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The Love/Hate News Report 02.21.13: 2 Chainz, Clive Davis, More

February 21, 2013 | Posted by Gina Bortolussi

Welcome to The Love/Hate News Report, a weekly roundup of six news items from the music scene that I think may or may not change the world.

2 Chainz Gets Arrested, Cops Want Pictures


2 Chainz was arrested on Valentine’s Day for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. You already know how the story goes, police pulled over the rapper for speeding and that when they got to the car they smelled marijuana and searched the vehicle, finding the paraphernalia and marijuana on 2 Chainz who was then arrested. At first I saw the picture below and thought, well this is the definition of unprofessional, but 2 Chainz doesn’t seem to mind, and then I thought well it’s probably because he’s high.


But THEN I saw the rapper’s tweet after I read about this story, which said “Locked me up and then wanted pictures. Smh,” and he didn’t sounds too thrilled about the situation, and you know what? I share his sentiment because this is kind of messed up, but also kind of funny. I know that the police officers were doing their job, and I guess you don’t stop being a fan even when you’re in uniform, but maybe just letting him go after he was released from jail would have been the right thing to do. They should have done what they had to do and then called it a day. 2 Chainz obviously obliged when the officers asked for the picture, which leads me to believe that he’s a nice guy. I just hope someone got him chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Clive Davis Comes Out As Bisexual



Clive Davis revealed that he has had sexual relations with men in his new memoir, The Soundtrack Of My Life. This really shouldn’t be a shock to anyone; it’s certainly not to me. And that’s not because I’ve always thought that Clive Davis is a closeted bisexual man but because someone’s sexual orientation shouldn’t be a shock to anyone in 2013. He didn’t have to come out and say anything, but I guess he wanted to, and good for him! It shouldn’t matter one way or another, but I like to think that with every person that comes out as gay or bisexual, it makes it a little easier for someone else to.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie Are Expecting



Congrats are in order for Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel who are expecting their first child together. Fergie made the announcement via her Twitter account because that’s where every celebrity and their mother, literally, go to make announcements. The best part was the picture that Fergie posted to help with her special news. The picture is of Duhamel and Fergie as children, but it looks like Fergie, or someone, tried to Photoshop the two baby pictures together, unless they knew each other as infants and took the picture at a birthday party, but I don’t think
so. The weirdest part is the fact that they look like twins!


Could Fergie and Duhamel be related? Again, I don’t think so; at least I really hope that they aren’t. Regardless of any weird pictures, they were both adorable kids and I’m sure their little bundle of joy will be just as adorable.

Mindy McCready Dead At 37



Country singer Mindy McCready was found dead at her home in Heber Springs from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. And although at one time she was a successful country star, with hits such as “Ten Thousand Angels” and “A Girl’s Gotta Do (What a Girl’s Gotta Do McCready, she lost track of her career and became well acquainted with drugs and alcohol. She appeared on season four of VH1’s show Celebrity Rehab, and apparently had been fighting demons for quite some time. Her boyfriend, David Wilson, passed away almost a month ago and she leaves behind two boys. Stories like this are always depressing, especially when two little boys are left behind and I hope they can somehow have a normal childhood and the bright future they deserve. It’s so unfortunate that McCready met with such a tragic and violent end, and it’s a shame that she didn’t get the help that she obviously needed. Rest in peace, Mindy.

Boy George Looses A Lot of Weight



Boy George hasn’t revealed how much weight he’s actually lost, but these amazing before and after photos paint a pretty clear picture of his transformation. George worked with nutritionist Amelia Freer to lose weight, and I want to hire her immediately. The “Karma Chameleon” singer looks incredible! Not only does he look thinner, but he looks so much younger than his 51 years. It’s kind of nice to see celebrities going through what we normal folk go through, and it’s an inspiration to see them succeed! I don’t know Boy George and he doesn’t know me, but I’m proud of him!

Travis Barker Won’t Tour



I totally get it, something traumatizing happens and then you’re traumatized by it and you never want to do it again. Travis Barker has said that he is not ready to fly again, and hasn’t flown, since his plane crash back in 2008 that killed his friend and assistant Chris Baker and security guard Che Still. This means that Barker will not be joining Blink 182 on their Australian tour, and while I am sure fans are disappointed in the news, I hope they understand why he can’t be there. I’m sorry that Barker will not be touring, but I’m sorrier that he is still having such a hard time. I hope people realize that people just don’t snap back from traumatic events, even after years. Barker is such a talented drummer so hopefully Barker will somehow, someway get over his fears, but for now we just have to be patient and maybe send him some encouragement!

What I’m Listening To:

More Dupree offspring are making music! Merriment is made up of the two youngest Duprees, sister and brother duo Christie and Collin, and their sound is so sweet and soothing you might be inclined to dance in a forrest full of fairies. Think a nice mix between Eisley and Sucre. Merriment is great for long car rides through picturesque landscapes, probably not good for running on the treadmilll. I can’t get enough of this talented family! And how do all of the ladies of the Dupree family have such amazing voices? Not fair!

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