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The Low End Theory 8.10.12 The Back From the Dead Edition

August 10, 2012 | Posted by Tony Acero

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Welcome everyone! I’m comin to you live from my cubicle-like space at IMKING Clothing! Although I’m not trapped by the typical 3-wall fashion of workspace, I feel bound by the chains of the workplace…2CHAINZ to be exact. My marketing manager decided to play 2 CHAINZ new album to see what it’s all about, and I can’t help but want to jump headfirst off a building into oncoming freeway traffic…too bad? Well fact of the matter is,it actually IS THAT BAD. My deepest apologies go to all our 2 CHAINZ advocates, but he seems to be in the niche I can’t fit.

Believe it or not, I’ve been writing tiny segments of this introduction between the hard work of making pins for dope packs we’ll be selling soon. It’s currently my lunch hour, so I’m skipping the nourishment of my body to write to all of you minus the torture of listening to 2 Chainz. Aside from my dope ass internship, we have some great hip hop news to deliver [as always] so imma let Tony take over!

Surely, he’s not that bad right? Actually, I’ll reserve my thoughts for the newest rap sensation till I review his album which drops the 14th of this month. I just got my copy and will be listening over the weekend, so stay tuned for that. Anyways, last week we had quite the turn out for the ladies and crowned the first winner in the four week series. More on that below. Aside from the Hip Hop Hottie of the Year tournament, we’ve got plenty of news, a new douche, and me talkin your ear off about various topics. Let’s get to the hip hop, shall we?!

Video of the Week
Mystikal – Bullshit

Apparently, that’s that bullshit…

Busta Rhymes has released info on his new album Enter the Dragon. Check it all out Here! But stay away from the comment section, it’s worse there than it is here!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian starred in a recently released promo. If you thought that read as porno, then you made the same mistake I did.

2 Chainz came out and said he wants to do more songs like Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend.” Aim high, 2 Chainz…aim high.

The Game claimed cancelling his wedding cost $100,000. It was reported that covering up the butterfly tattoo was around the same price.

Benzino Willing to Talk To Eminem

The last time anyone heard of Benzino, he was resting peacefully in a coffin that Eminem placed the last nail in, and called it a day. The years of 03-04 were a beautiful time period for me, personally. Eminem was at his absolute most vicious in terms of diss tracks. Mixtapes a plenty, with DJ Green Lantern at the helm, and two targets mainly; Ja Rule and Benzino. This was also the last year that either of those two names became relevant. With songs like “Doe Ray Me,” “The Sauce,” “Nail in the Coffin,” “Monkey See, Monkey Do,” and a few others, the then Shady crew effectively demolished both men that neither have recovered from. Benzino, then the front man of The Source Magazine used the publication as a platform to try and dissuade the hip hop public from supporting the supposed racism, Eminem, and his crew, even going so far as to dedicate an entire issue to the…well, the issue.

The point is, it didn’t work, and both Ja Rule and Benzino have more than floundered since then. Why do I bring this up? Because it appears Benzino found a way out of his casket and has time to reminisce about the past. In an interview with Power 105’s Breakfast Club, he claimed, “It’d be good if we would be able to really sit down and meet. It’s not like we’ve ever really been in a room together, ever really met and never really talked about the situation. I mean, I’d be open to it, you know what I mean? I understand that he’s a great influence on the culture. Thinking back, I probably could have did things differently. I had The Source as a platform, and you just get caught up and at the time, I was caught up.”

I’m all for people fessing up to their issues, but this guy has got to understand that the entire one-sided beef that he was involved in not only brought him as a person and rapper down, but the publication that he was a part of as well. Since when has The Source been relevant, and whose fault is that? And “probably” could have done things differently? You got your ass handed to you more ways than one then disappeared. Throwing a race card into a feud that started because you wanted notoriety and only ended up with nothing. Like I said, I applaud the man for actually admitting wrong, but there’s no reason to give him any of my support in the future. Deuces, son.
Meek Mills Sounds off on Hip Hop

Meek Mills just did an interview with Wild 94.9 and essentially said that what rap is lacking is substance. He then listed his top MC’s in no particular order, as Biggie, Pac, Jay-Z, Nas and Lil Wayne….one of these things does not fit. One cannot say that rap is lacking substance then put Lil Wayne on their list of greatest MC’s. Don’t get me wrong, Lil Wayne has made albums that have substance, content, excitement and more, but that was Tha Carter III and before. The Wayne of today has really, really changed. Anyways, let’s get back to Mills. He had a great showing on Rick Ross’s album, and from what I’ve heard of the guy, he’s got talent. I enjoyed his last statement of the interview where he said, “When I come out with my album, I want to have a classical album, a Illmatic, a Hard Knock Life…a Get Rich or Die Tryin’ type of Hip Hop album.” Whether he does this or not remains to be seen, but those are high aspirations and if anyone is looking to do something like this, then they have my support.

Your Turn: Is Meek Mills right, has hip hop lost its substance?

Funky Four Plus One – That’s The Joint

Let’s break down a few facts; the first hip hop group to have a female MC. The first hip hop group to be displayed on National TV. The first hip hop group to receive a record deal (even though they never actually released an album). Those accolades are what the Funky Four have to stand on, and yet people have hardly ever heard of them. Rockwell, Kieth Kieth, Raheim, and Sha Rock were the original four until Raheim and Sha Rock left the group, allowing Jazzy Jeff (not Fresh Prince’s Jazz) and Rodney C! to join the group and become the NEW Funky Four. Who is the plus one? Why, the returning Sha Rock! These five people created a nine minute masterpiece that is every bit as funky as you want it to be, fun as hell, and just a tune that doesn’t seem like 9 minutes at all. You could tell just by listening that these guys were just having fun. Sure, minor politics would break the group up shortly after, leaving them with a small collection (probably five or so songs) but one cannot deny the impact that this song has had. Listen to it and count how many aspects of the song have appeared on other tracks that you have heard. They’re there.

It’s week two of the five week extravaganza known as the Hip Hop Hottie of the Year contest! Last week, we had over 200 votes! Yeah, seriously…I’m just as surprised as you are! While all ladies had some pretty solid numbers, at the end of the day there was only one winner. I’d like to congratulate her for advancing to the finals. Ladies and gentlemen, Ashlee Arika!

This week, we have three new entries, all former hotties of The Low End Theory! Same rules apply, vote as many times as you’d like for whichever hottie you’d like. The votes open the moment the column posts and close the moment just before the next column posts! That’s 8/9 – 8/16 so get your votes in and choose who will advance!!!

In case you were wondering what the ladies are fighting for – aside from notoriety of being the Hip Hop Hottie of the Year, they are also fighting for a $100 gift certificate to a store (online or otherwise) of their choosing AND two movie tickets! Sure, it may not sound like much but this is coming from The Low End Theory Budget and…it’s slim, alright.

I hate to do this yet again, but today I’m a tad pressed for time. Between my internship, sitting in freeway traffic, and going straight to my bunk ass not paying enough job, you can see it’s clearly the hustle that has me caught up. There’s a couple things I’d like to mention to everyone that I’ve forgotten to include in previous columns, along with a couple new highlights:

– First and foremost, if you haven’t bought Frank Ocean’s CHANNEL ORANGE, you’re clearly missing a part of life. The album is the epitome of greatness that I can’t help to play on repeat from start to finish.

-Secondly, Nas’ new album Life is Good is GREAT. It’s been a long time coming for a new album, but the New York native definitely “Bridged the Gap” of his long hiatus with a dope comeback album. Get it? Thought so. It’s real, raw, and everything else REAL HIP HOP should be. [Plus the feature track from the late Ms. Winehouse is what definitely stole my heart]

– Speaking of new albums, I’ve gotten a chance to listen to Ricky Rozay’s [Aka: Rick Ross, The Teflon Don] God Forgives, I Don’t and man, its DOPE. This is usually out of my element, but its something I had NO PROBLEM listening to. The “3 Stacks” track had me on my toes, and “Presidential” is PURE FIRE. Pharrell definitely did a dope ass job. Make sure you cop that!

-Lastly, if you’re planning on heading to Rock the Bells 2012, you might wanna check the released set times Guerilla Union did the liberty of releasing so you make sure to plan your performances accordingly!

That concludes my Jargon filled segment of today, I’m Crystal Hope and I’m signing off to put these button packs together. Go to to pick one up, packaged by yours truly!

Be sure to follow @imkingclothing and @crystalhopedlp [instagram/twitter] to get your daily dose of dopeness!

That’s all the time we have for this week, be sure to check us out in seven and don’t forget to vote for the ladies!!


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