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The Low End Theory 2.22.13 The Lil Wayne Insane Edition

February 22, 2013 | Posted by Tony Acero

Hip Hop news sucked balls this week. So while I pack my bags for a week-plus long trip to Iowa (yeah, Iowa), I figured why rant on and on (and on) about some news I don’t care about when I can talk about Lil Wayne tomfoolery and let Kenji and Joseph take the front and center this week? So check out Kenji who has a message for us all, as well as some MORE exclusive footage, then Joseph who takes Wayne to task, all before my little nonsensical piece on Wayne, and his madness.

Video of the Week
Candles in the Sun – Miguel

Too sexy, mang…

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have given birth to Sebastian Taylor Thomas. Reports of Kanye interrupting said birth ala Taylor Swift are said to be false.

Ja Rule will be heading to jail for taxes from Prison for guns. We dodged that bullet…

Big Sean is launching a new clothing line, Aura Gold, that he hopes to last longer than Ari Gold’s marriage.

Too Short has just taken notice to Trinidad James and his song, “All Gold Everything” and how it seems like a slowed down version of Short’s track, “I Luv.”

I’m a dick, straight up, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Tony asked me to be a part of months ago and I agreed, mainly because he’s my buddy AND because ‘why not?’. I’m supposed to turn in articles Wednesday night so he can proof read my shit and approve it for Thursday’s posting. But the world revolves around me in my world, so I continue to miss deadline after deadline or turn in my articles the day they’re supposed to be published, basically I’m a dick.

That being said, hopefully this shit makes it up and whatever audience I may have once had is reading this lol.

A week ago I went to the Supper Club out in Hollywood with the entire Diamondlane Music Group & League of Starz familia. We were there to celebrate the release of the new Problem x Iamsu mixtape Million Dollar Afro aka MDA.

I’ve been to my share of clubs all throughout LA and Hollywood and none have came remotely close to being compared to a Vegas club until this. I’m talking half naked chicks being hoisted from a hole in the ceiling to drop off Ace of Spades bottle service, glitter and confetti going off every 20 minutes, and the ratio of chicks to dicks was unbelievable! Problem shut the place down, Iamsu closed it out. There were tons of cameos that night from NBA players to other artists like Dom Kennedy, DJ Carisma, the Rej3ctz, Micky Munday, and others.

Of course, I was sure to catch some video footage for you readers, and here it is!
Watch the video:


Problem x Iamsu Supper Club MDA Release Party 2013 from ThatSOBKenji on Vimeo.


Download the mixtape:

Million Dollar Afro

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Lil Wayne
– By Joseph Paige Jr.

At this point it’s becoming so redundant to nominate Lil Wayne as “Douche of the Week”, but he keeps taking the cake. I understand that when you don’t have any music popping off for you there’s a need to keep your name out there, but can you find a more civilized route Wayne? Lil Wayne has been pissing the NBA off this week from attending a Miami Heat game and cheering on the away team, getting booted out the stadium, and foul-mouthing the players – Chris Bosh who received the worst tongue lashing from Wayne who claimed he slept with her back when they were dating prior to her marrying Bosh. Now we’ve all been mad in the past, and I know I’d be particularly heated (no pun) if I were banned from coming to games in which I spent upwards to thousands of dollars purchasing tickets for. But at what point do you let bygones be bygones and respect others decisions without flipping your lid? Lil Wayne you are the ultimate douche this week and I hope that you can once just go back to the guy whose music we all enjoyed quoting while drunk in the club.


Crazy! This fool….I don’t know what has gotten to his head, whether it be drugs, the drink, some lean, or his dreads is too tight, but the man went on a rampage this last week. From fucking basketball wives to signing his daughter, Wayne is on one – and it ain’t fun to watch. I remember a time when Lil Wayne was the fire that hip hop needed. It was around the time of Tha Carter II when my buddies were all tellin me I need to get up on game with this Lil Wayne dude. I knew the name, and recalled a few songs, but nothing really struck me as amazing. Truly, I didn’t even really appreciate Tha Carter II. I shunned it, listening to only a few tracks and walking away from it. It wasn’t until the mixtape No Ceilings when I really perked up to the man, Lil Wayne. I thought that mixtape was amazing, and played it over and over and over again. Shortly after, I re-purchased Carter II and understood the hype. Even after Tha Carter III I like him. I saw the signs of mediocrity creeping in, though. His metaphors were getting more and more sloppy, and he began bolstering up his roster.

Then, we got Lil Nicki and Drake, and some midget Waynes that add nothing to the hip hop world. He started dressing funny, made public service announcements, put out a few crappy albums, claimed to want to retire, and make awkward decision after awkward decision. Most recently, there was an alleged ban on Lil Wayne and NBA games for cheering for the Lakers during a Miami Heat game. Now, I’ve been to a few games and I thought this was common nature. I was ready to side with Wayne until he went out of his way to say the following:

Fuck all them niggas. Fuck LeBron James. Fuck [Dwyane] Wayde. Fuck Chris Bosh, all them niggas. And, and, and, and I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife.”

As if that wasn’t enough, he claimed that he was the NEW Pac, referencing 2Pac, of course. And – to add to the seemingly insane mentality of Lil Wayne, news surfaced that he officially signed his 14 year old daughter, Reginae Carter. Now, I’ve read that she’s already part of a little singing group, and maybe some could see this is a smart move for the future of her career, but the girl is 14…I won’t dive too deep into the lack of education that Wayne has, but suffice to say, he hasn’t learned the importance of education (perhaps because said importance wasn’t bestowed upon him) and is now damaging his daughter’s potential intellectual future. Sure, I be she is set for life, hardly having to worry about anything detrimental to her livelihood, but there is definitely something to be said about the lack of education that could very well come with any type of “success” that the girl may have in the future. This is, of course, being said with no knowledge of whether or not she is ‘good’ but it’s one of those points that I don’t think matters. What say you, peeps?

Your Turn: Is Lil Wayne damaging the future of his daughter by signing her?

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