackson (#28) and Mexican artist Jenni Rivera (#48).

Here’s the top ten:

1. One Direction
2. PSY
3. Taylor Swift.
4. Justin Bieber
5. Suicide Silence
6. Katy Perry
7. Rihanna
8. Lady Gaga
9. Adele
10. Jennifer Lopez

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