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The Low End Theory 2.15.13: Lil Wayne, Grammys, J. Cole, More

February 15, 2013 | Posted by Tony Acero

It’s V-Day! Hope none y’all are cheatin, cuz there’s one man that knows what you doin and he’ll bust ya!

Video of the Week
The Weeknd – Twenty Eight


Kylie Minogue has made the news by being signed by Roc Nation. Home girl has been around for so long and I’d still Stark her Castle.

T-Pain recently claimed that Future doesn’t “understand how [auto-tune] actually works.” When T-Pain calls you out on your shit, you suck.

DMX was arrested for driving without a license. When pulled over, he simply had one question: “Where mah dogs at?… ”

2 Chainz guest starred on 2 Broke Girls. Truly the one “TWO” people care about are Kat Dennings Bazongas!


The Grammys were both a solid event and a horrible pandering awards show. On one hand, we saw some fresh blood get the love that they deserve and the acknowledgment that new music is a good thing. From genres outside of hip hop, I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see names like Fun., Mumford & Sons, and others get some much deserved praise. It appears that we’re of the “URBAN” music, though, and that didn’t disappoint either. Miguel let people know that he needs to be known, and although Frank Ocean didn’t blow the world up (his rendition of “Forrest Gump” was actually pretty bad), he still made a presence (albeit awkward one) and hopefully, people will not fault his performance too much and buy his album.

Then we get to rap. Admittedly, the nominees weren’t all that great: Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Drake, Nas, Lupe Fiasco and The Roots were on the ballot, and although I have to admit to being happy that 2 Chainz didn’t get the nod (sad that it was a fear of mine), I still couldn’t find myself happy with the results of the night. If I had to vote, I’d give it to Nas, as his album really had a good feel to it. Lupe may very well have placed his foot in his mouth (as per usual) after he claimed that he wouldn’t be winning the little statue. After tooting his own horn, he did choose Nas as the winner. It appears that both he and I were wrong because perhaps the most undeserving of the list took the statue home. Let me reiterate what I wrote in this week’s Fact or Fiction:

FICTION: FUUUUUUUUUUCK NO! That wasn’t even a RAP album, let alone the best. We had Lupe Fiasco, whose album truly was a bit too political, but still solid. Then there was Nas, who truly gave an amazing showing in his deeper than usual album Life is Good. I saw the list and I really assumed 2 Chainz was going to take the cake, which would have only slightly upset me more than this. I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat it here. I don’t dislike Drake as a rapper. I think he’s got the chops, and he’s blown some people away with particular verses. I dislike this album, though, and all that it’s been sold as. It is simply NOT a rap album, it’s an R&B album by a rapper. In one song, Birdman is telling us just how gangster this shit is. It’s not, it’s crooning and it’s Drake’s niche that he’s comfortable in.

Simply put, the album wasn’t rap. I’ve since softened up to the album just a bit, and can – at the very least – give it a nod of approval, even if begrudgingly. But my stance is still solid that it wasn’t a rap album, and certainly had a cry baby feel to it. Couple that with an attempt to sell me on the fact that it’s something else, and he really just pissed me off as a listener.

Your Turn: Do you think Drake deserved the Grammy win?

J. Cole is working hard on his newest album, but before he releases it, he decided to give the fans a bit of a taste of where his music is going, and after listening to the five track album, I can say that I’m definitely feeling it. Starting off with a guitar-laden song called “Can I Holla At Ya,” he sounds familiar, with the severity of his first album – and there’s nothing wrong with that. The second strong, “Crunch Time,” leaves something to be desired, musically. But lyrically, it’s a nice little story that shows Cole can be a storyteller as much as he can be a rapper. “Rise Above” follows, and it’s another bit of story-telling that leads us into “Tears for ODB.” Interesting title aside, the song about drug use shows yet another in-depth look not simply at Cole but at what he knows about – and what I can comfortably say we may very well know about, too. Solid track. The album closes with “Stay,” which is apparently from 2009. We’ve got some trumpets in the background, and who the fuck doesn’t love trumpets.

If the five tracks on this album are a preview of J. Cole’s upcoming album, then we may very well see an even deeper, introspective album than the previous one. This may very well be annoying, so he must be careful and balance it correctly. Still, some solid music here – even in its raw form.

Head over to to download the mixtape.


I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, my buddy Natalie, who seems to have an odd finger on the pulse of hip hop that simply doesn’t exist to me. Names like The Underachievers, Miguel, and the people I’ll be introducing tonight, Flatbush Zombies, were all either introduced or pressed upon me numerous times by my beautiful friend, and although it takes me a long – LONG – time to listen to new music (just ask Hope about The Weeknd), I almost always get to it. Erick Arc Elliott, Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice are lifelong friends who have slowly been making a name for themselves. The chemistry that they have is undebatable, as they all seem to have found their spots but aren’t afraid to step out of them. With their mixtape, D.R.U.G.S. sitting in my iTunes for a few months, I took some time to listen to it front to back a couple of times to see just what was going on here.

Upon first listen, one can hear the there’s a lack of depth, as the group focuses more on gore, pussy, money – and yes, a whole lot of weed. On the second listen, however, something happens. Like a zombie lurking behind you, the album hops up and bites you in the ass, almost demanding you to just “chill the fuck out and have fun.” My first go with the group had me feeling like I was listening to an Odd Future extension pack, and it really upset me, but all it took was one more rotation to see that these three are both serious and hilarious. Both topical and outlandish. Admittedly, the A$AP Rocky like deep voice on a few songs is irritating, but the juxtaposition of Meechy and Juices’ voice makes this work.

Perhaps the best aspect of the album is the unique beats, which see Erick Arc Elliot trying a variety of different things that – for the most part – work. Admittedly, you won’t find anything profound on the album, but for whatever reason, this group appears to be just a cut above the rest of these newish groups who attempt to use the outrageous to make a name for themselves. At the end of the day, one can look at the lyrics on a piece of paper and see that there is poetry. Sure, that sounds a bit too much of a writer cop-out, but it’s very true and it’s most likely the reason why I can easily set these guys apart from other recent “new music” I have heard.

Download their mixtape Here.

My good friend Brittney McCoy is a woman that is the definition in every sense of the word. Life-driven, intelligent, and beautiful, the girl is a trifecta of hotness. For as long as I’ve known her (high school. GO MHS!), she has always been both sure of herself and unique. Her attitude is that of a strong woman that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you, something that is sorely missing in this world. Thankfully for us, she was more than willing to join The Low End Theory’s class of Hip Hop Hotties!! Gents, I introduce to you…Brittney McCoy!

The lovely 49ers Fan was more than willing to allow me to ask her a few questions and show you the newest Music Video she was a part of. Los Angeles rapper, Young Rookhas been making all the right moves to put his music front and center in the hip hop world, and one right move was including the lovely Brittney in his music video below. The song is “Her Favorite Song” and features Travis Phillips. It’s as infectious as ever, and my homie Britt looks gorgeous! When I asked her about it, she had this to say:

I made the video with my best friend Young Rook of nearly 20 years so it was fun experience to say the least we have a mutual respect and chemistry. It was a great learning experience and I’d do it all over again.

In Brittney’s Words
Favorite Rapper: Tupac is my favorite artist and rapper of all time. He was intelligent, entertaining, inspirational and told his story, my story, your story and their story all from true emotion and passion. He was a true lyricist, so much so that rappers like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and many others recycle Tupac’s lyrics or make multiple references to his songs. I don’t care who you are everyone has a little love for Pac or at least a favorite song! Dear Mama, anyone? LOL.

Most Underrated Rapper: Lupe Fiasco. I think he is very talented and not with the hype and trend of “making a catchy song even if the lyrical content is crap” he does what he wants musically and fashionably without feenin’ to be popular or in demand; that’s a true artist.

Most Overrated Rapper: 2Chainz. Don’t get me wrong his songs are great but I feel like the 90’s kids who don’t know what real rap and lyricism is all about are bringing more fame and glory on an uneven plateau, there quality scales are off. For instance, overall I would give 2 Chainz a 7, but ask a kid born in 93 and Im sure they might give him a 10 and say he’s the greatest rapper of all time. hahahaha… smh.

Explain Hip Hop As a Movement: It is powerful, both in negative and positive way. Rap is very influential. I just wish more rappers would be more conscience about the power that their words have. Dont get me wrong I like a little turn up too, but nowadays every song is overally vulgar and is lyrically wack, but catchy. No good.

Final Message: As the human race is in such a techy world, I just want everyone to be aware of God and self. Nothing is more powerful to respect someone higher than you and to grow from it. Im looking forward to the future and all thats in store for me as woman and my acting career. Big thangs coming soon, stay tuned!

For more of the lovely Brittney, check out her Instagram at BonitaBritt


Lil Wayne
– By Joseph Paige Jr.

This week in Douche of the Week we wanted to honor someone who is taking large strides in the celebration of , and who in today’s world of Hip-Hop exemplifies the dream of the Black struggle more than Lil Wayne? Yes, Wayne, the dreaded, self-proclaimed pussy monster is Martin Luther King’s dream in the living flesh.

This week Wayne chose to honor Black history month with one of his redundant punch lines, and if you know Wayne this punch line more than likely is related to eating/smashing pussy. America’s favorite gremlin even took his love for the female genitalia and liking it to a horrific deadly beating of young Emmett Till. For those of you who went to Caucasian schools where the only thing black in your history book was the text, than here’s a quick Black History fact for you. Back in 1955 in Chicago and 14-year-old black boy by the name of Emmitt Till was beaten to death by a group of white men after he was caught whistling at a white woman. Sounds tragic right? Lil Wayne disagrees. With all the other metaphors than could be conjured up when it comes to comparing having rough sex this is the last one that comes to my mind. But hey, I’m not a platinum selling Hip-Hop artist so what does my opinion matter?

That’s all for us next week! There’s lots of homework! Download J. Cole’s mixtape, check out Flatbush Zombies, show love to my homies Britt and Young Rook, and stay away from Lil Wayne!

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