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March 10, 2008 | Posted by Joe Rivett

The Presidential Election is soaking up the majority of news. Yet, there are some other items in the news. One item that caught my eye is about a man from Illinois. No, I’m not talking about Barack Obama. I am talking about the new Democratic Representative Bill Foster who defeated Republican Jim Oberweis 58% to 48%. This is a big win because the fight was over retired Dennis Hastert’s seat – Fmr. Speaker of the House. This district has a Republican registration of +5 and previously sent a Republican to Congress 11 straight times.

What does this mean? Republicans will lose big again in 2008. On top of this, they have more open seats and far less money.

The problem with the Republican Party is that they already won. Most Americans don’t feel like taxes are crippling them. I get far more pissed off when I fill my tank and pay my student loans than looking at what was taken out for income tax. The last couple years my income tax totaled around 5%. After buying a house and having a baby last year combined with the “stimulus” it may turn out less than 5% this time around. So when I hear Republicans talk about lowering my taxes, it falls on deaf ears.

Another problem with the Republican Party is that they cannot be for fiscal responsibility AND for trillion dollar wars that aren’t necessary, or completely funded by us. The Republican Party in the 90s used to not give a shit about spending tax payer dollars to help poor people. Today’s Republican Party would rather spend more money rebuilding Baghdad than rebuilding New Orleans. Where is the jingoism that I miss?

Another problem with the Republican Party is that we aren’t being attacked by Al Qaeda. I’m willing to suspend parts of the Constitution if there is a 9/11 every month but we haven’t been attacked! Not even a little attack. That’s great and I’m psyched, but for the Republican Party it is disastrous. The fear card cannot be played anymore. No more fucking with the terror traffic light either.

Another problem with the Republican Party is that they sold their souls to the Religious Right. I’m still scarred by the Terri Schiavo incident. When our wallets are strained we really don’t give a shit about gay marriage. P/Puff Daddy/Diddy had it right: It’s all about the Benjamins.

The good news for the Republican Party is they nominated the only man with a chance in John McCain. However, if he wins, don’t expect a conservative agenda when the Democrats have an over 50 House majority and 55 Senate majority.

My recommendation for the Republican Party is to represent the poor and middle class because the Regan Democrats are turning into Obama Democrats. Poor people don’t pay taxes and as I stated, those in the Middle don’t pay much either so come up with a different economic solution than tax cuts. Continue to be the party of life, but don’t kiss too much Religious Right ass. And finally, let the Democrats pass everything because power will eventually get to their collective heads too.


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Joe Rivett
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