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Skrillex Says He Is Looking Forward to Releasing New Music

January 3, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Skrillex recently spoke with Billboard about his plans to take time off from touring for the next year to work on new music. Check out the highlights:

On his plans to release new music: “I have so much music. I have too many songs to even know what to do with. I just always make music anyway… But I want to make a record. I just haven’t had enough time to really sit down and idle myself and clear my mind and go, ‘OK, what’s the next thing I want to say? How’s it different from what I said before?’ and think of all these things. I have so much inside me, so many ideas, I’m more excited than ever to make music again, ’cause I haven’t done that for, like, two years.”

On being able to take his time and work in a studio:Bangarang, 70 percent of that was made on the road, so this will be the first time since Scary Monsters where I’ll be able to sit down in a studio environment to make something. It could be the best three songs I’ve ever made. It could be the best 20 songs I’ve ever made. I don’t know what it’s gonna be yet.”

On his new service “The Nest which will give subscribers early access to new material, event tickets and more: “It’s just a new step in the right direction. You get so much music and it bypasses the distributor, so it’s literally the record label or the musician going straight to the fan. And it’s all content; if I want to put out photo albums, videos, whatever, it just gets straight to the fans without any red tape or bullshit like that. It’s amazing.”

On other remixes and collaborations that are on the way: “[I’m keeping those] on the hush-hush. I like just having those come out. No one anticipates anything and it’s really cool when it just arrives, y’know?”

On working on film scores, a la Wreck-It Ralph: “That’s cool because it’s a lot more collaborative. It’s nice stepping into someone else’s world for a minute and basically have that trust in different artists where you can combine worlds. There’s already a plot, there’s already a theme… and you just learn so much from doing things that way. It’s just a different process, and it’s really fun and I really like being part of it, so hopefully I’ll be doing more stuff like that.”

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