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Wayne Coyne Talks About The “Different Mood” Of The Flaming Lips’ The Terror

February 27, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Billboard, The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne talked about the band’s new album The Terror and the fact that 2013 is their 30th anniversary. Here are highlights:

On the different mood of The Terror: “We’re deciding what to do with ‘The Terror’ because it’s something of a different mood. When I see videos of Flaming Lips shows, it’s a catastrophe of excitement — it’s light and confetti in your face. So we’re going to take a left turn and not do shows like that for a little while. It can be something else — some new version that we can yet again incorporate into this ever-moving thing that’s part of our 30-year path.”

On being together for so long: “We think about it all the time: ‘Why are we still together?’ It’s become sort of a testament to my personality and my sense of family. The longer we’re together, the more I see the way our road crew sees it — as a crazy sort of family. Because in the beginning you’re just making music with some weird dudes.”

Kerri Borsuk (marketing director at Warner Bros) on the album’s promotion: “It sort of flips the single, album, tour model on its head a little bit.”

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