Does Obama Have 40 Clinton Superdelegates Ready To Switch?

May 23, 2008 | Posted by Ashish

Al Giordano, who was the first to report this week that Hillary Clinton’s camp had requested the VP slot from Barack Obama (and since then, CNN, Politico, and TIME have had similar stories), reports today that Barack Obama has 40 Clinton delegates (some superdelegates, some pledged delegates) ready to switch to him and that he will be dropping then one or two at a time. The first of the 40 was apparently California Rep. Cardoza, a superdelegate who switched from Clinton to Obama today.

The Field has learned that Cardoza is the first of a group of at least 40 Clinton delegates, many of them from California, that through talking among themselves came to a joint decision that all of them would vote for Obama at the convention. They have informed Senator Clinton that it’s time to unite around Obama, and that they will be coming out, one or two at a time, and announcing their switch between now and the convention if Senator Clinton doesn’t do the same.

Cardoza is one of the leaders of this effort (which includes not only superdelegates, but here’s something that should set off some paranoia in Camp Clinton: there are pledged Clinton delegates in “The Cardoza 40,” too). One Field Hand reports that during a recent Cardoza fundraising event in California the effort was discussed openly in front of other Democrats. Cardoza’s announcement, today, sent the message that the effort is serious and for real.


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