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The Low End Theory Hip-Hop News Report 12.14.12 The Quick Shots Edition

December 14, 2012 | Posted by Tony Acero

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Tomorrow is my final final of the semester, and I’ve done checked out. Seriously, my mind is mush, and I’m all cried out over Shakespeare. The good news is, that the semester is officially done, and I’m getting ready and primed to write my life away this entire break. I have roughly a month to get out about 13 short stories, and a whole bunch of other shit, while still bringin you the goodness from the hip hop world. With all that being said, I got a short column for y’all tonight. There’s a lot of news out there, but let’s just admit it – we’re tired of hearin bout Lil Wayne, 50, and the usual suspects. We are two weeks away from Christmas, so the next two columns are going to have a lighter and more celebratory mood. I hope you guys both enjoy and understand as I take a bit of a load off before the new year!

Video of the Week
Skylar Grey ft. Eminem – Let Me Ride

He’s soooooo hittin that!

Trinidad James announced recently that he has officially signed to Def Jam, giving even the most hopeless rapper a glimmer of hope for commercial success.

T.I. recently spoke out about who he thinks his top 4 favorite rappers were. Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Three Stacks made the list. I only have one question; why 4?

Rick Ross may very well be in line for an Oscar. I believe his acceptance speech will be quite vocal – UGH!

– In a news story that sounds like it came straight out of the 90’s, Ma$e has finally been released from Bad Boy. The world continues to ask…who cares.

A$AP Rocky pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny and was sentenced to three days community service. Read that again while I contemplate how odd the word “larceny” seems to me when its spelled out….

The Game is open to a G-Unit reunion. 50 and Game should really just move to a state where Gay marriage is legal and do the damned thing.

– Recent death threats have been made towards Rick Ross and the police are now involved. Must be all those prisoners from when he was a correction’s officer.

– After seemingly shocking the world with his rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” DMX was questioned about a possible Christmas Album. He has since debunked the rumors, but Cee-Lo still has one out if you’re interested…anyone?

– Speaking of Cee-Lo, Big Boi of Outkast recently said that he was supposed to be a third member of Outkast. Toss that in the box labeled “Oh, What the Fuck?!”

– The fact that 2 Chainz’s album is officially up for a grammy in the category of “Rap Album of the Year” really frightens me about the future of hip hop and the world. Then again, we may be dead by the 21st, right? Is this a sign?

Enjoy this twerking video while I drink my last Dew of the night…


The list is out and it’s really a sign of the times, isn’t it? While I won’t give you the list in its entirety, I will focus on what we all came to read about; hip hop. Frank Ocean is sittin prety with a couple of nominations, including “Record of the Year” with “Thinking Bout You,” and Album of the Year, as well. He’s also in the running for New Artist, which is a welcomed nomination, considering the lack of competition for it. I think it’s a solid album, and it’s nice to see the man get some love, considering he comes from a group of idiocy. Another surprise but welcomed one is Miguel, and his song “Adorn” as song of the year. That shit is all kinds of sexy, and if you haven’t utilized it to its fullest potential, fellas, I fully suggest it.

Unfortunately, that’s about where the positive aspects of the nominations stop when hip hop is considered. True, Food & Liquor II is on the list, but I didn’t think that album really was as great as Lupe thinks it is. I am also happy to see Nas on the list, as well as The Roots, but who the hell thought 2 Chainz album was worthy of even a nomination? Drake, for all his follies, makes sense. I’ve said over and over again, how I didn’t appreciate or enjoy his album, Take Care but I also expressed why. Still, I see why he was nominated, and am actually ok with it (as long as he doesn’t win).

Although it seems like Hip Hop will be taking a back seat at The Grammys this year, it’s really no different than years prior. And considering how bad some of the acts of 2012 were, who can really blame them? Either way, look for our end of the year column, where we hold our own version of the Grammys!


Chief Keef… Maaan this boy is crazy, and I state this with every definition of crazy being used!

Keef’s debut album Finally Rich hits stores next week, but it hit the internet early yesterday, and I couldn’t help myself to illegally obtain & review it. That being said, SHOUT OUT TO @ChiefKeef!! This is one ignorant, trap filled, exactly-what-fans-wanted filled album. Finally Rich features guest appearances by French Montana, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, and Lil Reese and production by Mike Will Made, Young Chop, Y.G. On The Beat, Casa Di, and Leek-e-leek.
Keef is only 17 years young, has a daughter, signed for a little over a million dollars, and doesn’t know how to give a fuck. The street singles “Love Sosa” & “I Don’t Like” are both on this album alongside the radio single “Hate Bein Sober” which features 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa. To elaborate on how many fucks Chief Keef doesn’t know how to give, he didn’t even show up to his own music video shoot for the “Hate Bein Sober” track & left 50 and Wiz to shoot the video by themselves. SMH.

If you haven’t heard & fell in love with albums like 2Chainz ‘Based On A T.R.U. Story’, Soulja Boy ‘Soulja Boy Tell Em’, and Waka Flocka Flame ‘Flockaveli’ then this isn’t the album for you. I can’t stress how ignorant Finally Rich is, and yet at the same time how fucking awesome it is. My three favorite tracks on the CD are “Laughing To The Bank”, “Hallelujah”, and “Hate Bein Sober”.

I don’t know if Keef will ever hit the main stream, but I do believe this will stamp him into the Rap music’s elite. Please support artists by purchasing their music they’ve worked incredibly hard and long to create for us to enjoy, I too will be purchasing Finally Rich when it drops.

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See you guys next week!


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