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Stevie Nicks Says She Almost Died In The 90s

January 31, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Stevie Nicks revealed that she almost died in the 1990s.

On almost dying: “What else happened is I went into rehab on December 12th, 1993 and came out on the 27th of January – 47 days to come off of Klonopin. I nearly died. And I think one of the reasons that Lindsey left is because I was very, very high on this horrific tranquilizer. I didn’t even make it to most of the recording sessions for [1987’s] Tango in the Night. I was sick. And I think he was horribly worried that I was going to die. That’s one of the reasons you [turns to Buckingham] wanted to quit. We had this huge tour and it was booked. We were at Chris’ house and [Lindsey] stood up and said “I quit,” and I – being so high and so messed up – just raged across the room and I wanted to kill him. When I came out of rehab, I did a small three-month tour, and I got through it. I was going to be OK, and everyone knew I was going to be OK. And I think that’s when Lindsey thought Fleetwood Mac could go on, because his beloved ex-girlfriend was not going to die. She was going to make it.”

On if the original feelings come back for songs from Rumours: “I think the original feelings do come back. They take me right back to where we were. The songs morph a little bit every time we do them. Instrumentally, they morph. “Gold Dust Woman” is sometimes Indian. Sometimes it’s just rock & roll. It travels, and all these songs do that. To me, they are always exciting. I never feel bored when we burst into one of our big hit songs, because what they were all written about was so heavy that they could never be boring.”

On looking at Rumours many years later: “We’ve been waiting a long time to put this out. If you were a Fleetwood Mac fan, you get to hear the songs turn into the songs without a lot of overdubbing. It’s very simple. When I listen to it, I think if I was 20 years old, I would definitely want to be in that band. There is something strangely timeless about it that makes you feel like it was just recorded last year. I now know why I went to Lindsey and said, “I think we should give this a chance. This is a really good band.” It’s quite an interesting group of crazy people that managed to meld their styles together.”


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