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UPDATEDx2: Justin Bieber Desperately Texting Selena Gomez For Another Shot

November 15, 2012 | Posted by AJ Grey

UPDATE 2: released a report that Selena Gomez has opted out of a planned appearance at the November 18 American Music Awards. Gomez reportedly did not want to sit near Justin Bieber or attend the ceremony. This has reportedly disrupted the seating chart for the show.

According to a source: “The seating arrangement at the upcoming American Music Awards HAS changed. Justin and Selena will NOT be seated side-by-side. Selena Gomez is NOT confirmed to be at The American Music Awards. In other words, she is not attending! If Selena would like to attend the show, that is up to her. It’s her decision. If Justin and Selena were still an item, I would assume she would be coming to support him. It’s a big night for Justin.”

Gomez reportedly is trying to continue avoiding Bieber.

UPDATE: While the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez breakup may have surprised the public, those close to the duo were far from surprised. According to E! Online, several people close to the two say the breakup was “a long time coming” due to jealousy between the two.

The site reports that while many people are pointing at the recent picture taken of Bieber with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin as the breaking point, a few close to the two say that it was an on-set picture of Selena kissing Nat Wolff in character for the film Parental Guidance that was the real tipping point. One insider says, “[Justin] freaked out on that. He would get jealous and she wouldn’t tolerate it.”

Another source notes that whether the picture broke them up or not, “Justin was very jealous of it. He knows it was a photo of them filming, but it still made him jealous…They’re young. Of course they have their jealous streaks. Justin has gotten jealous, and so has Selena.”

In addition, their professional lives kept them apart, with the source noting, “He is always working. And she is always working.”

ORIGINAL: Justin Bieber is reportedly desperate for another shot with Selena Gomez and is begging her for another chance. Radar Online reports that Bieber has been texting Gomez repeatedly since they broke up asking for her to take him back.

According to a source, “The problem in the first place is that Selena was a little bit of a jealous girlfriend and Justin wasn’t really taking her feelings into regard. Justin doesn’t see texting other girls as cheating, but he’s promised Selena he’ll stop if she takes him back.”

The source adds that Bieber knows exactly what to say to her and is pushing the issue, noting, “He is texting her like crazy trying to stay in her good graces. If either one of them slows down and they actually have the chance to spend time together again, they will end up back together.”

However, they may not get that chance, as TMZ reports that Gomez has spent the last day blocking Bieber from all of her various phone numbers and other communication devices, as she wants no contact with him, including texting. While she has neglected to stop following Bieber on Twitter, all forms of actual contact are shut down.

TMZ also reports that the breakup definitely involved another woman, though which one isn’t clear.

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