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Rita Ora And Rob Kardashian Split Up

December 3, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

The Sun reports that Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian have split up after struggling to balance work with romance. Kardashian is now no longer following Ora on Twitter and has deleted all of his tweets and photos about her.

A source said: “It’s really sad — they really liked each other but with him living in LA and her over in London, it was becoming impossible to maintain a relationship. They’d only decided to go public with the romance a couple of months ago so as not to put any pressure on themselves but they’ve already split. Rob has now deleted everything on Twitter that reminds him of Rita.

Kardashian was set to fly to Ora’s birthday party at London’s DSTRKT nightclub last week, but they had a talk and decided to end the relationship. All of the Kardashians are supporting Rob as none of them contacted Rita to wish her a happy birthday.

Kim Kardashian seemed like she was trying to hook her brother up with a different girl. In August, she tweeted: “When out to dinner w my brother Rob Kardashian every gorgeous persian/armenian girl stares at Rob! I think that’s what he needs in his life!


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