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Skrillex Releases His Own Video Game

November 29, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Mashable reports that Skrillex has released his own video game called Skrillex Quest.

Skrillex worked with developer Jason Oda to create the 8-bit game, an homage to classic games, mixed with dubstep and dance songs. The story is that the game exists inside an old Nintendo cartridge. Since the cartridge hasn’t been played for years, the game is being devoured by corrupted code. Only the hero, P1, can save it by fighting the glitch with a ghostly princess.

Oda has previously made several browser-based games. He previously played a Perfect Strangers game.

Oda said: “Sonny [Skrillex] saw Perfect Strangers, and really liked it. He mentioned it to his manager as a fun idea, and he is actually a friend of mine, so he got in touch.

He has worked on games in the past for bands including Atreyu, Chemical Brothers, Fallout Boy and Breaking Benjamin. He was inspired by Skrillex’s music. He added: “Skrillex’s music sometimes sounds like a broken video game. It fit perfectly with my glitch idea, and I took inspiration from the few lyrics it does contain for content.

Skrillex’s music will be the entire soundtrack. Players will hear bits from “Summit” and “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.” Oda says he thinks fans of classic games will appreciate the game. He said there are several references in the game, including to the 1980s film The Neverending Story.

Oda also wrote on Facebook: “Several months ago I was commissioned to make a game for Skrillex. It was a ton of work and a completely frustrating bullshit-fest along the way but I am so happy to say that the game is finally, finally officially live! I’m super proud of it and really hope you check it out. I really think it’s the best game I’ve ever done. Remember blowing the dust out of your NES cartridges when they glitched? This game is all about that from the perspective of the people within the game.

You can find the game here.

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