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WWE – Wreckless Intent Review

May 24, 2006 | Posted by Brandon Ratliff

WWE Wreckless Intent
Release Date: May 23, 2006
Label: Sony Music
Recommended Downloads: Saliva – I Walk Alone, Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns, Mercy Drive – Burn In My Light


1. Saliva – I Walk Alone (Batista)
2. Mercy Drive – Burn In My Light (Randy Orton)
3. Homebwoi – Hard Hittin’ (Coach)
4. Brand New Sin – Crank It Up (Big Show)
5. Desiree Jackson – Holla (Candice)
6. Eleventh Hour – A Girl Like That (Torrie Wilson)
7. Kaballon – Quien Soy Yo (Carlito)
8. Theory of A Deadman – Deadly Game
9. Silkk The Shocker – I’m Comin’
10. Shadows Falls – Fury Of The Storm (Rob Van Dam)
11. Three 6 Mafia – Some Bodies Gonna Get It (Mark Henry)
12. Zebrahead – With Legs Like That (Maria)
13. Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns
14. P.O.D. – Booyaka 619 (Rey Mysterio)
15. Motorhead – King Of Kings (Triple H)

Total Runtime: 54:08

For years the WWF/E would release albums every so often contains select cuts of entrace music from their wrestlers. I’ll admit that I kind of fell out of watching wrestling about a year ago, but hey, this is still a wrestling site first and foremost, so I figured it was only fitting that this album get reviewed. Plus, I like a lot of the artists on here. The only real problem with these releases is the chance of someone liking every single song on here is pretty slim as they mix a good combination of hard rock and metal (Saliva, Mercy Drive, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Motorhead, Brand New Sin, Theory Of A Deadman) with rap, pop, and occasionally, other genres for the wrestlers with more of an international theme (such as with Carlito). So, with that being said, this review will be structured in a song by song format (like my recent Headbanger’s Ball review…well, kind of recent). Keep in mind though that since I am more into the aforementioned hard rock and metal that I will be a little more biased towards that sort of stuff, but I’ll still try to give an honest opinion on everything contained within the newest WWE release.

Saliva – I Walk Alone: Kind of a little more dark and downtempo compared to what Saliva is usually known for, I think this track fits the Batista character pretty well. The simple fact that it was released will make a lot of fans of the band happy though as I have seen a lot of people hunting for this song on message boards as it is likely the first real taste of new Saliva music fans will get (the band is currently working on recording their fourth full-length for Island Records). It’s a decent track, but nothing to go too crazy over.

Mercy Drive – Burn In My Light: You know, I can’t seem to get why people seem to hate this song so much. I think it would work better with a little more bass behind the guitar distortion, but as it is, it’s a pretty catchy rock track by a pretty unknown band outside the WWE community. Mercy Drive have apparently been doing songs for wrestlers for a while now, and it kind of amazes me that they haven’t broken out a little more because of that. The WWE may not have the audience it once had (and no one to blame but itself for that), but it still draws millions of viewers a week. Anyhow, as I said I think the music to this song could use a little more…how do you say…oomph, but it’s still a pretty catchy song otherwise.

Homebwoi – Hard Hittin’: Okay, let me say right off the bat that I may not be a fan of rap and hip-hop, but I can still respect some of it. However, when a group starts out a song by repeating their own name and doing that fucking retarded breathing sound (you know, the one that got popular from that “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrybody in the house gettin’ tips!” song), that pretty much does it for me. I actually found myself trying not to shudder at how bad this song is. No, I’m not saying that because I don’t like rap all that much (which, as a side note, I DO actually like SOME stuff…Fort Minor comes to mind), I’m saying it because it’s a horrible song by a group that should never, EVER record again.

Brand New Sin – Crank It Up: Brand New Sin are one of those metal bands that inject country elements that just make for some fun music, and this song completely showcases that. It’s a slower song that actually is based off a blues scale, but I’m willing to bet most of you rock fans won’t be able to help but to nod your head along with the song. This one is definitely worth checking out.

Desiree Jackson – Holla: Is it just me or does this sound like about forty other songs out there right now? I’ll admit it’s decently catchy and the vocals sound really good, if a bit overproduced. This one just wants to make me get up and get my groove on…or, you know…something like that.

Eleventh Hour – Girl Like That: Are they sure this isn’t Jet? Because if it’s not, this band completely and totally jacked their sound, with just slightly less whiny vocals. Musically though, it sounds like the same damn band. It’s kind of a boring song, but I guess it gets the point across.

Kaballon – Quien Soy Yo: I actually kind of like this song. Maybe it’s because of the addition of the caribbean elements (he’s not called Carlito Caribbean Cool for nothing y’know), but…well, it got old kind of quickly, but it’s still an interesting song.

Theory Of A Deadman – Deadly Game: I’m not sure where this music is used as there wasn’t a particular wrestler listed anywhere that I saw, but it’s definitely a different kind of thing for Theory Of A Deadman, but it’s still a pretty catchy song. Is it just me though, or does anyone else think of Super Mario Bros. 3 when they hear the verse riff thing? Hmm…maybe it is just me.

Silkk The Shocker – I’m Comin’: This kind of reminds me of some old school Warren G. That’s the kind of stuff I grew up with. Not a bad song, but not something I personally would listen to regularly. I can see this song being pretty popular though.

Shadows Falls – Fury Of The Storm: Like a lot of the other artists on here, this song is a little different than what Shadows Fall would typically do, but it’s a pretty cool, if not a bit more commercial side of them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that though. There seems to be a couple of problems with the mix though, at times the vocals or one of the guitar tracks seems to kind of get lost in the song, and the guitar solo track should have definitely been turned up a bit. Good song, despite the mixing issues.

Three 6 Mafia – Some Bodies Gonna Get It Isn’t this that group that had to flash their oscar to get into a club? God. Read what I said about the Homebwoi song and basically apply that here without the breathing thing. I guess this type of music just isn’t for me. Word life dawg.

Zebrahead – With Legs Like That: I can see people liking this song, but the vocals just grate on my nerves too quickly for me to try to find any good qualities in it.

Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns: KsE has been one of my favorite bands recently, so it’s understandable that I like this song the best to begin with. It sounds like something they would do ala The End Of Heartache, but they definitely have grown in writing and musicianship in between the time of writing that and this. This song just makes me look forward to their new stuff even more. Gah…the anticipation is killing me. They take on a really hardcore kind of sound in the bridge with adds another good element to the song…so yeah, maybe I’m a whore for them. I do loves me some KsE though.

P.O.D. – Booyaka 619: Okay, what the hell is a Booyaka? It kind of looks cool…but still. This does have that P.O.D. sound to it, but where the hell is the guitar? I can hear something that sounds like a guitar, but either it got horribly mixed, or something else is wrong with it. Decent song, but I think it would sound better if you could actually HEAR the guitar track.

Motorhead – King Of Kings: While it hasn’t always been the same song, Triple H has used Motorhead music for his entrance theme for a long time now. You can’t argue with Motorhead though; Lemmy may be a weird dude, but they have been around for like a gazillion years, and kept putting out quality music most of that time. This track is lyrically kind of quirky, but it fits. Not a bad song.

I will be the first to admit that I am going to be biased towards the rock and metal on this (or any similar compilation), so don’t even say anything about that. Even still though, while this isn’t the best compilation that the WWE has ever put together, it’s definitely a solid one, especially if you are a rock fan. The new Killswitch Engage track kicks all sorts of ass in my opinion, and the Mercy Drive, Saliva, and Theory Of A Deadman songs are good solid rock songs as well. I think these albums fall into kind of a niche audience with the WWE fans, but at the very least, it’s worth a purchase (or download, as a lot of you will probably do anyways) if you are into more than a couple of the bands on here.

The 411: Decent compilation of various wrestler entrace themes and other such WWE music. The Killswitch Engage song is my personal favorite, but there is a lot of good new stuff in here by some of today's top artists. It's definitely geared more towards a rock audience, but there are a couple of other decent tracks on here as well. A lot of the stuff is different that what the respective bands would do, but conversely, it's kind of cool to hear a different side of some of your favorite bands. Definitely check it out if you're into the rock bands on here, but otherwise it's probably not worth more than downloading a couple of the songs.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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