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The Low End Theory 02.01.13 The Hana Shaniqua Edition

February 1, 2013 | Posted by Tony Acero

Meeeeeeeeyan, I been busier than a 18 year old stripper on her first night. All kindsa tired n shit. Anyways, we got a big ol piece of booty today in terms of The Low End. With Rozay gettin shot at, Brown tryin to fight an Ocean, and a bunch of other shit – not to mention the newest hottie (and first of the year) for The Low End, we got some shit! Let’s just cut the bullshit and get right to it.

Video of the Week
E-40 and Too Short (Ft. Jerimih and Turf Talk) – Bout My Money

Man, they getting old as fuck and still go hard!

Big Boi of Outkast has come out to say that he and Andre 3000 are planning something big for their 20th Anniversary of their debut album. Midget Strippers is at the top of the list.

The Game has created an online petition to get the group G-Unit back together. I have a sneaky suspicion he thinks he’s a part of the group…

50 Cent is working with FOX to create an animated TV show based on his childhood. Chris Rock laughed so hard, he farted a $100 bill.

Lil Wayne has released an image of the cover art for his upcoming album, which you can see here. It’s nice to know that Kanye’s Creative Content Company knows how to use a red filter over an already known image…

We’re gonna change things up a bit and start with Kenji because he’s brought a lot of good shit for you guys to check out.

Fuuuck… My bad, I’ve been gone for a few weeks and even ran late with this weeks post, but I promise to deliver more consistently. Today I’ve got two exclusives for you 411Mania Hip-Hop fans.

About a week ago I was on my way with DJ Hustle to check out the grand opening for a new club out in LA, shit was a dud. We already wasted our time going out to LA and weren’t about to head back home empty handed, so Hustle hit up Freeway Ricky aka the Real Rick Ross to find out if there was anything we could get into. Ross just happened to be with Mac Lucci at his music video shoot and invited us to come check it out.

Many of you may not be familiar with who Mac Lucci is, and that’s ok, but mark my words Mac-Lucci-is-straight-West-Coast. My favorite type of rap is West Coast rap, I mean the Death Row Records era is my holy grail to rap music. Mac Lucci is signed to Doggystyle Records, yes, Snoop Dogg’s label. Mac is also heavily affiliated with the Dogg Pound and many other West Coast OG’s. Just take a glance at the Behind the Scenes video I took, dude is hardcore and tatted from his head to his toes. Mac was actually shooting 2 videos that night and ended up being a very nice dude to meet. His mixtape Cortez Music Vol. 3 features artists like Snoop Dogg, Kokane, Yukmouth, Roscoe, Soopafly and many more.

Be sure to download his latest mixtape Cortez Music Vol. 3:
Cortez Music Vol. 3

Behind the scenes footage of Mac Lucci:

Mac Lucci “4 Tha Streets” & “Streets Lokd” [Behind The Scenes] from ThatSOBKenji on Vimeo.

The other exclusive I have for you guys is the 1st installment of Red Duce x Jay Nari Thursday releases. WTF does this mean? Well every Thursday the super producer Jay Nari will be releasing a brand new original song with the very talented Red Duce. Check out the first track that just dropped today called “Duce Bigalow.”

Red Duce x Jay Nari – Duce Bigalow:

Duce Bigalow

Follow the Team:


So on January 28th, shit went down. Rick Ross was chillin in Florida, in his car, when another car pulled up alongside him and opened fire. According to most reports over a dozen shots were fired by the assailant, and yet neither Ross nor his passenger were harmed. Immediately after the reported shooting, Rick Ross crashed his Phantom into a nearby building, in an attempt to get away from the bullets. As of today’s writing, Ross has yet to speak on the shooting, but that hasn’t stopped other people from opening their mouths about it, as I show you below. I’d never wish death or harm on any of our hip hop brothers, even if I find some of their music deplorable (and no, I don’t find Ross’s music in at that level, but I digress). According to reports, Ross has been receiving threats for some time now and has ignored them. Since the incident, however, he has upped his security and taken everything slowly. Not showing any fear, yet being prepared, Rozay still continues his day to day duties, apparently. Just another day of a Don? I don’t know.

As I said, I don’t want anyone hurt here, but the jokester in me wants to giggle just a bit because this may very well be what Ross needed to help sell that “image” he’s been working on. Someone who apparently felt the same way, is longtime frienemy, 50 Cent, as he went to Twitter to call the entire thing staged due to “No holes in da car.” Oh 50…you talk too much.

Another man who has spoken up, claiming he’s “not surprised” at the attack is the real Ricky Ross, who claims that this happened because Ross “doesn’t understand the street rules. No ill will is wished upon anyone, but when you tell these stories about the streets you have to be careful.” Although Freeway does have a point, I think the fact that Ross is keeping his mouth shut about the entire thing means he knows more than we all think he does. It may very well be the case of him pissing someone off and them taking the time to send a message. Either that, or the assailant is just a really, really bad shot.

Your Turn: Do you think Rick Ross pissed someone off? Or is this all staged ala 50?

The more things change, the more things stay the same, it appears. The most recent reports describe the situation between the two crooning stars as such: Frank Ocean refused to shake Chris Brown’s hand, laughing at the gesture, so Chris Brown swung and a fight between both parties ensued. Some say this altercation started over a parking space, while others point out that Chris Brown was just being Chris Brown. My immediate reaction was that this had to all be Brown’s fault, and I’m not sure I don’t still think that way. As of now, police reports are being compiled, and truth will probably eventually find its way out.

What’s most unfortunate about all this is how easy it was for me – and others, I’m sure – to lay blame on Brown. This is what happens when you act like a fucking child throughout your entire career. People will see situations like this, and automatically claim you the instigator. It’s so much easier to see Chris as the perpetrator than Ocean due to the past that they’ve each shared. Shortly after the report came out, Chris Brown posted a tweet and a drawn picture of Jesus that some say he was comparing himself to. I didn’t read that far into the tweet, as it seemed more like he was attempting to calm down – but if anyone knows any angry people, the calm period is usually one full of naivety and attempts of assuaging a situation that got out of hand. In other words, it’s not repentance, but more of a shrug of the shoulders to alleviate guilt. Either way, Chris Brown has found himself – yet again – on the bad side of the news.

Your Turn: Do you think the altercation was Chris Brown’s fault?

In one of the more bizarre stories of the week, Gucci Mane was invited to a “Career Day” at a Career Day in an Atlanta elementary school. Crawford L. Middle School invited Gucci Mane to a class to speak on what Gucci claims is one of his favorite topics; Language Arts. In the photo above, he is speaking to a classroom of children who most may not really know who he is – and probably shouldn’t. My immediate reaction was….what the fuck. I asked for some milk so I could react properly, but alas, I had none. There’s really two ways to look at this:

On the one hand, it’s commendable that a black man who has made a successful career was willing to speak to a room full of kids who may very well need that motivation to succeed in life. It’s a nice nod to those in a position to motivate to do so.

But even with that being said, I have to stand moreso on the other side of the fence. Gucci Mane has been convicted of cocaine charges, killing a man in self defense, and continues to make music about a lifestyle that a lot of these kids probably should know nothing about. One could argue that this isn’t what he’s speaking about in the classroom, and it’s the star power that the kids are awe-inspired by moreso than anything else. I take that argument, and nod, but it’s perhaps more important to let our kids of the future know that a regular job is much more attainable than that of a superstar rapper. I don’t know the topics that were discussed, but of all those children he spoke to, how many truly are going to take his path – and if they do, why would we encourage that?

To get a more in-depth look at this issue, I asked a Twitter friend/rapper of mine @TrueGodImmortal and here’s what he had to say:

Career day. Atlanta. A classroom full of children. Who do you believe was speaking to these kids? A doctor? No, his work wouldn’t allow him to come talk to urban youth. A lawyer? No, ditto. Who? Gucci Mane.

Yeah, that Gucci. Why? Who knows. But, a class full of kids were there, witnessing his sheer intelligence and all the other eccentricities that he’s known for. Oh, Gucci isn’t known for that? Well, in an interesting turn of events, it seems none of the “black elite” turned out to speak to them and only Gucci showed up. Gucci, known for his music which isn’t exactly uplifting or revolutionary, took time out to take these children to encourage them to do good and avoid the same street pitfalls that he(and yours truly at one point) fell to. It’s admirable of Gucci, but misguided. Kids have minds like sponges, and though his advices will be great for them, most likely the kids will look and see Gucci, the convicted felon and rapper, not a role model. Is that fair? Probably not, but it’s the reality.

Rappers are already models for our community as true successes because they resemble us: street wise, grew up around poverty, etc…. And that’s what we see on a daily. Plus, the doctors from our communities and the successes rarely look or give back. There are a few, but for every one that does give back, there are four others looking down on them and where they came from. In reality, it would’ve made more sense to have someone without a criminal background speak there. But the reality is, many of those who made it out, never look back. Not even for the seeds of our future. Who knows what those kids learned that day, if anything. I will commend Gucci for the effort, and urge the “black elite” to wake up and give back. Are we not the only community that has nothing of our own? Are we not the only people whose community gets profited off by everybody except our own? There is a disconnect. We have to find a common ground and balance.

Today marks the day of the official return of the Hip Hop Hotties section! After the beautiful Angel won the hip Hop Hottie of the Year award, I took a break to do some extensive research. By research, I mean checking out hot chicks that I both know and don’t know, and seeing where it took me. Our first little lady has actually already made a bit of a name for herself online. Whether she’s turning it up on Twitter, or getting over a million views on WorldStar, the beautiful Hana Shaniqua is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. With an ass that won’t quit and an attitude to accompany it, I want to introduce everyone to…

Hana was nice enough to give us a little bit of information about her, so let’s dive in before I give a bit of a surprise for all the readers.

Tony: Tell us a bit about you. Where do you come from?

Hana: I was born in New Zealand, and I lived in between Aus and NZ. I was raised by a strict Mormon family. Very conservative through high school, and after high school I became a big fan of Beyonce, mimicked her.

I ended up going to Brigham Young University in Hawaii, a highly Mormon school. Hawaii was where I really started to see what the night scene was like. I’d go to night clubs and see all of these girls dancing, and it looked so damned cool. I would attempt to imitate them, started watchin the Twerk Team, and kept at it. I had to leave BYU because I renounced my religion, then moved back to Australia. I started putting movies together, was contacted by World Star eventually, and finally ended up in Hollywood – and I love it!

Tony: Tell me a bit more about World Star. How did that go down?

Hana: Apparently, fans had seen my videos on YouTube. It was all them as far as leg work. They contacted World Star, then World Star contacted me. They said they would pay for a video if I made it exclusive. You know, just for them. So I made my first one, the Halloween one, and sent it to them. They liked it, said they wanted a few more things in it, a couple of changes here and there. So I did that, then sent it to them. It got posted, and I got paid.

We did another one for Thanksgiving that was fun, too! I gave that to World Star for free. The next step was to do one more video with another girl, but I had no other friend that wanted to join me and it kind of fizzled out.

Tony: These movies are becoming more and more popular, coining the term “Twerking” as somewhat of a wider known “ability.” Can you define Twerking in your own words?

Hana: It’s funny, because I honestly get told a lot that I can’t twerk, and I don’t think I can. What I think actual twerking is, is more flexing of the ass muscles and using that to make the movement, whereas I’m using the whole body to make the movement. It’s more flexing and using flexing to shake ass and all that. Like a sort of hot muscle control.

Tony: Well I sure as hell can’t do it. Haha. One thing I’ve noticed during the rise of popularity is the negative connotation that sometimes comes with it. How do you deal with that?

Hana: I’ve mostly just ignored it. I don’t really care what people that I don’t know think of me, because they have no effect on my life nor are they in my world. It is hard when people I care about or know think about it, but even then I have to look out for me. To be honest, I do it because I love doing it and people are going to think what they’re going to think but I can’t live my life worrying about them.

Another aspect I enjoy is that – believe it or not – there is an artistic quality in it. The editing of the videos, the movement of the music, putting it all together as an actual project – it’s more than just me shaking my ass.

To be honest, I get a lot more support than hate so I try to focus on the more positive people. It has opened doors a lot and I’m very happy with where it’s going.

Tony: And where is that? You’re in Hollywood now; what’s the plan for Hana Shaniqua?

Hana: I want to focus on making something of myself, but not so much dancing. I’m actually a singer. I don’t regret for one minute the dancing videos, but I want to branch out into music, and I have been. I’ve been visiting studios and trying to get myself out there. I’d like to dive more into that world. I really think it’s where I’m headed, and I’m enjoying the ride – with all its ups and downs.

Tony: A few quick questions I like to ask my hotties, and we’re done here.

Favorite Artist: Beyonce, she just takes me places. Or Tyga,
Favorite Current Song: “Fuckin Problem” – A$AP Rocky, Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar
Define Hip Hop in 3 Words: REAL. LIFE. LUXORIOUS.

That’s all, folks! For more of Hana Shaniqua:

Twitter: @hana_shaniqua
Instagram: @hana_shaniqua

– By Joseph Paige Jr.

Typically I wait towards the end of the week before making my decision on who’ll take the honors of being Low End Theory’s Douche of the Week, but man doesn’t this one character just keep feeding material. By now we’ve all heard of the epic cat fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean at a L.A. recording studio parking lot. What is more astonishing is that apparently the fight all started over a parking spot. Now I’m not sure how familiar you readers are with recording studio parking lots, but they’re not very big. It’s not like Chris was forced to park in the back of a 24 hour Walmart on Black Friday. So when these girls quit bickering over who gets the employee of the month spot it’s alleged that Chris Brown out of all people was the one who attempted to make amends. Chris proceeded to shake Ocean’s hand but was met with refusal.

This isn’t enough to get someone like you or I mad, but when you have a history of violence and your’e still on probation due to that violent past. Maybe Chris best bet was to turn around and go on about his day. But in true Chris Brown fashion he morphed into his Mortal Kombat alter ego and laid the smack down on Frank Ocean. The fight turned into a all out brawl between both camps and let to the cops being called out. I struggled with making selection on which one of these guys deserved this weeks Douche title, but on the basis that Frank Ocean only made a minor diss towards Chris I’m going to let him off the hook. Chris Brown you are once again our Douche of the Week. Not because you come off as being the aggressor, but because you have so much more to lose in this situation. You’re currently on probation for playing drums on Rhianna’s face a few years back. Why risk going to hard core prison for years over a chump like Frank? I guess all there is to do now is wait and see if Chris can lisp an explanation out of this one.

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