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UPDATE: GLAAD Criticizes Azealia Banks For Using Homophobic Slur Toward Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton

January 6, 2013 | Posted by AJ Grey

GLAAD has released a statement criticizing Azealia Banks for using a homophobic slur toward gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Previously, Banks referred to Hilton as a “messy faggot” during an online feud where Hilton took the side of Angel Haze who was at odds with Banks and both rappers released diss tracks. Banks also went on to call Hilton “dickbreath” and told him to “gobble a dick.” She later went on to defend her remarks with the following post on Twitter:

“A faggot is not a homosexual male. A faggot is any male who acts like a female. There’s a BIG difference.”

GLAAD was not happy by Banks’ use of the word and stated the word is “almost universally used by bullies, often used as part of a larger verbal or physical assault”. Their statement goes on to say: “Banks’ claim that the word “faggot” doesn’t mean a gay male is not true. Regardless of her intent or her personal definition, what matters is the meaning given to that word by those who hear it, and the damage it causes when they do. Undoubtedly there are gay kids who follow her on Twitter who hear this word in an entirely different context. This word is used almost universally by bullies, often as part of a larger verbal or physical assault. This word hurts those kids, no matter what Banks meant by it.”

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