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The Low End Theory Hip-Hop News Report 12.08.12: The Who Fell Off Edition

December 8, 2012 | Posted by Tony Acero

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Slow week! And what I mean by that is that I was far too busy to even care about anything else going on. With one more week left in school, it’s final’s week and I’m hittin that point of sleeping for ten days. Anyways, there was one news article out there that made me sit down and think so that’s what we’re focusing on today.

Video of the Week
50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine – My Life

He’s soooooo good!

Will Smith apparently tried to get a Presidential pardon for T.I. Interestingly enough, he didn’t pardon the last album…

Krayzie Bone was sentenced to Alcohol Education Classes. No joke, just nice to see his name in the news.

– The Grammy nominations are out, and considering Lil Wayne and Drake are at the top of the list, this is all you get about them.

Complex has just released a 30 person list called “The 30 Worst Fall-Offs in Rap History” and I wanted to share with you the top five. Some of the list you can argue with (I simply can’t say that Ice Cube fell off without getting my Westside card pulled, the man still puts out fire) but a lot of the names on there are spot on and if you don’t know them, you did at one point. I wanted to focus on the top five because, simply put, they are hard to argue with, and it gives me a chance to bash Ja Rule. Yay!

5. No Limit: I NEVER liked No Limit. I seriously found no redeeming qualities when they were around, and I was young at the time. I mean, I listened to some crap! But for whatever reason, these guys never appealed to me. Master P always seemed to me to be a fake rapper; a dude that used it as a catalyst for other opportunities. Which is fine, from a business standpoint (I mean, check out 50), but from musical standpoint, it really just caused him and his crew to lack any actual effort on their part.

4. Nelly: Oh Nelly…I think each one of us owned Nellyville, right? And at least one of five wanted twoooo pppuuurrrrs of Air Force Ones at one time in our lives, right? I have to agree with his spot on the list as he has fallen off quite a bit. From the tour bus trouble earlier this year, to the fact that he’s released both Brass Knuckles and 5.0 and I can’t name you one track from either album. One hell of a dilemma for the Midwest Master.

3. Death Row: Death Row was more of a gang than a label at one point, and they would instill fear in other labels. This wasn’t just music, this was a group of bad asses that could possibly put someone in the ground and no one could do a thing about it. The head honcho still has an imposing figure and makes me think twice whenever I consider him the douche of the week. Unfortunately for Suge, (and possibly fortunately for the rap industry), the once large empire crumbled quickly after people left and Pac died. It’s interesting to note that although there was a lot of good music that came out of this camp, there is always that stigma of “death row” that lingers over each track from the time period.

2. Ja Rule: Oh, you crooning, ant-looking, cry-baby ass son of a bitch… This guy was everywhere in the early 00’s. My sister loved him, my friends sang his tracks, even I rapped along to him and DMX, but there was always something there that came off as farcical. He was like the 2000’s answer to Drake. He had a solid three years before a man named Curtis Jackson decided he had had enough and set out to destroy the success that Ja Rule had garnered. From a younger Tony’s standpoint, I could care less about the beef until Ja Rule foolishly aimed his sights at Eminem. Once that happened, all bets were off, and the later months of 2003 all the way through 2004, Eminem would destroy Ja Rule and be the bazooka to 50’s numerous machine guns. With mixtapes a plenty, Ja Rule was only one of a few targets, and not one of them survived. Songs like “Doe Rae Me,” “Monkey See, Monkey Do,” and various other tracks helped destroy whatever shred of credibility Ja Rule had, and it was glorious.

1. MC Hammer: After the performance at the AMA’s, this may very well be altered quite a bit. Oh yes, I’m not counting MC Hammer off after that performance; the man still has moves!!

See that shit!? Anyways, I get where they are coming from. I mean, I really don’t think he can repair what once was, but the AMA’s put him back into the consciousness of America for something other than bankruptcy issues. We all remember the thing we couldn’t touch, and the subsequent downfall of the man who spent his money wildly – even if for a noble cause. He tried several publicity stunts that didn’t work, such as signing with the aforementioned Death Row. The difference between #1 and #2 here is that I wish the best for hammer, and hope that he could use the little number he did with PSY for some sort of notoriety.

Your Turn: Who is on your top five of Worst Fall-Offs in Rap history?

2 Chainz

So this week again has been slow as far as douche activity in Hip-Hop. But for the sake of reporting for the column were you all aware that 2 Chainz is said to be remixing the Korean sensation, Psy’s mega-hit “Gangman Style”? Yes, it’s true! With assistance from super producer Diplo you’ll now be hearing on your radio the most annoying rapper and most annoying novelty track of the year collide. I can’t hide my excitement!


Long Beach Clothing Co. x Adam Klempke Photo Shoot Vol.1 from ThatSOBKenji on Vimeo.

Just finished a photo shoot for Long Beach Clothing, and I wanted to share with you guys some behind the scene footage! Hope you enjoy!

See you guys next week!


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